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Verdict Looms In Trial Over 2015 Paris Extremist Attacks
Over the course of an extraordinary nine-month trial, the lone survivor of the Islamic State extremist team that attacked Paris in 2015 has proclaimed his radicalism, wept, apologized to victims and pleaded with judges to forgive his “mistakes.” For
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Melody Gardot: ‘What Is The Problem With An Ass? It’s Not A Weapon’
The Melody Gardot I met 10 years ago felt like the Greta Garbo of jazz. Cool, striking, blonde (usually), with a dramatic sense of style and a breeze-soft, mystery-filled, soulful voice that, three albums into her career, had established the America
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Gas Lines And Scuffles: Sri Lanka Faces Humanitarian Crisis
Chamila Nilanthi is tired of all the waiting. The 47-year-old mother of two spent three days lining up to get kerosene in the Sri Lankan town of Gampaha, northeast of the capital Colombo. Two weeks earlier, she spent three days in a queue for cooking
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Clinics Scramble To Divert Patients As States Ban Abortion
They call her, desperate, scared and often broke. Some are rape and domestic violence victims. Others are new mothers, still breastfeeding infants. Another pregnancy so soon, they say, is something they just can't handle. “Heart wrenching,” said Ang
The Independent8 min lettiCrime & Violence
R. Kelly Timeline: Shining Star To Convicted Sex Trafficker
R. Kelly's musical accomplishments have been accompanied by a long history of allegations that he sexually abused women and children. Now the R&B singer could be put away behind bars for a quarter-century or more when he is sentenced Wednesday in a f
The Independent5 min lettiCrime & Violence
Drug Killings Leave Agony, Savage Facet To Duterte's Legacy
When Emily Soriano recounts how her 15-year-old son was gunned down with four friends and two other residents while partying in a Philippine slum six years ago, she weeps in grief and anger like the massacre happened yesterday. Police concluded at th
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‘Irate’ Trump Grabbed Steering Wheel, Attacked Secret Service Agent When He Was Told He Wasn’t Going To Capitol
An “irate” Donald Trump grabbed the steering wheel of his limousine and attacked a Secret Service agent when he was told he was not being taken to the US Capitol, the January 6 committee has been told in its most stunning hearing yet. In cool, measur
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San Antonio Migrant Deaths Lead To Slow Effort To ID Victims
Victims have been found with no identification documents at all and in one case a stolen ID. Remote villages lack phone service to reach family members and determine the whereabouts of missing migrants. Fingerprint data has to be shared and matched b
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China's Baidu Races Waymo, GM To Develop Self-driving Cars
With no one at the wheel, a self-driving taxi developed by tech giant Baidu Inc. is rolling down a Beijing street when its sensors spot the corner of a delivery cart jutting into its lane. The taxi stops a half-car-length away. “So sorry,” a recorde
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Takeaways From First Primaries Since Roe V. Wade Overturned
A rare Republican who supports abortion rights found success in Colorado in the first primary elections held since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, while New York's first female governor positioned herself to become a major voice in the post
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Hong Kong In Limbo 25 Years After British Handover To China
When the British handed its colony Hong Kong to Beijing in 1997, it was promised 50 years of self-government and freedoms of assembly, speech and press that are not allowed Chinese on the Communist-ruled mainland. As the city of 7.4 million people m
The Independent4 min lettiAmerican Government
NY Gov. Kathy Hochul, who replaced Cuomo, faces Democrats
New Yorkers are casting votes in a governor’s race Tuesday that for the first time in a decade does not include the name “Cuomo” at the top of the ticket. Instead, the most prominent name for Democrats is Kathy Hochul, who was propelled into the gove
The Independent8 min lettiAmerican Government
Trump Ordered Armed Supporters To Capitol And Lunged For Steering Wheel, Jan 6 Committee Told In Bombshell Testimony
Former president Donald Trump was unconcerned by reports that many of the supporters who attended his January 6 2021 rally at the Ellipse were armed and wanted them to march to the US Capitol nonetheless, a top aide to former White House chief of sta
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Ryan O’Connell: ‘I Had A Fear Being Gay Was Going To Be Really, Really Difficult As A Disabled Person’
Ryan O’Connell’s pretty sure he got Covid at the Queer as Folk premiere, but he’s sanguine about it. He wore a cornflower blue double-breasted suit over a sheer black button-down shirt, and took glamorous photos with the entire cast, including Kim Ca
The Independent5 min lettiAmerican Government
US House: Boebert Primary, Runoffs, Incumbent Vs. Incumbent
In Colorado, Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, one of the most polarizing members of Congress, is trying to beat back a challenge from a more mainstream Republican in her primary Tuesday. Two Republican House incumbents from Mississippi are facing prim
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AP PHOTOS: The IPhone At 15, Through Pro Photographers' Eyes
This week marks 15 years since the iPhone first went on sale and ushered in a new era: the age of the smartphone. It’s hard to imagine today how different mobile access was before that evening of June 29, 2007. The internet in your pocket didn’t look
The Independent4 min lettiCrime & Violence
Ghislaine Maxwell To Be Sentenced In Epstein Sex Abuse Case
Ghislaine Maxwell, the jet-setting socialite who once consorted with royals, presidents and billionaires, is set to be sentenced Tuesday for helping the wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls. The 11 a.m. sentencing in New Yo
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What’s The ‘Dopamine Travel’ Trend And Could It Really Perk Up Burnt-out Travellers?
Have you been feeling like you could use a brain reboot these past few months? According to some in the travel industry, a colourful adventure trip could be the answer. Stolen from the fashion industry’s trend for “dopamine dressing”, a new trend for
The Independent4 min lettiInternational Relations
EXPLAINER: NATO Holds Summit With Gaze On Russia — And China
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked NATO back to first principles. Seven decades after it was founded, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is meeting in Madrid this week with an urgent need to reassert its original mission: preventing Russia
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As COVID Fears Ebb, Japan Readies For Tourists From Abroad
The rickshaw men in Tokyo are adding English-speaking staff, a sure sign Japan is bracing for a return of tourists from abroad. Japan’s border controls to curb the spread of coronavirus infections began gradually loosening earlier this month. That'
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Queer As Folk Blew My Closeted Teenage Mind In The Nineties – And The New Reboot Reaches Even Deeper
When the original British version of Queer as Folk premiered in February 1999, I was a painfully shy 15-year-old who hadn’t told anyone I was gay. I watched the first episode alone in my bedroom with the volume turned down so my parents wouldn’t know
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Trump Painted In Testimony As Volatile, Angry President
When President Donald Trump learned his attorney general had publicly rejected his election fraud claims, he heaved his lunch at the wall with such force the porcelain plate shattered and ketchup streamed down. On the morning of Jan. 6, 2021, consume
The Independent4 min lettiInternational Relations
Russian Missile Strike Hits Crowded Shopping Mall In Ukraine
Rescuers searched through charred rubble of a shopping mall Tuesday looking for more victims of a Russian missile strike that killed at least 18 and wounded scores in what Ukraine's president called “one of the most daring terrorist attacks in Europe
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Air Guard Troops Doing Space Missions Face Identity Crisis
About 1,000 Air National Guard troops who are assigned to space missions are mired in an identity crisis. Torn between the Air Force, where they have historically been assigned, and the military's shiny new Space Force where they now work, their unit
The Independent4 min lettiAmerican Government
Election 2022: Abortion Central In First Post-Roe Primaries
The midterm primary season enters a new, more volatile phase on Tuesday as voters participate in the first elections since the U.S. Supreme Court's decision revoking a woman's constitutional right to an abortion jolted the nation's politics. In Color
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EXPLAINER: Abortion, Tech And Surveillance
With abortion now or soon to be illegal in over a dozen states and severely restricted in many more, Big Tech companies that vacuum up personal details of their users are facing new calls to limit that tracking and surveillance. One fear is that law
The Independent5 min lettiWorld
Hong Kong Burnishes China Ties As Luster As Global Hub Fades
Every few generations, Hong Kong transforms itself, evolving from a swampy fishing village to 19th century colonial port, to capitalist outpost and factory after China’s 1949 revolution, to 21st century financial center. As the former British colony
The Independent4 min lettiCrime & Violence
Supreme Court's Abortion Ruling Sets Off New Court Fights
The Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade moved Monday to courtrooms around the country as anti-abortion advocates looked to quickly enact statewide bans and their opponents sought to buy more time. The high court's decision Friday to end co
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