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Bradley Welch recently had his in-the-works ’82 WB ute out on show for the first time. The concept for the project was a race car set loose on the streets and, thanks to the expertly applied faux-patina livery by Kurt Goodin Artworks, it certainly lo
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’51 Chev 3100 Colin And Shelley Pope
Do it once and do it right’ was Colin and Shelley Popes ethos when they set out to build their dream truck. Purchased imported and uncomplied, the truck had undergone a resto in the USA, and was in a running and driving truck complete with Blue Flame
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We Want Your Ideas!
For as long as NZV8 has been running its Concept Corner, we’ve invited the cover car owner from each issue to come up with what they dream of as their next, or perhaps ultimate, build, if money were no object and there were no rules to follow. Over t
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Southall In The Sevens!
The magic numbers for Dan Southall that flashed up on the timing boards at Napa Auto Parts Dragway at the fourth comp meet of the season were 7.98 at 182.92mph. As you will have seen in the last issue, the man was on a mission to run a seven in his s
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Anyone who has lived in or visited the deep south of New Zealand would not have been disappointed by the beauty of the region. Southland is probably better known in recent years for Oreti Beach, testing grounds of Burt Munro for his world-famous Indi
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Killer Shot
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Nz’s Quickest Streeters
Yellow text denotes a new entry or bettered ET. ■
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Generation Wtf?!
We’re all different. That’s a fact, and it’s not a bad thing. My musical taste is rock, country rock, blues, and R&B, but some people listen to rap and hip-hop. To me, cars are about style, size, and speed, but I accept that for others fuel economy i
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Local Specialists
HEATPROOF, COSMETIC, CHROME, AND SPECIALIST COATINGS & WATER TRANSFER PRINTING HPC (HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS) New Zealand’s leading performance coating specialists, serving you over 20 years / 09 267 1007 / Unit B/62 Mahia Road, Man
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EDITOR Marcus Gibson, SUBEDITORS Karen Alexander, Sarah Beresford, Richard Adams-Blackburn PROOFREADERS Odelia Schaare, Richard Adams-Blackburn SENIOR DESIGNER Mark Gibson DESIGN Day Barnes MEDIA SALES David Burns, david.burns@parksid
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Rookies Rejoice
There’s no denying that CMC has gone from strength to strength over the years, and with that has risen the level of drivers entering the series. That’s not to say it’s all old familiar faces, though, as this year’s series has seen a bunch of newcomer
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Winning Journey
The journey of Group 1A winner Craig Boote to CMC title holder wasn’t a smooth one at all. Craig’s season almost looked to be over from the outset when in race three of round one his car was involved in a massive accident, forcing him to miss race fo
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Crackle And Hops
Like any sport, drag racing is something that is in a constant state of evolution; the latest and greatest in technology is always at the forefront, and teams are pushing to obtain that competitive edge, be it through some fancy computer technology o
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Effects If The ‘2025 Clean Car Standard’ On Enthusiast Vehicles
The purpose of this article is to explain what is going on in relation to the new ‘Clean Car Import Standard’ under development by the Government, and what the effect of that will be on owners of classic, modified, special interest, historic, and scr
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Aeroflow Performance 8.5mm universal ceramic spark plug wire sets come with the ceramic lead boots fitted (straight, 90 degrees or 135 degrees), and the other end is open, ready to be cut to your preferred length. Distributor cap boots and terminals
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’56 Cadillac Coupe — Todd And Kym Wylie
Despite the fact the Caddy was completed nearly a decade ago, this was the first time that the Wylie family had the spare time, due to Todd’s previous work commitments for this magazine, to actually enter Repco Beach Hop. Originally from Arizona, the
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Rodney’s Wild Ride
Rodney Heads was on top of the podium and on top of the world for race three of the final round of the Napa Auto Parts Central Muscles Cars (CMC) series. Motorsport is a very fickle mistress, however, and Rodney’s world was turned upside down in race
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Familiar Face Returns
When Mike ‘Wittz’ Witteveen rolled up to Napa Dragway for the sponsor and crew day drags, no one expected the Ferrari’s original builder, Terry Simms, to be the one who’d be driving it. Terry’s been away from the drag racing world for a long time, bu
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Hollywood CMC STYLE
Many of you would fully understand how difficult it is to try to punch 900hp through a drivetrain, onto some rubber, and then down to the ground. It’s part of the joy of having a V8. But when you’re attempting to do it under pressure, repetitively, a
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Puke Is Back
We probably don’t have to tell you that the long-anticipated trans-Tasman bubble has now arrived, and, while this has lots of implications, one many of you will be interested in is when the Supercars will make use of this and return to our shores. De
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Rubber Landing
Twice a year, the Oamaru Airport, which is located 20km north of the township, plays host to the Oamaru Drags. The sealed runway, which stretches 1300m, became fully operational back in ’75, but regular commercial flights ended in January 2010. The a
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Pissing Off The Purists
In a manner similar to the start of many builds in this country, Bradley May found himself stationed in front of a computer screen scrolling through the ‘Cars for Sale’ section of New Zealand’s favourite local internet auction site. It was there that
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Burning Rubber
Ever wondered what happens to your old tyres? It’s estimated we as a country discard five million a year. Until now, there has been no real use for end-of-life tyres and the high cost of disposing of them often leads to illegal dumping and large stoc
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Gareth Lewis 2015 Hsv — Gen F Gts
NZV8: Hi, Gareth. Nice car; what year is it? Gareth: It’s a 2015 HSV — Gen F GTS. This isn’t your first HSV — didn’t we feature you previously in Daily Grind with another Holden? Yes, that’s right. That was in 2015, and I had a 2010 HSV GTS. I sold t
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Social Scene
LOW FAST FAMOUS It is always hard to beat a nice clean cruiser, especially when it has the correct stance sorted, which Brandon’s Biscayne certainly does. The typical Chevrolet components of a warmed-over small block 350ci and Turbo 350 get the old g
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Siren Of Speed
Can you imagine how cool Dion Crook was in the school playground, having his own junior dragster at age six? While his classmates were busy sticking crayons up their noses and eating sand from the sandpit, he was practising his reaction times and lea
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Crusin' Caroline
After the disappointment of last year’s Caroline Bay Rock and Hop having to be cancelled due to Covid, things turned out much better for this year’s event, with participant tickets selling out and huge crowds at Saturday’s Gala Day. The Caroline Bay
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’57 Buick Estate Paul Brown
A Pre-’49 guy through and through, Paul Brown has long been a Repco Beach Hop attendee in his rods, including currently owned ’32 Ford Tudor, but he has long wanted something to cruise with the family. But he didn’t want just anything. It had to be d
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C8 Pricing Revealed
The first-ever right-hook Corvettes are expected to land here towards the end of the year, although the exact final specs are yet to be revealed. What we do know is that all NZ-new C8s will come with the upgraded Z51 performance package and front lif
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