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Hoyt Altus
2020 has officially been consigned to the history books. We’re all a little battered and bruised by the upheaval of last year, I doubt there are many in this world that have not been affected in some way by the pandemic and archery is no exception. T
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New Products
The Rezult 36 is Elite’s new for 2021 target bow offering. With a long and stable 36-inch axle-to-axle length, the Rezult 36 also incorporates Elite’s signature features such as the ASYM Tri-Track Cam System, VersaMod rotating module and S.E.T. Techn
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Steve Wijler Wins Invitational Lausanne Tournament
Thirty-one elite archers competed at the Lausanne Invitational tournament in the World Archery Excellence Centre. The Netherlands' Steve Wijler shot a perfect four sets to beat reigning indoor World Series champion Florian Unruh for the recurve men’s
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Field: First Time Out
In field, the flat open expanses and precise repetition of target archery are replaced by rough terrain and a need for adaptability. A field shoot will involve trekking around a course of differentlysized targets set at a range of distances – most li
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Hoyt Xakt Limbs
The Xakt limbs, released at the same time as the identically-named riser, are the latest in Hoyt's long line of Grand Prix intermediate limbs. The Xakt's are a carbon-wood composite, with a wood core and a pair of carbon outer faces. Geometry wise th
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Worst Sequel Yet
Hello. Welcome to Bow International issue 148. Hope everyone had a great Christmas (under the circumstances) and a great new year (also under the circumstances). As of this writing, the UK has just woken up to the news that it is going back to essent
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A Hoyt Xakt Riser + A Set Of Limbs
WORTH OVER £500 Courtesy of JVD Archery! We have a 25” Xakt riser to give away, as reviewed in this issue of Bow. Also, JVD have generously donated a set of limbs (you get to choose the length and weight) of their choice to go with it! The Xakt is a
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UK Sport Confirms Funding Increase For Paris 2024
Archery GB has been awarded £4.7m for performance archery over the next Olympic cycle, which will enable support for Olympic and Paralympic athletes right through to the Paris 2024 Games and beyond. The increase was a surprise boost for the sport at
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Review: the Art Of Barebow Shooting And Its Mental Game
When I was asked to review this book, The Art of Barebow Shooting And Its Mental Game, I was fully prepared to read yet another book written from the perspective of Olympic recurve archery adapted for barebow. I expected I’d be reading through it fee
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Begin Again
A new year is historically the time for making resolutions and planning for the year to come. Nobody has lived through a year like 2020 before, which has tested the mental (and physical) strength of us collectively like no other. For some of you as a
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Ask The Experts
IN ASSOCIATION WITH Q I know everyone says that a back tension release is the 'ideal' for compound, but I'm finding it difficult to let go of the trigger. I still see a lot of elite archers using thumb releases. Sometime I'm feeling like a 'second-cl
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Hoyt: New Recurve Gear
There is a feeling among many recurve archers that there isn't much new under the sun. The incremental improvements in materials science and computer-aided design have definitely resulted in improvements to a majority of archery equipment, and the co
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Bow International
Future PLC Quay House, The Ambury, Bath. BA1 1UA Editorial Editor: John Stanley Art Editor: Steve Mumby Designer: Rebekka Hearl Contributors John Stanley, Dean Alberga, Emma Davis, Adrian Tippins, Rebekah Tipping, Joe Parker, Arne Metzlaff, Roy Rose,
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World Masters Games Postponed Until 2022
In the latest in a long list of tournament casualties, the World Masters Games, scheduled for May 2021 in Kansai, Japan, have been rescheduled for 2022. Archery has long been a popular component of the Games, which have a mission to keep older amateu
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Dampers: Explained
The aim of dampers is to reduce or completely eliminate possible vibrations that occur in the bow. The most common principle of a damper is that a rubber block is screwed to the bow or an associated component and a weight is (usually) attached to the
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Nimes And Vegas Reduced To Elite Events Only
The Vegas Shoot, the largest participatory archery event in the world, will no longer take place in its usual slot in second weekend of February in 2021 but move to a split format, which will run 'virtually' for the amateur flight and junior events a
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When It's Time
Olympic athletes work in four year cycles, and the postponement of Tokyo 2020 has upset a lot of work/life balances. The German women's recurve team were on a career high, slightly clouded by the injury and current rehabilitation of Lisa Unruh. Still
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Custom Made Arrows
I make custom made arrows and carry out renovations to existing arrows. I also make deluxe double and single loop finger slings. I never really wanted to be self employed or run a business. I was made redundant in 2011. The redundancy came at a time
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Five Archery Podiums In Paris Confirmed
The Olympic archery programme is to remain unchanged at five total medal events for the Paris 2024 Games, following the approval of the sports line-up and athlete quotas for the event by the executive board of the International Olympic Committee. Arc
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Archery In Ancient Russian Folklore
Most Russians don’t realise how much archery is in their culture. It is only when it is pointed out to them, that they realise practically all their fairy-tale princes and ‘fools’ are usually either on a horse or shoot a bow. Countless old songs and
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1999 World Champion Dave Cousins Shoots Perfect Score During Second Stage Of Indoor Series
Dave Cousins, the 1999 World Archery champion in 1999 gave a vintage performance shooting a perfect score of 600 during round two of the virtual Indoor Series on 20th December. The American compound archer joins a select band of archers to have shot
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Bow Pic Of The Month
Ipek Tomruk in action at the World Archery Youth Championships, Madrid 2019 Photo: Dean Alberga ■
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Inside Jvd
JVD Archery, based in the Netherlands, has been moving bows around the world for quite some time. It now has over 40 years of experience in distribution and supplies archery gear to over 80 countries. Founded in 1974 by Jan van Drunen (hence the name
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Expert Tip
This month's expert tip comes from David Egalton, who has come up with a more elegant way to find longbow arrows on the field. Longbow archers: can’t find your wooden arrows in the grass? I have had the same problem and always had to resort to a rake
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Tokyo: 200 Days To Go… Hopefully
Predicting whether this year's Tokyo Olympics will go ahead or not has become exceptionally difficult. If 2020 taught us anything, it was that the best laid plans are very likely indeed to go astray. The official word is and has always been since las
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The Bow 2020 Christmas Gift Guide
Fivics have made this specially designed scorebook that comes with an arrow themed pen. Each page has space to score and plot 18 arrows and a box at the bottom of each page for notes. This is a perfect gift for archer looking to improve their archery
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Under £80
Archers need to keep up their strength over the winter when it may not be possible to shoot a full distance at a club, so the Atra shot trainer makes a great gift. This device teaches the archer to release the bowstring while maintaining shot strengt
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Under £200
The HS3 is the latest and greatest tool for checking peak weight and holding weight. With new weight functions (including a luggage/fish function!) this model is the most diverse of its kind. They claims it's even more accurate now, too, and has a ne
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