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Kindness To All Beings
MANY OF THE BENEFITS of kindness are because of how it feels. In fact, the feelings induced by kindness produce what we might call ‘kindness hormones’, and oxytocin is the main one. As well as its role in reproduction, it is also a cardioprotective h
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Be Part Of Our Tribe
Join the Life Leap Club and receive free coaching from our experts. All you have to do is subscribe to access free coaching videos, inspirational resources and masterclasses. Go to life-leap-club-new-subscribers . View video conte
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How To Be Kind To Yourself And Change Your Life
The first step is awareness. Think about what you would say to a friend who is struggling, perhaps due to a relationship problem or a difficult boss at work. You might give them a hug, tell them it’s just a bad week, things will improve and they are
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Secret Green Jewels Of Scotland
BOARDING THE luxury Caledonian Sleeper in grimy London, exhausted and stressed, and waking up in Scotland surrounded by snow-capped mountains is like taking the Hogwarts Express to a magical land. This is a delightful way to slow down travel (and the
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Women To Follow
INTERESTED IN THE stories from history that we hear less about? The In Her Footsteps book from Lonely Planet brings to life the lives and locations of trailblazing women from the past. The authors explain: ‘This book is a collection of landmarks – la
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About The UKCP And How To Find A Therapist
• TheUK Council for Psychotherapy(UKCP) is the leading research, innovation, educational and  regulatory body working to advance psychotherapy for the benefit of all. We have a register of more than 8,000 individual members, who offer a range of ther
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The Distinctions Of Self-compassion
Self-compassion is being warm and understanding towards ourselves when we suffer, fail or feel inadequate, rather than flagellating ourselves with self-criticism. Self-compassionate people recognise that being imperfect and experiencing difficulties
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Whimsical Breaks In Memorable Places
IF YOU’VE BEEN cooped up in an urban landscape and need a rejuvenating dose of the wild, Elmley Nature Reserve is the answer. The only family-owned national reserve in the UK, this idyll on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, is an hour from London, so conven
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A United Front
RESEARCH* SHOWS THAT women and marginalised groups are worse affected by the climate crisis, particularly in countries where gender inequality is even more prevalent. But the good news is that studies also found women to be hugely influential in tack
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Are You Crippled By Loneliness?
The events of this year have thrown a spotlight on  isolation. Short-term feelings of loneliness are part of life, but there are times when they can be debilitating. Unaddressed, they can affect our wellbeing and even our health. In this month’s podc
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Test Why Are You So Hard On Yourself ?
1 When things go wrong, you often wonder: ♥ Why life has to be so hard ◆ Why you never quite get things right • How you will cope ■ How everyone else is coping 2 Which of these benefits of self-compassion most appeals to you? ■ Being more in tun
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Like What You Hear
It’s the end of the day and you re going yourself to a dose of escapism… But there are so many apps, so many box sets – which do you commit to? Often, after 20 minutes, it’s bedtime and, if you’ve made a poor choice, it’s all over unsatisfactorily to
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Every Good Deed
What motivates us to be kind or do someone a favour? According to science, we are influenced by four factors – reciprocating kindness, upholding our reputation, paying it forward and rewarding generosity. A new study** looks at what happens when all
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How I Became A Therapist
LIKE MANY THERAPISTS, training in psychotherapy was partly about healing my own wounds. My mum had a battle with cancer starting in my teens and, at the same time, we moved to another country. I appeared outgoing to those around me, but I was insecur
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Don’t Feel Alone… Reach Out To Others Join Our Free Online Support Group Today
We have created a wonderful ‘Psychologies’ Connected Community group  on Facebook to spread kindness and offer support to each other. Join us and feel the love, humour and camaraderie. ‘Psychologies’ is the UK’s biggest and bestselling mindful living
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Audio Amusement
This podcast mixes live stand-up with interviews about being black and a woman. Comedian Mayne was adopted by a white woman in Devon, and has many a funny anecdote, especially about being in the Brownies. I find her observations and insights thought-
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Stage Mother
WHEN THE ESTRANGED son of conservative church choir director Maybelline (Jacki Weaver of Silver Linings Playbook) dies suddenly, Maybelline is heartbroken and – despite her husband’s protests – leaves her Texas home to reconnect with her late son’s l
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Words To Help You Connect
1 ‘Can I talk to you about how I am feeling?’ Starting with a question may feel less daunting. 2 ‘I’ve been feeling lonely and I need someone to talk to.’ It can be useful to set out your expectations from the outset. This opener clearly states you
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Planet-friendly Body Scrubs
Made with tiny wax beads, this Weleda scrub holds the Zero Plastic Inside certification from the Beat The Microbead campaign. It is the winner of our Eco Champion award and is sustainably made and vegetarian-friendly. The packaging can be recycled wi
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The Fruitful Life
Enjoying more plants in your diet is one of the most powerful steps you can take to improve your health and lessen your impact on the environment. Every season, Mother Nature provides a plethora of fruit and vegetables bursting with colour and flavou
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Happy And You Know It
THE ULTIMATE WAY to experience happiness is to do what you love every day. Author and speaker Alexander den Heijer puts it well: ‘You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you
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The Joy Of The Empty Page
When the first rumblings of lockdown surfaced, I was working with a theatre company in California. We were developing a script I’d written, due to premiere at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Our rehearsal venue overlooked the Pacific Ocean and we were
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It’s The Little Things That Matter
You might know that plastic microbeads are banned from cosmetic products – but a problem. Read why in my Eco Worrier column on page 63. One reason brands love to sneak microplastics into their products is their exfoliating properties. The tiny pie
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Pickle And Preserve
Cooking with seasonal ingredients means you’re guaranteed a varied diet all year. Eliminate the guesswork of what’s in season by choosing food grown in your area, ordering a fruit and veg box from a local farm and, of course, growing your own, which
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Create The Life You Want
Hello! I’m Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief of ‘Psychologies’. I’m a career coach and author of ‘Making The Big Leap’ and ‘The Big Peace’. Not  only have I changed careers three times myself, I’ve helped thousands of people make the shifts they desired.›
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Time To Feel, Heal And Grow
WE HAVE LEARNED a lot about our relationships during lockdown, both with our loved ones and ourselves. I have had highs and lows in equal measure, but now that some normality has returned, I have started to realise that the enforced pause was good fo
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Create The Magic
• Turn off your phone and take time to look out the window. Focus on the details – the people walking past, the movement of nature and everyday occurrences. There is a story unfolding in front of you – allow yourself to experience it. • Let yourself
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Our Criteria
THAT’S WHYEACH product is carefully scrutinised by our Eco Living Editor Ellen Tout to ensure it meets our standards. The chosen products are then tested by our panel of 25 discerning readers to be rated and reviewed. We will only ever include brands
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Blogger Spotlight
Jacqueline Meldrum is a Scottish food writer and recipe developer specialising in simple vegetarian and vegan home cooking. The recipes she creates for her award-winning blog are not only tasty, they are made using humble, easy-to-
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This Is For You If You’re Ready To . . .
• Find clarity about what you desire from life • Identify the core beliefs you need to live life on your terms • Expose the secret saboteurs keeping true happiness out of reach • Create a personalised programme to help you transform from the inside o
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