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All Souls
Despite being an overwhelmingly Catholic nation, Mexico has had a sometimes fraught relationship with the Church. But Catholic records are some of the longest-taken documents in Mexican genealogy—and, indeed, in the Western hemisphere—dating all the
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Free Military Records
A free collection of US military muster rolls at FamilySearch now boasts over 48 million records, dating from World War I to the eve of World War II (1916–1939). Record content varies, but may include
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Out On A Limb
Cemeteries might creep out “normal” people. Tombstones can’t help but remind you of your own mortality, or you might remember being among them only during forlorn funerals or haunted hayrides. But genealogists are not normal people. As family histori
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Heavy Weights
Finding a relative’s final resting place is one of a genealogist’s top priorities. Death and burial data help identify ancestors and sometimes other relatives buried near-by. Records relating to their deaths may lead to new stories about their lives,
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7 Essential Historical Maps
Source: National Archives and Records Administration Created: To organize enumeration efforts during the US census Notes: These maps indicate how a region was divided for census purposes in a given year. Large numbers indicate the enumeration distric
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The French Fort Maurepas (“Old Biloxi”) is founded France cedes its land east of the Mississippi River to Britain The United States takes control of Britain’s land east of the Mississippi; southern Mississippi stays part of West Florida, now owned by
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Around the World in 30 Pages
Laura Brown of Portsmouth, England, was still finding her way around her maternal family tree when she connected with a fellow genealogist on , who put her in touch with a cousin who had done a lot of research. The cousin
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British Newspaper Archive Deal Renewed
The British Library and genealogy subscription website Findmypast announced in May that they’re extending work on their joint project, the British Newspaper Archive (BNA) . The BNA is already home to the world’s lar
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Cyndi’s List: Kansas FamilySearch Research Wiki: Kansas,_United_States_Genealogy Kansapedia The Kansas Collection Kansas Memory www.kansasmemor
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Using the FamilySearch Research Wiki
1 You have lots of options from the wiki’s main page. If you're just getting started researching in a particular country, you might want to choose the Guided Research option. You can also choose an ancestral research location from the map, from the l
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Poet Thomas Gray reflects on the inevitability of death in his famous “Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard.” As fate would have it, Gray was buried in the same cemetery that is said to have inspired this poem: St. Giles’ church in Stoke Poges, Buck
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Honorary Salute
In addition to the three juggernauts we’ve discussed in this article, you might also consider researching the following two cemetery websites focused on military burials. Look here for information on more than 200,000
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Prioritizing DNA Matches
Q Which of my DNA matches should I research first? A The answer is simple, but maybe not straightforward: the DNA matches that are going to answer your research question.So first, consider your research question. What are you trying to solve? Which a
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Glossary Of Map Terms
aliquot parts In a rectangular survey system, a subdivision of a section of land using directions and fractions to indicate the land’s location: W½ SE¼ represents the west half of the southeast quarter of a township. acre Unit of land measurement equ
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GET READY TO DISCOVER YOUR MISSISSIPPI fore-bearers as you explore genealogical and historical treasures of the Magnolia State! Mississippi embraces a captivating past of native peoples, Africans, and immigrants who have transformed the state into a
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Showing Your Work
Eating green vegetables. Flossing your teeth. Hitting the gym. These things are good for us, but that doesn’t mean we’re excited to do them. To me, there’s no clearer family history equivalent of finishing your broccoli than citing sources. Creating
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Death Records
Many genealogy experts recommend beginning with the final chapter of your ancestor’s story—his death. After all, a death certificate or other death record represents the most recent evidence of your ancestor’s life. This guide will show you what’s in
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New Database For Family Stories
An inspiring new online gallery, Ancestor Strong , showcases stories of ancestral strength. The site’s host, American Ancestors, has curated user-submitted stories about ancestors who persevered despite “world wa
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Casting Stones: Popular Types of Markers
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On The Back Of A Postage Stamp
1 William Eldred posed in a nine-button jacket with a kepi on his head, typical of the Civil War. Civil War soldiers didn’t have standardized uniforms, though; look to military records to identity service details. 2 The sash Eldred wears is not milit
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Sample Record Substitutes
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7 Ways to Use Maps in Genealogy Research
Maps help you visualize your ancestors’ communities: their schools, churches, parks, businesses, terrain, roads and more. Use maps to understand city, county, state, and township boundary lines, which help you determine which archives to contact for
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Bushels Full of Ancestors
Though author Jill (J.M.) Phillips lives in Canada today, she started life on Lamlash Street in south-east London. And on Lamlash Street in 1963, Cockney families had “more life and character than money,” living among condemned buildings bombed durin
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At a Glance: Death Certificate
Citation: Missouri Death Certificates, 1910–1962, No. 22056, Mary Susan Miller; digital image, Missouri Digital Heritage, Missouri State Archives ( accessed 22 June 2021). 1 Take note of th
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Digging Through the Ashes
As researchers, we have our favorite go-to’s. We tend to get set in our ways and continue down the same paths. But sometimes, consulting the same records and making the same assumptions means we end up with the same result: a brick wall. Notably, as
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VITAL RECORDS ARE IMPORTANT—both to the people they recorded, and to us researchers now. In fact, they’re so important that you should seek original birth, marriage and death certificates whenever you can. Extracts and indexes likely leave out some i
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Communion of Records
David A. Fryxell discussed other useful Mexican genealogy records in an article for the May/June 2015 issue of Family Tree Magazine. Here are just a few: Civil records: The Mexican government began keeping civil registers (registros civiles) of birth
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Seattle Nara Branch To Remain Open
In April, the federal government announced it was halting plans to close the Seattle branch of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The original proposal, approved in January 2020, would have sold the land held by the archive and
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AT THE HEART OF AMERICA’S HEARTLAND, Kansas has played a pivotal role in shaping America’s migration routes, the battle over slavery, and the cultivating of the nation’s breadbasket. For those fortunate enough to have Kansas ancestors, a treasure tro
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1890 Census Questions
1. Name 2. Civil War veteran or widow status 3. Relationship to the head of the family 4. Race 5. Sex 6. Age 7. Marital status 8. If married within the last year 9. Number of children, and how many children are living 10. Place of birth 11. Father’s
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