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The Month In Numbers
66 … years since it was disbanded, the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra has been revived to support musicians affected by the pandemic. 13,000 … singers have been encouraged by Truro Cathedral to join a global virtual chorus in Cornwall for the G7 summi
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Ludwig In The Mind
The New York novelist Sanford Friedman never got to see his last book, Conversations With Beethoven, in print, as it was published after his death in 2010. In it, Friedman tells the narrative of the last months of Beethoven’s life through the medium
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Matthew Locke
Exeter’s most illustrious musical son left his mark – literally – on the city’s cathedral, where he sang as a chorister. When the historic organ was recently removed for refurbishment, the signature (dated 1638) of the future composer to Charles II w
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Zemlinksy’s Mermaid Makes A Splash
Schreker: Der Geburtstag der Infantin; Zemlinsky: Die Seejungfrau Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra/Vasily Petrenko Onyx ONYX 4197 78:20 mins Alexander Zemlinsky’s attitude to his opulently scored Die Seejungfrau, (The Mermaid) remains somethin
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Farewell To…
One of the 20th century’s greatest singers, Christa Ludwig brought glamour and grit to the many roles she embodied throughout a varied and thrilling career. A versatile and tenacious performer, she was just as at home singing a Schubert song cycle as
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Sir Mark Elder
My three top overtures: ‘Weber’s Der Freischütz is a wonderful overture: strong, substantial and a Hallé favourite – not just of our founder conductor, Charles Hallé, but also of John Barbirolli. ‘ Berlioz wrote some of the best overtures and Benvenu
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A Dazzling And Dramatic Debut From A Rising Star
Tenor Arias by Bellini, Buzzi-Peccia, Cardillo, Di Capua, Falvo, Gastaldon, Innocenzi, Leoncavallo, Mazzucchi, Puccini, Respighi, Tagliaferri, Tosti, Trapani/Lange and Valente Freddie De Tommaso (tenor); London Philharmonic Orchestra/Renato Balsadonn
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This Month’s Contributors
‘I expected to find Dalia Stasevska slightly guarded and reticent after the rumpus over last year’s Last Night of the Proms. Instead, I found the Finnish conductor full of joy, good ideas and high hopes.’ Page 26 ‘The Irish Free State’s founding in
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A Well-shaped And Joyous Account
It is perhaps futile to try to find an ideal ‘authentic’ performance. Borodin died before he could complete a definitive version of his symphony, and it was left to Rimsky-Korsakov, with Glazunov’s assistance, to tidy its score for publication and ad
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Three To Look Out For
Alan Davey , the controller of BBC Radio 3, picks out three great moments to tune into this July We now think of Beethoven’s Violin Sonata No. 9 as the ‘Kreutzer’, but its first performer and dedicatee was George Bridgetower. After a falling-out bet
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Brief Notes
Bruckner’s superb choral works unfortunately tend to be eclipsed by his own symphonies; ditto Michael Haydn by his famous brother. In this fine coupling, both enjoy their deserved moment in the spotlight in polished, passionate performances. (JP) ★★★
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The Flying Finn
While some far more established conductors are still trying to pick up the threads of their Covid-shredded careers, Dalia Stasevska will be carrying on this summer just where she left off last year. Having conducted the Last Night of the Proms back i
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Critic’s Choice
One likes to think that the liquid melodies and sonorous harmonies of Robert de Visée’s Pièces for the theorbo – intended to be played in the evenings in the private chambers of Louis XIV – must have soothed the regent to blissful sleep. José Miguel
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We Recommend…
Previous speaker lights I’ve tried have looked awful and sounded worse, but this premium-priced hi-res audio streaming all-in-one LED spotlight and 75W speaker is a class apart, offering wireless convenience and superb sound quality whether you’re us
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A Wheel Pleasure
Car audio was once the poor stepchild of home stereo systems. While your sofa could masquerade as a sixth-row-centre orchestra seat, your vehicle offered a utilitarian, staticky AM radio which vied with engine rumble, traffic noise and battered road
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EASTMAN Life&Times
LIFE: He moves to Philadelphia to study at the Curtis Institute. Though he initially studies piano under Mieczys¯aw Horszowski, he later switches his attention to composition. TIMES: Musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper are killed
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†Nicholas Daniel (oboe), *Richard Watkins (horn), Thomas Bowes (violin), Eleanor Alberga (piano); Ensemble Arcadiana Navona NV6346 49:32 mins Eleanor Alberga’s music receives luxury treatment in this album devoted to works composed between 1995 a
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Beethoven’s piano trio settings of so-called ‘Scottish Songs’ are well worth a listen. However, Sarah Urwin Jones’s review of the Hammer Clavier Trio’s new recording in your May issue does not mention the deliberately concealed sources of the music,
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Background To…
Originally for orchestra, Holst’s 1927 piece was inspired by Thomas Hardy, who featured the fictional landmark in a number of works – most notably the novels The Return of the Native and The Mayor of Casterbridge. Holst and Hardy were acquanited and
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TV & Radio
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Not so long ago, hi-fi invariably consisted of uninspiring boxes dominating the corner of the living room. For many audiophiles this remains the norm, as separate audio components do generally sound better; but with wireless audio streaming, your mus
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Byrd Songs With Poetry And Poignancy
Grace Davidson (soprano); Alamire; Fretwork/David Skinner Inventa INV 1006 157:14 mins (2 discs) The first complete recording of William Byrd’s 1588 publication of consort songs ‘to content divers humors’ is an endlessly varied collection of sonnet
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Background To…
Even in his own day, poor Mascagni was considered something of a ‘one hit wonder’. The huge success of his competition-winning one-act opera Cavalleria rusticana pretty much overshadowed anything he composed before or after. Iris came about at the su
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For those with a keen interest in the history of live music, the Proms Performance Archive on the BBC website is an endlessly fascinating resource. One could spend hours in its company, browsing the details of every concert going right back to when H
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From The Archives
André Previn: conductor, pianist, composer and charismatic media personality; perfectly made to fit the times and the boom in classical recording. Previn’s relationship with the London Symphony Orchestra is the heart of the Complete HMV and Teldec Re
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Buried Treasure
I’ve known about Adès’s transcriptiion of this beautiful piece for a few years and I absolutely adore it. It’s a harpsichord piece originally and it comes to life here in a whole new way, while still keeping the essence of Couperin at its core. Every
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New on Orchid Classics
Chelsea Guo brings her dual gifts as pianist and soprano to this, her debut album based around works by Chopin. The programme includes the complete 24 Preludes as well as three songs in which Guo simultaneously sings and plays. Victor Santiago Asunc
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Rising Stars
Born: Caracas, Venezuela Career highlight: The opportunity to teach and share music from the heart has been the highlight of my career. Musical hero: I first heard violinist Janine Jansen on YouTube when I was 13. She was playing Mendelssohn’s Viol
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Notes From The Emerald Isle
When the Irish composer Gerald Barry’s The Importance of Being Earnest received its UK stage premiere in 2013, the Royal Opera House’s then director of opera Kasper Holten called it ‘the first great comic opera of the 21st century’. A certain degree
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Background To…
This set of songs represents the final word from composer Richard Strauss. Originally intended as a five-part song cycle, he only completed four of them before he died in 1949. His publisher at the time bestowed them with this collective title. Based
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