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Royal Dutch Mint Celebrates Miffy, Dick Bruna
BORN INTO A publishing family in 1927, Dick Bruna had a happy life. As a child during WWII, Bruna began drawing and painting and received guidance from some of the designers working for his family’s company. After the war Bruna designed his first boo
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RDM Gifts Commemorative Coins To Ambassadors Of The U.K. And Canada
CFO BERT VAN Ravenswaaij of the Royal Dutch Mint presented the first issues of the coin set “Europe Remembers” to the ambassadors of Canada and the United Kingdom, in the presence of a representative of the Europe Remembers 1944-1945 project, the com
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Australia Celebrated as Great Southern Land
IT’S REALLY ENJOYABLE to see a one-ounce silver coin featuring so much interesting geography and wildlife. The concept of the Perth Mint Great Southern Land coin has great eye-appeal as well as a fantastic depth of information to relay. Australia is
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The Coinage of Peter I Part Two: 1701-1704
DURING 1700, COPPER coins were struck for the first time since 1663. Little effort was made to force them into circulation and the Treasury was content to let copper seek its appointed place for the time being. This first year was actually experiment
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Is There Such a Thing as ‘Collector Furniture?’
Is there any such thing as “collector furniture” through which I could display my coin collection at home? I am unaware of any furniture specifically suggested to be “collector furniture,” however, you might want to consider a coffee table with a gl
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Around the World
IMPORTING ANCIENT ROMAN coins might become a thing of the past if a proposed update of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the United States and Italy is approved by the U.S. State Department. The existing MOU originated in 2001 and has been
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Coins Tell Stories of Long Ago
THEY DIDN’T HAVE the internet back then. Or TV, radio, or newspapers. Most of us who lived in “civilization” never went anywhere. We went to our job, then we went home. If we wanted to go anywhere, we walked. Some of us, women, slaves, might never le
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Chinese ‘Spring Dollar’ Nets $660,000 at Auction
THE CHINA 1910 Yunnan silver dollar previously mentioned in the August issue of World Coin News, and certified by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), realized an astounding 660,000 USD at a Heritage Auctions’ sale on June 12, 2020. This is one of
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Show Calendar
The World Coin News club show and commercial events calendar is a guide to events with a focus for world-coin collectors. Domestic events scheduled up to 10 weeks in advance of the issue date and foreign events up to six months in advance are listed.
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World Coin News
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NYINC Announces Bourse and Auction Schedule
THERE HAVE BEEN many event and coin show cancellations during 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic that has spread throughout the world. Most people and coin collectors alike are holding out hope for 2021, when people can get back to a sense of “norm
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Royal Mint Experience Safely Reopening
THE ROYAL MINT is preparing to safely reopen the Royal Mint Experience on July 31. The Royal Mint’s website announced that there will be changes due to health and safety regulations and that visitors will be greeted by hosts right at the door. The Ro
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Hungary’s Heart Wrenching Rise to Freedom Regained
THE 1940s WAS a complicated period for Europe. While many countries were invaded by Germany, several also joined forces with the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan. Romania, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria and Hungary all maintained some cont
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World War I Medal Collection Featured in Münzenhandling Harald Möller’s Auction 75
MÜNZENHANDLING HARALD MÖLLER’S Auction 75 wrapped up on June 29 with very strong results. Their selections of late-medieval minors, rare European gold and an outstanding collection of 500 medals commemorating World War I themes hit the mark with coll
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Künker Summer Auction Features First Danish Portrait Coin
IN OUR FOURTH installment of the Industry Insider: COVID Business Landscape series, which can be read online at , we contacted Ulrich Künker, general manager at Fritz Rudolf Künker GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Osnabrück, Germany
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Rosalind Franklin’s First View of DNA Featured on Coins
MANY OF US are familiar with the shooting stars of pop-culture; musicians Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin or Buddy Holly, even actress Marilyn Monroe. Their contributions to the improvisational styles of Blues, Rock and iconography of film are incalcul
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Gentoo Penguin Lands on South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands
THE POBJOY MINT has announced the next colorful penguin in line for the popular 50 pence series issued for South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands. The Gentoo penguin has a wide white stripe from eye to eye across the top of its head and a very bright
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30 Years Of The Kookaburra
PERTH MINT CONTINUES their celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Australian Kookaburra with the release on June 2 of a 2-ounce silver proof gilded high relief 2 dollar coin. The high relief with selective gilding is a first for the Perth Mint. T
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Bank of Montreal 1844 Canadian halfpenny
I have an 1844 Canadian halfpenny issued on the Bank of Montreal. I have never seen anything about such a coin and was wondering if it is a rarity. If you know anything about this coin I would like to know. Canadian confederation took place in 1858.
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Ten Euro Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Spanish Legion
THE SPANISH LEGION was established on the model provided by the French Foreign Legion, but also incorporated elements of the Japanese samurai code of honor. Founded in January 1920 by royal decree of King Alfonso XIII, but based in Spanish military h
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The Coinage Of Peter I, 1696-1700
IVAN V AND Peter I became co-czars of Russia in 1682, but Ivan died in January 1696; Peter was now the sole ruler of a vast empire. From this point, the nation would never again practice the ancient Muscovite ways as the people were dragged by the gi
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The Rise and Fall of Dynasties
I’M AWARE THAT I write this for an audience that, mostly, has never thought about Tajikistan before and won’t again after these articles are all in the past. We go, “Where is it? Who lives there?” and move on. We never hear about it in the news, like
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Provenance Remains Important
THE PROVENANCE OF a coin, or in this case a military decoration, can be important. This can be due to the potential of the item otherwise being reclaimed by an individual or by a foreign nation due to the object being family or national patrimony. Th
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‘Spring’ Dollar Sets Stage for Heritage’s July Auction
AT THE TIME of this writing, Heritage Auctions announced that they will be offering select rarities of Thailand from Dr. Norman Jacobs’ Collection July 11-13. One of these rarities is the finest known example of the Ex. Jacobs’ Hsüan-t’ung ‘Spring’ d
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Coins Lucrative For Postage Stamp Country
MANY COUNTRIES DON’T mint their own coins or print their own bank notes. These are farmed out to government or privately owned mints around the world. The contracts for physical currency can be lucrative and for that reason often encourage spirited b
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Industry Insider: COVID Business Landscape: Part III
THIS MONTH WE begin the third part of what we thought would be a two-part article. Responses from mints and auction houses have continued to arrive. Reports of how business has changed during the pandemic are evolving into a broader picture. This mon
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Questionable Vignette Chosen For Bank Note
DR. RAMON CARRILLO (1906-1956) was a renounced neurosurgeon, doctor of sanitation, and gold medal recipient at the Medical School in Buenos Aires. Carrillo served as the health minister for Argentina for eight years during the administration of Presi
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Silver Coin Benefits Coronavirus Charity
The members of the National Health Service (NHS) of the U.K. have truly stood out as a dedicated and hardworking medical force during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their dignity and compassion have lent strength to people everywhere and they have earned the
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Privacy Concerns May Encourage Cash
ON APRIL 10 Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Robert Redfield said it will take “very aggressive” contact tracing of who may test positive for coronavirus for the United States to return to “normal.” When Redfield’s comment w
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