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A First-Timer Reminisces
Doug’s first African hunting safari was somewhat different from the vast majority—he hunted no big game, focusing entirely on birds. I was curious about his choice, knowing that at home in Alberta, Doug is an avid big-game hunter. So, given the diver
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Shooting Sticks and a Wounded Leopard
Far from the stream, we left the herd and drove to the tree-line. Pangas in hand, Swai and Jackson, tracker-cum-skinner, jumped down, while Patrick, the game scout, armed with a shotgun, was left to guard the truck. Mark and I followed them into a th
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COVID-19 Pandemic Wreaking Havoc on African Wildlife and Biodiversity
Dr Peter Lindsey from the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria in South Africa is the lead author on this collaborative publication by a total of 23 authors with intimate knowledge of the wildlife and biodiversity situation in Afri
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Buffaloes – Win Some, Lose Some...
There are very good reasons why local and foreign hunters admire the Cape buffalo, and covet the opportunity to hunt one. They are, and will always probably be, the most numerous of all the Big Five, and as a result are generally more affordable than
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On Safari with Stephan Stamm
African Hunting Gazette: Tell us when and where you were born, and something about your family. Stephan Stamm: I was born September 3, 1973 and raised in Switzerland. My family comes from an architectural and development background. However, my fa
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Bow And Arrow And A Sharpe´s Grysbok
When hunting with bow and arrow it is always a challenge, but going for pygmy antelopes makes it even more exciting. After successfully bowhunting a southern bush, blue and red duiker, as well as a steenbok and a klipspringer on several hunts over th
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On the Seventh Day…
I arrived mid-morning at Shamwari Safaris’ Rufunsa camp on the lower Zambezi mid-morning after an exciting drive from Lusaka. Being able to travel and hunt was one of the joys of living in Zambia during this Pandemic. As I turned into the Luangwa Val
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P for Paris
It was March of the same year after the show when I got an email from Paris with a check on the way. Paris arrived a year later, dressed in his greens and incredibly well-prepared for his safari – physically; with his gear, and in his shooting abilit
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A Passion for Wildlife
Cynthie has been a professional wildlife artist for 32 years. Although she did not study art in school, she gained experience by sketching at zoos, taking workshops, and getting advice from top biologists who critiqued her early work. Accuracy in ana
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Oribi From “Game Animals Of The World”
English: Oribi Latin: Ourebia ourebi German: Oribi French: Ourébi Spanish: Oribi  Total length: 1.1 m (3.6‘) Tail: 6 – 15 cm (2.4” – 5.9”) Shoulder Height: 60 cm (2.0‘) Weight: 14 – 20 kg (31 – 44 lb) (Male on average 2 kg (4 lb) lighter than
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News & Letters
I read with great interest your PH Q+A. Why not do a similar article with clients? Much of the same line of questions would apply. People like myself have gained a lot of experience and stories. Other folks, even on the first safari, would have a com
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During a Drought…
The herd of eland wasn't exactly cooperating. We’d go left to get the wind and they’d turn right, so we’d have to circle back and hustle to get on them again, and the light was fading fast. There was hardly any cover as a result of the terrible droug
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If There Is Lead In The Air…
I was getting closer and closer to my hunt date, when my knee, which had always given me some minor trouble, finally decided to give in. I had wrestled, or coached wrestling for over 15 years, and during that time my knees had taken a tremendous poun
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Facing a Cape Buffalo Charge - In Texas !
I turned to African PH, Wayne Grant. “Very nice,” he smiled. “Nailed him right in the brain. You probably would have had to step out of the way as he went down.” Wayne Grant and Tony English don’t need much introduction in the safari world. Wayne is
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Eastern Cape Bow-hunting – Sable Lodge
The Eastern Cape is always a destination on many serious hunters’ bucket list as it offers several species unique to the Cape. That was my reason for visiting Sable Lodge. Not only is the property itself magnificent, but it boasts good numbers of abo
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Sharpe’s or northern grysbok (Raphicerus sharpei) is a small, shy, solitary antelope found from tropical to southeastern Africa. They are in Transvaal (South Africa), Caprivi Strip (Namibia), Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzani
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Gérard Pasanisi (1926–2020)
For as long as I can remember, the one booth at the Safari Club International Convention that could not be overlooked was the large, always well-placed stand of Tanganyika Wildlife Safaris. Manned by French PH and safari outfitter Gérard Pasanisi and
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African Hunting Gazette
Richard Lendrum Esther Sibanda Heinz Bawa Richard Lendrum Esther Sibanda ■
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It’s About…YOU
If ever there was a product fairly and squarely prepared for whoever hunts and loves Africa, it would be this magazine, the AHG. Cover to cover, it’s there to promote Africa and her hunting. We also promote outfitters, the people who offer and try to
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Goof-proof Scope Mounting
Burris offers polymer inserts in its concave Signature rings so the scope can center itself without damage if the receiver or mount base doesn’t align the rings perfectly. To protect a scope from damage from other rings, lap them or stone lightly bur
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A Value Beyond the Aesthetics
During that trip, he convinced the president to return Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove to federal protection as part of Yosemite National Park. The trip would have a lasting impact on the president. Roosevelt went on to declare five national p
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Was It A Unihorn?
That’s where we were once again heading to continue our search for the Mountain Reedbuck, a small African antelope. Though not a member of the Pygmy group, a mature ram only weighs in around 65 pounds - not much of a target for a hunter used to shoot
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Elephant Hunting Ups And Downs Not Yet The End Of The Game!
Elephant hunting is a touchy subject. Because of widespread commercial poaching, Africa’s elephant population has plummeted in the last fifty years. The worst carnage took place in the seventies and eighties, when elephants were eradicated from huge
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Getting The Best Of Screws
It flew swiftly, and low. It might have been a bird. But when it ricocheted off my noggin into the bush, it didn’t feel like feathers. It was my rifle-scope. Once you put something together, you expect it to stay that way, right? Well, such naivety w
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Brief History of Rufunsa Game Management Area – Zambia
Luangwa, at the confluence of the Luangwa and Zambezi Rivers, was called Feira until 1964. It is headquarters of a district of the same name in Lusaka Province. Feira was probably the first European settlement in Zambia, but the dates are not well do
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When Tracks Lead to Trouble
The Tuli Circle was handed to Rhodesia by Khama in the late 1800s. Originally the resting place for hundreds of pioneers, hunters, prospectors and traders, the Tuli Circle served as the place they waited patiently for Lobengula, King of the Matabele,
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On Safari with Grant Taylor
AHG: When and where were you born? Grant Taylor: I was born in 1980 in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. AHG: How did you get into hunting – what was it that influenced you? GT: I was raised on a farm and started hunting at a very young age like
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Annie’s Hunt
I'll admit it. I've fallen in love with Africa as so many others have. Reading books on hunting Africa while growing up by all the greats did nothing but fan the flames to one day see what it was all about. I had been back from Namibia for about 6 mo
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Is Bigger Always Better?
Armchair experts continually throw around terms like “energy transfer”, “energy dump” and “energy release”. Or brag how they could visually see the more pronounced effect of their bigger caliber. I am also a bit of an armchair ballistician, so this p
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Perseverance and Lucky Stars
I was lucky enough to be guiding Norman and Susan McLaury on a buffalo and leopard safari in the Savé Valley Conservancy. Between spending nights in blinds, checking baits, and hunting all day, we were starting to feel tired and drained. Luckily, in
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