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Sunday’s Best
For Jakarta-based architect Willis Kusuma, no material captures timelessness better than concrete. “I remember looking at the works of the great masters, Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn, who used concrete frequently and always marveled at how they arriv
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Ars Populi
On the day of my visit to Anjung Salihara, Jakarta had just gotten out of a massive, nine-hour power outage that brought the daily routines of its ten million inhabitants to a grinding halt. Ninis Biastami of Komunitas Salihara, the arts compound of
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The Office of New Life Stories
We arrive before 8:00, too early to catch the architects at work. As we step back to photograph the full height of D-Associates’ three-story office building, a squirrel skitters across on a cable above us, disappearing into the leaves of a tree. We a
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Beauty in Honesty
Why an issue dedicated to raw concrete you ask? What about this humble and commonplace material merits an entire magazine’s worth of content? As it turns out, a lot, basing on the wide spectrum of stories and insights we were able to gather across t
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Timeless Elegance
As the leading company in superior kitchen interior design, SieMatic continues to set the standards of world-class kitchens. Outstanding design, durable quality, and a high level of functionality meet personal taste in every SieMatic kitchen. For 90
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Brut Force
Willis Kusuma’s body of work is populated by sharp, angular volumes and dark, tactile textures. For over three years, he honed his skills under the tutelage of infamous New York Five member and champion of the color white, Richard Meier. “Working for
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Windows Over Windows
Puncak Templer or Templer Peak just outside of Kuala Lumpur is one of the loveliest sites on which to build a home. It is located on the fringe of Templer Park, 1200 hectares of forest reserve, home to the rare Hopea subalata tree, an endangered ante
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Stark Beauty
Not many architects consider structure as a form-giver. Many regard it instead as a form-follower. As one architect told me, he designs the form, and the structural engineer finds the way to hold the architecture up. For a senior layperson like me, t
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Ray Of Light And Rainwater
“Float. An element does not float. It must be on its own. Is this glazed? No.” John Bulcock, the principal designer of Design Unit Architects, reads aloud the scribbles on one of many sketches he made mulling over the design of Suryamzhu House. The s
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Concrete Treat
From the street, two boxy forms peer over the front concrete wall and porous black metal gate. The light gray box towers over its dark rattan-encased neighbor. Because we espy no openings on the gray concrete face, it piques our curiosity immensely.
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The Next Fifty
“The process of ‘reinvention’ distinguishes all of our work—past and present—and rests on a duty to design well and to design responsibly, whether that is at the scale of an airport or a door handle,” states the boilerplate sent by Foster + Partners
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Twice A Hundred
For the young architecture and interior design studio, FLAT12x, there are two sides to the growing globalized approach to architecture. “It brings things together, which is good for us to mature and refine our work,” remarks co-founder Julsamano Bhon
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Art and Soul
“Culture imparts architecture with soul,” JUTI Architects founder Juti Klipbua offers when asked about the role context and culture play in the design of spaces. He cited two Thai case studies he says are evocative of the firm’s approach: the Vanessa
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Forged In Style
Workshops are the birthplace of the most wonderful creations, where people share knowledge and put skills into practice. It’s a space of intimacy, personality, and sociability–three characteristics embodied by the Diesel Open Workshop, a kitchen and
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Craftsmanship and Romance, Intellect and Intuition
What do they like most about designing? The answers of Cor Jesu’s collaborators couldn’t be more different. “Connecting people and making them happy,” says Kenneth Cobonpue, the conceptual designer of the Sacred Heart School – Ateneo de Cebu chapel.
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Create A Contemporary Composition
Redesigning your home, while exciting, can be quite a daunting task. There is a tendency to stick to plain colors, traditional-looking furniture, and conservative pieces due to the plethora of choices. These elements all seem to fit together perfectl
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Healthcare in Every Town
When John Ryan Santos attended the World Architecture Festival 2018, he figured, “We have something to show.” With climate change the most pressing concern in discussions at the festival, Santos felt it would be worthwhile to share his team’s ideas o
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Four Filipino Finalists In 2019!
“Please be nice,” said one finalist. “Please be brutal,” said another. And so the World Architecture Festival finalists got an exhilarating and satisfying mix of tough queries, insightful comments, suggestions, and encouragement from the crowd of 80
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Authentic and A Bit Rebellious
“Alero” is Spanish for “eave.” When brother and sister Jesy and Jaemi Cruz were studying interior design and architecture, their father, a civil engineer, would often admonish them to use generous eaves in their designs. “We live in a tropical countr
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World Architecture Festival 2019
Elizabeth Diller of Diller Scofidio + Renfro will give the closing keynote address at the WAF in Amsterdam on 6 December 2019. She follows a stellar line-up of 48 speakers shaping the global architecture agenda over the three-day event. The festival
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Abstract & Exuberant
“My works always blur the boundaries between art and architecture. I articulate sensual spaces with meaning. Concept-driven projects that are sensitive to the environment, culture, and technology.” The 38-year-old graduate of the Architectural Associ
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This year marks LAUD Architects’ tenth and eleventh time to be shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival. My First Skool at Segar Garden is one of Singapore’s largest Early Years Centers, caring for 380 young children. According to the designers
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Making Stories Visible
“It all starts with a story, a perspective of reality that we decide to act on. How we choose to act on this reality is a form of design. In my work, it’s important that what we create belongs to those who will use and maintain the building over time
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Placemaking For The People
Design architect Melvin Gamayot suffered sleepless nights back when he was figuring out how to redesign the Church of St. Alphonsus, better known to Catholic devotees in Singapore as the Novena Church. Inspiration came from the Old Testament’s First
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Architecture Where People Feel They Belong
“Winning is a blessing that was not expected,” says Benjee Mendoza, one of the principals of BAAD Studio, which the World Architecture Festival Super Jury awarded Highly Commended Future Building of the Year after BAAD won the Future Building – Civic
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Spaces for Life’s Necessary Theater and Stage
Integrating Play and Reverence for the Dead—that’s how the architects and landscape architects of CIAP Architects and ONG&ONG headlined their submission to the World Architecture Festival. It’s a controversial juxtaposition that causes one to pause a
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People Obssessed with Design
“Passion for architecture and sense of duty are important to us,” says Lim Koon Park, principal architect of Park + Associates. “Architecture is not just another job. You can’t insist on work-life balance, because you can’t look at the clock and say,
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Crew’s Control
The number three seems to be a harbinger of good luck for this three-year-old practice based in Bangkok’s Talad Noi heritage quarters. Creative Crews’ first stab at the World Architecture Festival and INSIDE Festival of Interiors has yielded them thr
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Workaholics Finish First
“WAF is the Oscars for architecture!” Phuttipan Aswakool, co-founder of Architectural Studio of Work-Aholic (ASWA), gushes when asked what pushed him and partner Chotiros Techamongklapiwat to join the prestigious competition for the first time. The t
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Firm Follows Feeling
“Form follows feeling—a collective or cultural feeling,” answers Wannaporn ‘Pui’ Phornprapha, founder and managing director of P Landscape, when asked for her opinion on the statement, ‘Form follows feeling.’ “We come from a culture where function of
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