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The Great Outdoors
It doesn’t really matter whether the summer sun is in full force or the chill of winter is in the air, chances are you’ll be looking to your outdoor spaces when you want to entertain. A covered deck, terrace or pergola attached to the back of your ho
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Create Peace In Your Home
As your children grow, their interests and needs change and these changes can dramatically affect the level of noise within your home. This can be a real concern between different age groups. Imagine trying to settle your youngest into bed when there
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Make A Statement
What is it that gives a home the wow factor? It’s often the unexpected, the thought-provoking concepts or designs that challenge contemporary design cultures, it’s pushing the boundaries of convention and embracing the freedoms of individuality. A wo
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Victorian Homes
Victoria is home to many of this country’s most respected, accomplished and pre-eminent home builders, designers and architects. Whether you choose to construct your home on the coast, in the country, close to a city or in one of the many burgeoning
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Victoria’s Finest
The HIA-CSR Victorian Housing and Kitchen & Bathroom Awards acknowledge the talent of designers, builders and building companies who plan and construct quality new housing, renovations and more. As in previous years, the winners of the 2019 awards ex
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Best Of The Best
Every year, the Master Builders Victoria Excellence in Housing Awards recognise and showcase the very best design and construction projects from around the state. “The builders and projects we honoured in 2019 are central to telling the story of Vict
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Custom-built Homes
For future homeowners who know exactly what they want, there really is no substitute for a custom-built abode. Finding a reputable builder is the first, and perhaps most important, step on the journey towards creating your dream home — one designed w
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Luxe Lifestyle
This truly impressive home is a testament to the creativity of the designer and the construction expertise of the builder. Having had a design drawn up the clients, business owners with two children, began their quest for a custom builder who had the
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Made To Order
Custom home builders specialise in building one-off designs for their clients. They build homes designed exclusively for the client and their unique block of land and this tailored, individualised approach ensures the finished home is a perfect fit w
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Embracing Nature
For the owners of this contemporary custom-built abode, the location in the outer Melbourne suburb of Templestowe was ideal. Not only was there parkland on the other side of the road, the Yarra River was close by, making this a lovely natural setting
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Right At Home
Featuring a clean, modern interior and a character-filled Federation-style exterior, this split-level family home fits hand-in-glove with the existing streetscape. Blackburn, an established suburb east of Melbourne, is known for its historic areas an
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Shades Of Grey
What do you do when you’ve outgrown your home? Do you sell up and buy somewhere else, renovate or extend, or demolish the family home and build a new one in its place, as was the case here? “This knockdown-rebuild project was for a working family of
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Seeing Double
For those seeking the ultimate multigenerational living solution, building a duplex has become a popular choice. This way, each generation lives side by side but with total independence. Building a duplex can also be a very canny investment, increasi
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Kit & Modular Homes
Kit, modular and prefabricated homes, available in myriad styles, offer a raft of practical solutions to a diverse range of building challenges. Kit and modular homes are also a sensible option for those faced with a restricted timeframe for building
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Editor’s Letter
Custom home builders are perfect for those looking for something exclusive or individual — or those with a tricky site. Typically, a custom home builder offers a high level of consultation, not just during construction but from design concept stage o
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Charm Of Yesteryear
Harkaway Homes was born 33 years ago in the outer Melbourne suburb of Harkaway. Since then, many Harkaway homes have been built in and around the area, with the latest being this stunning, Weathertex-clad abode from the Victorian Homestead range. Whe
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Minimalist Style
If you dream of a modern, architectural modular home, the Contempo will not disappoint. Its clean cubist lines, ultra-high ceilings and sophisticated texture choices will appeal to those who favour minimalist style and maximum liveability. “The uniqu
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Bespoke Building
It could be you have a tricky site requiring a bespoke building solution or a family with very particular needs. It might be that you have built up a bit of equity over the years and the time is right to build a forever home that will cater to your e
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Products & services
Whether building or renovating a home, it’s important to remember that using the right products and service providers is essential if you want a quality abode that will last you through the years. The foundations upon which your home is built, the in
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Editor’s Letter
With land scarce in so many prime locations, small and narrow lots have become commonplace. While these sites can pose certain design and construction challenges, with some clever thinking and the help of an experienced builder, you can have a home o
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The Lifestyle Choice
For an increasing number of families, building a duplex is both a lifestyle choice and a canny investment. This modern duplex, designed by Damour Design and built by Oscar George Projects, is located in Northmead, a suburb in Sydney’s west, and is an
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Unique And Personal
Q. WHAT DREW YOU TO THE BUILDING INDUSTRY? A. I was attracted to building when I was a teenager and studied carpentry straight out of high school. I love being in a job where I can be hands on and am able to create something from the ground up. I lik
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Setting The Trend
While buying shoes that are the height of fashion might well be a worthwhile indulgence, making decisions about the look and function of your home on transitory fads is not. That doesn’t mean, however, that trends in home building are to be ignored b
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Looking To The Future
A universally designed home aims to create inclusive living spaces that make daily life simpler and safer for the occupants, young or old, able-bodied or mobility-challenged. These homes are easy to enter, navigate and adapt to changing circumstances
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Time To Think Big
Small lots are now commonplace but when it comes to the house you build on them, well, small can be beautiful. Lots of limited size, which includes narrow building sites, can be found in and around many city areas as well as in suburban subdivisions.
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Making Connections
The charming coastal town of Flinders on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula holds many treasures — one is this architect-designed pavilion–style holiday home. From the drawing board of Alishia Minett-Johnson, founder of Minett Studio Architecture & Desi
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Small Wonders
Today, houses are bigger, blocks smaller so the amount of outdoor space many of us are left with is limited. Living in townhouses and duplexes, where pocket-sized gardens are the norm, is also on the rise. While having a small outdoor area doesn’t pr
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Steel Yourself
The impact of this home’s elongated and dissected form induces an immediate sense of awe. Like a cake with a slice cut off the end, the home, dubbed Iron Maiden, celebrates the local context and history of the site on Sydney’s Lower North Shore in a
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