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noun 1 existence 2 the nature or essence of a person ■
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Being Thankful
Recently, I began a daily gratitude practice. Every morning when I shower, I list 10 things I’m thankful for. On a good day, it might be my relationships, the glorious weather and a recent, delicious yoga practice. On a bad day, it may simply be the
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How You’re Being
Are you looking to grow or after a rewarding career? Nature Care offers inspiring courses in holistic nutrition, wellness coaching, natural health, herbal medicine, meditation, reflexology, aromatherapy and energetic health, with on-campus and online
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Water People
It’s a Wednesday morning at dawn in the middle of June. It’s 2°C outside and the frosty sea air I’m breathing deep into my lungs feels almost as invigorating as a fresh coffee. My mermaid-esque neighbour Eve and I start walking down to the beach and,
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Befriending Who You Already Are
From time to time in life, you may experience a “light-bulb moment”. One of mine came along when I pondered the reality that the only certain relationship we have in life is the one we have with ourselves. As poet Rupi Kaur so profoundly writes, “If
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Being Creative
Q: What do you enjoy most about being an illustrator? A: I especially like to tell stories. On blank paper, I can create a whole world — to imagine a dynamic city where people run and cross paths or to represent a soothing landscape. There is no rout
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Being Still
Being mindful is a space where we recognise every thought, feeling and movement, and accept them as they are without judgement. In the law of nature, everything that arises soon passes. When a personal event happens, your body creates a sensation. Wh
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Flexibility and freedom go hand in hand. When we move through life with malleability, we remain open to the possibility of change. And embracing change is one of the most freeing experiences available to human beings, as the only real constant in lif
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Wholehearted Way Of Being
What does magic mean to you? To me, magic means just being true — being true to yourself. Q: I feel most calm when … A: I’m living from my heart. Q: The last time I felt inspired was … A: When I went to this old-school romantic retro theatre. I saw O
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The Path Less Trodden
According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, more than 11.1 million Australians returned from short-term overseas trips in 2018. Have you ever wondered about the impact of all that travel? Besides financially boosting the visited country’s econo
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Food For Thought
Following on from her book Less Stuff, Lindsay Miles tackles food and packaging waste in her newest read, The Less Waste, No Fuss Kitchen. Her pragmatic approach is encouraging, as she acknowledges that not many of us will be able to grow all our own
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WellBeing Being
Founding Editor Ally McManus Art Director Kate Podger New South Wales National Advertising Manager Nia Llewelyn +61 488 267 371 Queensland Sales Manager Regan Hudson +61 411 424 356 Victoria National Advertising Manager Tracey Dwyer +61 3 9694 6403 A
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The Beauty Of Magnetism
Around 5000 years ago, the sages of India developed a holistic system of medicine referred to as Ayurveda, a Sanskrit word that translates to the science of life. Interestingly, Ayurveda, which originated from the Vedic system of knowledge, is comple
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The Beauty Of Native
Q: Please share a bit about the holistic philosophy underpinning The Natives Co. A: Beauty truly is in the midst of a revolution. It has evolved and continues to evolve in the best possible ways. Our ethos is built on a mindset that seeks to bring he
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Creative Spiritual Living
What I see in the world is a hunger for what I call “creative spiritual living” — an expanded sense of meaning, spirituality and creativity — in our business and work, with our friends, partners and children. A deepened connection to nature, food, cu
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Warmth is a state of being that radiates from your heart. You know it by its feeling: perhaps embracing a loved one elicits a warm feeling in you, the simple act of smiling may wash warmth over you like a wave, or maybe the sensation of the sun on yo
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Reconnecting With Nature
Not only does spending time outdoors give you a literal breath of fresh air, it’s also a conduit for cultivating calm. In fforest, author Sian Tucker refers to “simple” as both a way of being and a place; it’s a notion that lends itself to slowing do
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Heart Open, Love Forward
The world was a very different place when I first sat down to pen this article. I was looking forward to a year of travelling, teaching and sharing around the world; all the things I would define for myself as living “heart forward”. In an instant, t
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Power Of Plants
Q: Can you please share a bit about the “purity and beauty” philosophy underpinning Organic Merchant? A: I believe that organic consumables are not only better for people, but also for the planet. I spent my childhood in remote Western Australia and
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The Wisdom Of Wabi-sabi
Almost 1000 years ago, to understand imperfection was believed to be the path to enlightenment and is a fundamental principle of Zen Buddhism. The premise of Zen is to eschew perfection and permanence, and to acknowledge nature’s cycle of impermanenc
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Page Turners
The Essentialists (Shannah Kennedy and Lyndall Mitchell), also known for their books Shine and Chaos to Calm, have penned their latest self-help offering. Designed as “20 tools to fire up your life”, Ignite will put back the fire in your belly and sp
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Resting Into Awareness
Meditation is gaining momentum in modern culture. But why is the Western world only just catching up with what ancient Eastern teachings have practised for centuries? I run meditation courses and classes online, and events in the UK, Indonesia, Austr
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For Calm
It’s refreshing to read a meditation guidebook from someone who honestly gets how challenging meditating can be. Author Caitlin Cady admits to struggling with meditation in the past, “grinning and bearing it” before bailing on her practice commitment
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Understanding Your Gut-being
Similar to your wellbeing but distinguished by the health of your gastro-intestinal tract (gut), your “gut-being” is defined by a complex combination of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social factors. When nurtured and aligned, these facto
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For Ease
In Mindful Eating, Jan Chozen Bays offers guidance on how to cultivate a healthy and joyful relationship with food by learning how to be present with it. “When we learn to eat mindfully, our eating can be transformed from a source of suffering to a s
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“Being” In A Time Of Crisis
This year has been a tumultuous one from the get-go. With bushfires raging across Australia, the lives of humans and animals were lost as land was scorched. Those living in high-risk areas were on alert to evacuate or fight, while many Australians fo
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For Balance
You may already know that burning rosemary can boost concentration, while lavender can send you off to sleep. But did you know that basil can alleviate mental strain, while rose decreases adrenaline? You’ll learn loads from this in-depth look into th
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The Nap Renaissance
For many of us, the subject of napping — and even the act of napping itself — seems a little silly and self-indulgent. If we are healthy, thriving, successful adults, then surely we don’t need to nap like children, right? It turns out that what we of
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For Balance
Joy, purpose and satisfaction are threads of happiness that weave together in three of the statistically happiest places on Earth in Denmark, Costa Rica and Singapore. Focusing on pleasure, purpose and a sense of pride in life, The Blue Zones of Happ
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