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Revenge Buy
I’m torn. There is one part of me that is saying “Hold on to your money, don’t buy anything,” and another insisting “Spend, you’ve been so good!” Like a sensible businessman, the first steps I took during the start of the pandemic was to evaluate cas
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In The Light Of Day
At a glance, nothing seemed out of the ordinary: the sun poking through the filters of nature, the leaves rustling to the gentle chiding of the wind, and the stillness pervading the scene at hand. But with conversations that hinged on sushi bake, ube
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Red Flag
Keep red sartorial pieces masculine by pairing them with black accessories or patterned garments ■
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Rule Your World
Peer into the heart of a king and what do you see? Is it wrath from a maddened monarch surging with power, based on the tales we’ve grown accustomed to, or is it nobility and fortitude in the pursuit of righteousness, through confidence and leadershi
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Seek And You Shall Find
Our definition of safety and security varies over time. Before, this feeling of safety emerges every time we receive a warm, tight hug. Now, it’s quite the opposite–safety can be seen within a six-foot distance. Over the course of a video call, I hav
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Lightness Of Being
It always starts with a firm and formidable base, especially at times when everyone is a little too skin-obsessed—and rightfully so, too. Capturing an essence of light, profound and proverbial as that sounds, NARSskin powers through the innovation tr
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The Truth About Beauty According To Park SEO Jun
When one conjures an image of a larger-than-life personality blessing us mere mortals with a dazzling presence that seemingly beckons a hallelujah chorus and the parting of a sea of people, the requisites are all drawn up: a thick barrier of human se
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Where Do We Go From Here?
Much has been said about this year in volatile and violent exasperations. This isn’t a tale of gloom and doom, but with a point of reference rendered as what once was, we are now left to figure out where life leads us in a world post-pandemic. While
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On The Nose
At this point, it is almost difficult to separate the name of Tom Ford from the enduring discussion of scents. As persistently provocative as he is with his fashion point-of-view, he is equally as deliciously daring when it comes to his fragrance for
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Wind Back
The world as we know it is governed by nature’s abundant inevitabilities. Every morning, just as it has always been, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. On good days, we wake up to the sight of a blue sky and the scent of dew on the grass
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That’s The Way Love Goes
Nothing charms and compels far more than a well-told story. Whether it be realized in the written word or as a vibrant visual, it is in earnest in its intention to genuinely make one remember and feel. This is precisely why Shaira Luna’s images are s
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Pause Or Play
I’ve become a germophobe. I’m afraid to touch anything outside of my house and it has become so bad that I don’t want to leave the confines of my home. Since the lockdown in March, I’ve only left the house less than fifteen times. I’m afraid to touch
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The Experience Elevated
It was certainly a moment of jarring disconnect the moment an airplane was not only in plain sight, but within arms length one Saturday morning. As known of a fact as it is, one cannot contest that the absence of liberal travel is definitely somethin
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Revisted Denim
While denim can be worn with an array of sartorial pieces. The new order pieces are best paired with premium crew neck, with its own kind, and the most sublime kicks ■
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Personal Protection
Protection is the operative word for now. Stay low risk by pairing any of these functional pieces with nylon pieces to create your own personal protective equipment ■
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Executive Decision
I was a very confident 22-year-old. I went to an international high school and graduated top ten percent of my class, with honors and an international baccalaureate diploma. I also got a spot at a highly coveted American university where I double maj
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Normal Next To
For the past few months, we have grappled, wrestled, and struggled with the concept of what normal has become for all of us. While many continue to look at once was, hopelessly wishing things would just go back to how we understood it to be, the rest
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Bare It All
Settle into this confident trend by leaning on the allure of the classic black Photography KARA CHUNG. Styling VAN HARRIES. Grooming SYDNEY HELMSLEY. Model JORGE (ELITE MANILA). Special thanks to RYUJI SHIOMITSU. Black embellished mesh shirts and tro
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No Time To Dye
Already loud and proud in its realization, it will be wise to temper the vibrancy of tie-dye with more neutral staples Be mindful of the order that goes into skincare. Typically, lighter products go first before heavier creams for better absorption
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Do The Deep Dive
A wise man once said: “Moisture is the essence of wetness. And wetness is the essence of beauty.” If anyone understands this more it has to be the skin, and well, Derek Zoolander. All cult-favorite film references aside, the skin goes through much on
Mega Man6 min lettiPsychology
Feed Your Focus
“I am disciplined. I am focused. I am healthy.” Confidently written in a journal entry one Thursday morning last March, these self-affirmations were much-needed pick-me-ups for a then troubled Ben Wintle. And why wouldn’t he need all the positive rei
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Location: Unkown
With the world seen from the waist up, a dressier update on loungewear is the perfect transition from the hustle to the end of work day Beat the incremental heat with bright whites and airy separates you can ease your days in Trousers are a weird,
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The And Night When Falls
Transit can be a very lonely thing, especially when in between destinations. In the rush to get from one point to the other, this is where the rest succumb to their most vulnerable. An introspection often unexpected, Dubai-based Filipino artist Augus
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All Drawn Out
Doodle-printed cropped blazer, pullover, and trousers all by RANDOLF ■
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Come Back To Me
As an Italian heritage house, Salvatore Ferragamo is known for many things, fashion and fine leather goods for example. But more than that, perhaps not many know that the brand has come up with a consistently charismatic collection of scents that hav
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The Brothe Rs Incorp Orated
One morning, the entire country woke up and Ligo, the sardine product that has been a staple in every Pinoy pantry, was cool. We know this because our coolest friend has reposted them, and because our neighborhood sari-sari store still sells them. We
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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay
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We've Chahged
March 14, 2020 is a day to be remembered—as it now is marked in history as the last day of our old life. It was the final day when the mundane was taken for granted: touching elevator buttons, opening doorknobs with confidence, hugging friends and lo
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We Mean Business
“It’s been a while since we did something like this,” says Mikko Tung, puncturing the silence of a still Saturday, where the scrutiny of pre-shoot rituals was understandably heightened in light of the first weekend since reverting to the government-m
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Check Yourself
Photography KARA CHUNG. Styling VAN HARRIES. Grooming SYDNEY HELMSLEY. Model JORGE (ELITE MANILA). Special thanks to RYUJI SHIOMITSU. Red plaid blazer, plaid button-down, and trousers all by CHRIS DIAZ ■
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