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Fuel Your Everesting
For most Everesters, the downhills will be the time to chow down, whether that’s when hopping off the turbo or sitting in a support vehicle. Just be careful snacking if you’re freewheeling downhill – especially as fatigue sets in. Don’t rely on refi
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220 Overall Verdict
After years of playing second fiddle to wetsuits, these are heady days for trisuit design, a point highlighted by the techy creations on test here without a stinker in view. The men’s test featured Castelli, Huub, Santini and Trimtex all vying for th
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New- Season Race Prep
Well first up, an ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ race are all the same when the gun goes off – you go hard, you race hard, you stick to the plan you’ve worked out with your coach, mates or yourself, and if there’s no plan at all, still just go for it! The only real
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The Making Of Limar Air Speed
Bianchi, Cinelli, Colnago, Legend, Santini, Vittoria and Limar. It’d probably be easier to list the Italian cycling brands not based in Bergamo or the surrounding Lombardy area. A city of a million residents 50km east of Milan in the Italian north, B
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Percolating A New Pb?
Yep, here we go again – a study into caffeine. But this one delves deeper than most. Right down to your DNA, in fact. But let’s start with caffeine’s mooted triathlon benefits that include reducing perception of effort and pain; increasing focus; and
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Meet The Test Team
220’s editor is your go-to for women’s multisport kit. Has spent years testing tri kit and accessories for 220. A strong age-grouper focusing on top-end gains. He’s a published author writing about sports science.
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Does Warp Speed Equal Warped Sport?
When an electric bike first cruised past my weaving frame and heaving lungs on a slight incline, I still summoned the energy to call foul. When Zwift recruited an avatar army via computer simulation, I swore ‘not while there’s fresh air and sun on my
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3 Of The Best Calf Compression
£30 Designed not only to compress for recovery, these also come with X-LOCK technology for plantar fascia and shin protection during your run. Zonal mesh and cushioning securely hold the foot in place. 2xu.com £44.95 Primed to stimulate active recov
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Dream Bike Argon 8 E-119 Tri+ Disc
No stranger to innovation, Argon 18 was the first to launch a bike with integrated cockpit in 2008, now further developing their ‘oneness’ cockpit set-up for the Tri+ Disc; the primary focus resting on fit to integrate rider and bike in a personalise
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Key Swimming Kit
For a true adventure, consider the new Ruckraft, which floats behind you with space to pack warm clothes, a tent and everything else you need for a night beneath the stars. £139.99 from OMM. abovebelow.sc Your tri wetsuit’s fine for most adventures
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We made the mistake of thinking bikepacking was purely a world of CAMRA and canal paths, panniers and pub gardens, before taking on the new King Alfred’s Way in late 2020. While you won’t be short of country pubs, in reality it’s a 350km loop punctua
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Omega Booster
Omegas are known to carry a host of health benefits, but why exactly should you fill up on them? Essential omega-3 and omega-6 are healthy unsaturated fats, which the body can’t naturally make. We therefore need to get them from the food that we eat,
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Energy Gels
£3.99 for four The first incarnation of this gel was face-achingly sweet, but, thankfully, the Decathlon-distributed brand has since dropped the butter and toned down the viscosity and sweetness to create a delicious burst of energy. That burst is 23
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The Complete Guide To Everesting
Impassioned Melbourne radio host Red Symons’ show had become a lament over the death of the English language. How could the world’s most revered peak be butchered into a verb? Everest had become Everesting. Andy van Bergen grinned. If he hadn’t reali
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Conquering – scrub that, completing – an iron-distance triathlon takes dedication, consistent training, a realistic recovery strategy and calories. Plenty of them. How many calories do you burn during an Ironman? The short answer’s a lot. The longer
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Fuel Like A Pro
“My race-day breakfast consists of two bagels with honey, washed down with an Americano. Bagels are a fantastic source of dense calories but are pretty easy on the stomach, while coffee just makes everything better. I’ll then sip an electrolyte drink
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“Tri Keeps It Fresh And Exciting”
Growing up, my family lived in Dubai. Mum had a scare with water as a kid, so made it a priority for us to learn to swim. I hated it initially. I was so afraid, but went on to swim in four Paralympics – and in Athens I was the youngest female on the
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A breathtakingly brutal challenge set in the Lake District National Park, the goal is to ‘bag’ as many of the Wainwright peaks as possible in one fell swoop, excuse the pun… The rules follow that runners must start and finish at Keswick, taking any r
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Athlete Tips
“Since being diagnosed with low bone density, I’ve paid much more attention to my training and nutrition to support my bones. As a young woman I lost my menstrual cycle and as a result my bone health. However, my latest bone scans have shown improvem
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Key Bikepacking Kit
One wrong turn can add an hour onto the route when bikepacking. To prevent this, a GPS bike computer where you can upload routes and follow them on the move is essential. Our pick is the Wahoo Elemnt Roam (£300). wahoo.co.uk A waterproof seatpack is
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From The Editor...
We’ve been a bit short on excitement over the last few months, let’s be honest. So, when we heard the news that GB’s Alistair Brownlee and Lucy Charles-Barclay, along with Kristian Blummenfelt and Nicola Spirig, would be part of a challenge to try an
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Tri Speak
‘A’-RACE The most important race of your season AGE-GROUPER Non-pro triathlete (most of us!) AEROBIC Aerobic exercise involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body ANAEROBIC How much energy your body can produce without using oxygen BILATERAL B
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Key Fell-running Kit
The cornerstone of any rural adventure, a durable hydration pack with extra pockets to stash gels, a compass and extra layer is essential. Our choice is the ergonomic Phantom 12 (£100) from OMM. theomm.com Think trail shoes, but on steroids. A sturd
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How To Run Safely In The Dark
1 Key for remaining visible and being able to see your run path is a powerful headtorch. One with a long 50hr battery life and a mighty 500 lumens is the secure-fit HR5 CORE Ledlenser (£79.95). ledlenser.co.uk 2 If you don’t like wearing lights on
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Ironman Tri-suits
When choosing your Ironman tri-suit of choice, first you’ll need to decide what kind of Ironman athlete you are. Are aerodynamics worth the added costs that come with wind-tunnel, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and velodrome action if it means sc
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Rha Trueconnect 2
Released as earbuds for everyday and active use, the TrueConnect 2s boast a host of improvements over their predecessor. Aimed at endurance athletes, the new model claims a longer 44hr battery life, improved durability, and more microphones for noise
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Coach’s Tips Bike-speed Prep
It’s important to keep your bike well-maintained. If you clean it and care for it, you can expect better performances. Choose which measure of intensity works for you and stick with it. It might be power/pace/heart rate, but keep it specific to you.
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Kit Zone
When Blueseventy launched its Thermal Helix tri wetsuit in 2016, it was one of those ‘why hasn’t anyone done this before?’ moments. With its warm and fuzzy zirconium internal layer, here was a suit that made swimming in all seasons bearable; offering
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15 Of The Best UK Solo Adventures …for Triathletes
We seem to have been inundated with TV that has ‘Great British’ in the title of late. There’s the Great British Bake-Off, Menu, Sewing Bee, Pottery Throw-Down… and, to be honest, although we’ll happily watch cakes or cooking all day long (pottery is
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You might have heard of the Bob Graham round – the brutal 42-peak loop of the Lake District – but the Frog Graham adds a watery dimension to the challenge, making it perfect for more experienced swimrun enthusiasts. Split into four ‘legs’ and beginni
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