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Nigel is an award-winning London-based travel writer who›contributes frequently to titles such as The Telegraph, the Financial Times and Daily Mail. He specialises in the›Caribbean and is the founder of The Coconut Times, an independent expert websit
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Back To Business
With the profound changes that the past year has brought, you would have been forgiven for thinking that we would never get back to normal. The evidence for a lasting shift in behaviour affecting most aspects of our lives is all around us, and, certa
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Grand Hotel Et De Milan
BACKGROUND Open since 1863, this Leading Hotels of the World member has been owned by the Bertazzoni family for three generations and has welcomed guests ranging from Hemingway and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to composer Giuseppe Verdi and opera
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Business Traveller
Managing director Julian Gregory Group publisher Rania Apthorpe Editorial director Tom Otley Online editor Mark Caswell Art director Annie Harris Consumer editor Alex McWhirter Staff writer Hannah Brandler Contributors Seher Asaf, Sabine Galas, Chri
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The Effect Of Covid-19 On Business Travel
89% of business travellers around the world stopped travelling when there were travel restrictions in their region during the pandemic 11% of business travellers flew when there were travel restrictions during the pandemic Of those that did travel
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Le Méridien Munich
BACKGROUND This member of Marriott’s “upper upscale” brand opened in 2002. It underwent refurbishment in 2016. WHAT’S IT LIKE? Modern in style, the nine-floor hotel is set around a courtyard that provides some peace and tranquillity in the centre of
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BRITISH AIRWAYS has released images of its new First seat featuring sliding privacy doors, installed on its new B777-300 aircraft. The airline made the decision to fit the doors to the First suite following the success of the Club Suite business clas
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Peak of Perfection
Arosa is the end of the line and is quite happy about it. When the train arrives at the Swiss station, visitors disembark for their holiday or day’s work and swap places with departing passengers. The Rhaetian Railway takes visitors up the 26km line
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Our Guide To... Working From Hotels
As 2020 turns into 2021, working from home continues to dominate our professional lives but cabin fever is starting to set in for some. Research by Accor has found that 41 per cent of people in the UK feel their work-life balance has worsened, while
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Air Miles
JESSICA NABONGO is a writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and travel expert. In 2019, she became the first documented black woman to visit every country in the world. WHAT ATTRACTED YOU TO A LIFE OF ADVENTURE? Since my early twenties I have wanted
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Quite A Journey
In many ways, the most significant news of the past year came from Eurostar, the high-speed trains of which link London with Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Since its launch in 1994, Eurostar has gone it alone as an international operator but in 2021
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The Big Picture
The Royal Observatory Greenwich has revealed some of the phenomenal images that were entered into the Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2020 awards. Run in association with asset management company Insight Investment and BBC Sky a
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Win 3 Fantastic Prizes
BUSINESS TRAVELLER HAS PARTNERED WITH ROTANA HOTELS to give one lucky reader and guest a three-night stay with breakfast in a Club Rotana suite at Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas, Abu Dhabi. Experience the warmth of Arabic hospitality in the heart
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The Stars Of 2020
For everyone in the travel and hospitality industry, this has been a turbulent year, with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect all parts of the sector across the globe. And yet, thanks to your support, the industry has come out fighting, with t
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In-flight Entertainment
Host Nihal Arthanayake interviews prolific authors and creative thinkers in this fortnightly series by the UK arm of the book publisher. Guests including Bernardine Evaristo, Anthony Horowitz and Nick Hornby are invited to speak about objects that ha
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Go With The Flow
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) can be a worry for frequent travellers. It occurs when altered blood flow leads to the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein of the leg. Symptoms include a swollen or painful calf or thigh. In uncommon cases, part of the
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Lost In Translation
Idioms from around the world that have us scratching our heads. This issue, it’s a Spanish expression. Phrase: Dar calabazas a alguien Literally: To give someone pumpkins Meaning: To reject someone’s advances Origin: Supposedly dates back to t
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Working, living, learning, eating, celebrating and attending concerts – the new quarter next to Munich’s Ostbahnhof (East station) combines high-tech modernity with vibrant art and culture. This former industrial area is gradually being transformed,
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UK Workers’ Concerns About Getting Back To The Office
Exposure to those who don’t take safety guidelines seriously Working in close proximity to others Commuting Eating or rest areas in public/shared spaces Large meetings Lack of workplace sanitisation/ cleanliness Lack of protective tools a
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The Year In Review
Where to begin? No walk of life has been exempt from the impact of the coronavirus, and while it may seem, as you flick through the following pages, that the world of luxury watches remains as well-stocked with finely polished playthings as ever, it
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Time Out
Tate Britain explores how the work of J M W Turner engaged with historic milestones such as industrialisation and anti-slavery campaigns. Major pieces from the artist on show include The Fighting Temeraire (1838, pictured below) and Rain, Steam and S
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Predictions For 2021
The disruptive effect of a global pandemic on watchmaking will manifest itself fully, as delays in supply chains that span Asia, Europe and the Americas have an impact on manufacturing. Mainstream watch companies rely on a relatively small network of
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Star Letter
I wanted to drop you a line›having just devoured the [September-October 2020] magazine, thank you›for that. We travelled to France as soon as the Foreign Office lifted restrictions and travelled back via train from Angoulême and with British Airways
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Watches Of 2020
We may have been graced with a new Rolex Submariner in 2020, but I regret to tell you it will be all but impossible to get your hands on. It is also very much the margherita pizza of dive watches; fundamental to the entire category and appealingly pu
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Star Prize
This month’s Star Letter winner will receive an open Business First return ticket for use in either direction on Heathrow Express. For your chance to win, email us at and include your full postal address and daytime tel
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Ask The Pilot
What are the most irritating things about passengers? There are two issues I would highlight here. First and foremost are passengers who, having checked in for a flight with luggage and passed through security in a timely manner, manage to arrive at
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Join The Debate
As much as I’ve complained in the past about time away from home, eating the same room service, delays and airport inconvenience, I’m really getting the itch to travel again. At the moment, I have no trips planned and it’s starting to look like there
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A Novel Time
What a challenge it was adapting to lockdown, not least in terms of education. My children are grown up so they didn’t need any help, but I found myself on a steep learning curve because the new world order of shared duties means education starts at
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Hot Desking
Are you reading this at home? Perhaps in the spare room/kitchen table/garden shed “office” that has been your improvised workspace for most of this year? Poleaxed by the pandemic, many of us have had to adjust to a strange new era of business travel
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Points To Prove
There are many tribes in travel, so let’s distinguish between just two of them. First, there are business travellers. Let’s assume that’s you. Second, there are others who look like you, but aren’t. They are frequent travellers, too – maybe even more
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