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How To Draw Manga
In this article, I’m going to teach you the basics of drawing a manga girl. For starters, let’s take a look at the basic supplies needed: → a pencil → an eraser → a sheet of paper → some colouring pencils - if you want to colour your drawing → last b
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Just For Laughs Pranks
What do you call someone who is gullible or easily deceived? A chump! What you need: → a ketchup packet → a drink served in a colored cup with a cover or a glass, with a colored drink → a straw 1. Pour the drink into the glass or cup2. Tear a hole in
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Tropical Cookies
I like baking. During the COVID-19 pandemic, my brother and I have been doing a lot of baking and making delicious treats and drinks with my mom, aunty and my nena. Today, I want to share with you a delicious recipe for my soft tropical cookies that
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Banana Bread
Cindy and Mindy were at home all alone since their parents were out buying groceries. “I’m bored!” said Mindy. “Ok.” Cindy replied. “I’m hungry!” Mindy repeated, “Ok.” Cindy replied. It was obvious Cindy was not being helpful at the time. Mindy pause
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Black Girl’s Magazine
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Global Black Lives Matter Protests That Marked The Year 2020: George Floyd
The global events that marked the year 2020 not only included the pandemic, but also the monumental protests in North America and across the world, protesting the death of an African American man by the name of George Floyd. He was not famous but gre
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Bgm Girl’s Editorial Note
Hello dear readers and welcome to the 10th issue of BGM! 2020 began with the outbreak of COVID-19; a global pandemic that changed the way we do a lot of things, like school and work. Many of us are doing virtual school as a way of staying safe and ma
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Coffee Filter Butterflies
“Yes, it’s Saturday!” eight-year-old Alexa Brown exclaimed, pumping her fists into the air. “No homeschool, no early bedtime and TV all day!” Alexa’s ten-year-old sister, Allie, folded her arms. “You can’t spend the whole day on the TV. Mom won’t let
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Photo Wall Collage
Have you seen those trendy photo walls on Pinterest, Tik Tok, or Instagram? These walls are one of the simplest DIY’s you can create during the quarantine. What you will need: → double sided tape → packing tape → a computer → printer → bristol board
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DIY Decor Board
Are you bored at home with not much to do? Well, here is a great DIY project that you can keep somewhere like your bedroom. You don’t need to buy some expensive wall decor from a store when you have this! → cardboard boxes → craft paint → accessories
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DIY Bleach Sweatpants
Have an adult present to help with the bleach! → gloves → bleach → plastic water bottle → sweatpants → water Twist your sweatpants starting in the middle and secure them with rubber bands when they’re completely twisted. Spray them a hose and make su
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DIY Quote Shirt
→ plain colour shirt → a printed picture (colour is optional) → plastic wrap → parchment paper → an iron (ask an adult for help!) Cut out the picture you printed and cover it with plastic wrap, making sure the plastic is on the front, back and sides!
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→ oversized shirt → scissors → sewing machine or needle and thread Turn your t-shirt inside out and put it on. We will be shortening the length of the t-shirt. With a washable marker, make a line where you want to cut it to shorten the length. Mine w
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No Sew Face Mask
→ a piece of cloth (use a stretchy fabric like t-shirt material) → scissors → a pen Fold your cloth in half. Draw two lines along the side that look like this Cut along the lines. Cut along the lines. If you like you can bedazzle your mask as I did.
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→ yarn → floss → a ‘U’ shaped cut out → scissors Take the U shaped cut out and wrap a piece of floss onto it. Choose 4 different colours of yarn of your choice and wrap each colour around your U shape 5 times Use your floss to double knot all the yar
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→ baking soda → clear glue → hot water → food colouring or paint (optional) → measuring cups → stick to stir with → container and a cup Pour some glue into your container (colour it if you’d like) and stir until there are some bubbles. Using your mea
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How To Make Natural Rose Water Scent Spray
→ dry rose petals → a small clean spray bottle → water I started making rose flower water spray when I was six years old. I love the way it smells. Since kids don’t really wear perfume, this is a fun way of creating your own safe and beautiful scents
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Sweet Bread
□ 1 tablespoon of salt□ 7 cups of flour□ ¾ cup of sugar□ 1 and ½ tablespoon of instant dry yeast□ 2 cups of warm water□ 2 eggs□ ½ cup of oil 1. Put 7 cups of flour in a bowl2. Add in all your dry ingredients (1 tablespoon salt, ¾ cup of sugar, 1 and
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Nigerian Chin Chin
Hey Readers, It’s me, Uchechi, back with another recipe. Chin chin is a Nigerian crunchy snack. It is a lot like a donut, and it is made by deep frying small cut-up dough made from wheat flour. I made this chin chin recipe and It was delicious, so I
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My Awesome Birthday Cake
I made this Kit Kat cake for my 11th birthday. Every single part of this cake is edible except for the ribbon and candles. I put together the ingredients of the cake all by myself – so this cake is 100% homemade! A fact about baking When you are baki
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Chocolate Cranberry Energy Bites
Total Time Prep: 15 min. Freeze: 20 min./batch □ 1 cup Oatmeal□ 1 cup Grated sweetened coconut□ 1 cup Flaxseed□ ½ cup Chocolate chips□ ¼ cup Sesame seeds□ ¼ cup Black chia seeds□ ½ cup of water□ 45 ml of honey□ 1 cup Cranberries□ ½ cup Chocolate icin
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Editor’s Note
Welcome to BGM’s food edition! Thanks to all of the writers and contributors who shared recipes, fun and embarrassing stories, and food adventures! So, whether you love to cook, bake, just eat, or simply love to read, there is something for you to en
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My Amazing Visit to China
My name is Nyomi and I am eleven years old. I am going to tell you about one of my many experiences travelling. Three years ago, my family visited China. I realized that some of the foods there were the same as at home, and some were very different.
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“There’s MOLD On My Potatoes!”
I love potatoes so much. I’ll eat them fried, broiled, grilled, baked and more. But this is not a story about how much I love potatoes. Okay, it is. But it is also about a lesson about potatoes. For my sister’s birthday, we decided to go to Sunset Gr
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“Got Hot Dogs?”
Once upon a time, I was a big fan of meat. I loved sausages, chicken, turkey, you name it. Then at a Nigerian picnic, everything changed. I was waiting in line for my hotdog, and everyone who you would not want to embarrass yourself in front of was i
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“Watch Out its Expired!”
Ever eaten anything expired? Well, one day my sister and I were playing and tired ourselves out. We decided to get a snack, and that’s when it happened. Pretzels! The best snack ever, right? That’s the total opposite for me. Once you read my story, y
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I Love Baking!
My name is Charlotte and I love baking. My friend and I have a baking business called Sweet Sensations and we are working on a website. For my 8th birthday, my family and I made African food from scratch. It was so fun! When I was 3, I went to India
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I Love Wonton Soup!
I like a lot of different kinds of food. My favourite food though, is Wonton soup. I like it because it is delicious! A wonton is a type of Chinese dumpling. Wontons are made using a square wrapper made of dough. This is sometimes called the wonton s
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The Book Of Bacon
I, Sanaa, told everyone to wash their clothes, for when BACON comes down, he should not smell the quail that clung onto people’s garments. The next day, when everyone was clean, I opened the pigpen, closed it, and went up the rickety stairs. BACON wa
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