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The Spencer Rifle
PURSUED BY HOSTILE native Indians, Major Geo Forsyth his command retreated to an island in the valley of the Arikaree River. The sandy strip of earth about 60 yards long and 20 yards wide was covered with low brush and a sing cottonwood tree. Here, F
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Sandgrouse In The Seventies
TO ME, THERE are few more stirring sounds in the African veld than he far-off call of a Namaqua sandgrouse reaching my ears long before the birds come into view over the distant horizon. This nigh-inaudible, three-noted dove-like coo holds the prom f
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Train That Weak Hand
IN CARRYING A handgun every day to protect the lives and safety of your loved ones, you also carry the responsibility to properly prepare for such an eventuality. Most handgun owners merely punch paper and I rarely see one on a range practising with
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Mauser African Twins
AROUND 1 5, HOPING to increase sales am African settlers and hunters, Mauser oduced the ‘Original Mauser Magazine Sporting Rifle, Special Afr can Type’. It had a 28-inch barrel (more correctly, 700mm) and its stock’s fore-end d nded three-quarters of
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Focus on Surviving
RECENT ARTICLES AND remarks in Magnum concerning defensive carry have drawn quite a response from readers – thankfully all positive. Writing on personal defence can be a difficult task as there are many and varied strong views on the subject, and to
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Pro-Fit Holsters
SAFARILAND HOLSTERS ARE well-known worldwide and the company offers carry solutions for every conceivable situation. In my opinion the key to their success is the quality of their products; the fact that many of the holsters can be adjusted to custom
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I enjoyed Gregor Woods’s article on the Baobab in the Feb 2020 issue of Magnum. He raised the question as to why red-billed buffalo weavers invariably nest on the west side of a baobab tree. Would it be that the prevailing winds come from the east, a
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Braaied Pigeon Breasts
THE SUN HAD just risen above the horizon when we arrived at the farm. The gold and green sunflowers stretched as far as the eye could see. And, there were pigeons! We drove around the field checking on flight lines and I set up a portable blind in a
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Fools Rush In!
A FIELD NGER had seen a cheetah which a pe d to be trapped in an old fenced off are a at the rangers’ camp on the game e reserve’s boundary fence. Although it wa standard barbed-wire sto k fence, the cheetah was apparently having difficulty getting o
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A Ranger’s Work
THIS IS A true story, based on an event that occurred in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley in 9. It is about Sgt Agrippa Nhamo, who made the supreme sacrifice while defending one of Africa’s last remaining black rhino populations. Between 1984 and 1988, desp
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Pistol Packing Preacher
SOMEWHERE ON THE seemingly endless stretch of per-f straight road between Bloemfontein and Jagersfontein, Ernie remarked that one of the termite mounds dotting the grassla would make a perfect rest for a handgun hunter. The problem with that, I infor
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The .500/.450 No2 Musket was once a very popular calibre in South Africa, commonly in the form of ‘Cape Guns’ – combination rifle/shotguns – but also chambered in single-shot rifles on Martini type tilting block actions. I have spent a lifetime in th
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The Search for ‘Blackie Shine’
HAVING A PASSION for searching out new hunting grounds, my wanderlust always led me to look ‘over the next hill’ nd I often found the best game trophies in wilderness areas where others ad not ventured. Consequently, 1979 found me fly-camping on the
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Rowland Ward Contact Details
In my review of Rowland Ward’s Records of Big Game 30th Edition (July 2020, page 57) one of the telephone numbers given for the local distributor, Halseton & Co, was incorrect. The correct number is 076-664-9276. The other telephone number and email
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Firearm Reliability
SINCE THE TIME of the first firearms in the era of flints, and the locks that struck them i pans, through to the latest of today’s modern semi-automatic weapons, the demand for reliable operation has remained consistent. In many applications, handgun
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Gunsmith of the Month: Billy Egleton
Billy lives and works in Rustenburg in the Northwest Province. He is a gunsmith, a dealer, collector and training service provider. Billy became interested in, and started to learn gunsmithing, while in the police in the late 1970s, and was then a Na
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Bruce Highman Metal Mastery
AFTER THE DEATH of master gun-maker Bruce Highman, I wrote an obituary (Feb 2019 edition) in which I mentioned that he’d once made a to-scale miniature working model of a complex World War II b ch-loading twin-barrelled 4.7-inch naval artillery piece
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Subscriber of the Month: Gavin Hume
Gavin lives in KwaZulu-Natal and is one of the directors of Hunters and Guides Africa. He is a PH and hunts all over southern Africa, but his favourite hunting ground is in Zambia. His choice of hunting calibre is the .470 Bentley & Playfair Nitro Ex
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Some Colt Clones
AT SOME INT during the mid-1950s, I became involved in a gunfight with some neighbourhood kids. My parents spotted me m dodging bullets while trying o shoot b k at my assailants with my pointed finger. My dad was hastily sent to town with the terse i
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The Unrecorded Elephant
A FRENCH CLIENT, Philippe Moritz, booked a safari with me to hunt a big elephant with a “beautiful pair of long tusks”. He knew nothing bout record books or the magical hundred-pounder elephant. Prior to his safari, I had met Philippe during a visit
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Alliant Powder
ALLIANT’S ORIGINS AS a gunpowder manufacturer can be traced back more than 125 years to the DuPont Company. DuPont’s divestiture in 1912 created the Hercules Power Company as an independent entity, and eventually resulted in Alliant, one of America’s
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H&H’s Unique African Series
REGULAR MAGUM READERS may rec my 2-part article The .700 Nitro Express” which appeared in our November and December 2018 edit . It de ed American Bill stein’s conception of a new ultra-large bore cartridge in .700NE calibre and his long, arduous and
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Cz P-10 Micro
THE CZ P-10 M (MICRO) is a single-stack, short recoil, 9mmP designed for concealed carry. It operates on the locked breech principle with a striker-fired double-ac on trigger (SFDA) mechanism employing e-cocked striker. The magazine hold seven rounds
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Handgun Carry Options
THINKIN ACK ON having carried a defensive handgun almost every day for th st 30 years reveals that my needs, habits and abilities have changed a have aged. The fact that these day m mostly sitting behind a desk and not getting enough exercise, is hea
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Magnum's Choice
MAGNUM REGULARLY TESTS products to find quality and good value worth sharing with our readers. If it meets the mark, then the product gets a ‘thumbs up’ with the ‘Magnum Choice’ seal. When you see an item in-store with the special sticker or badge yo
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Lockdown Hunting
LOCKDOWN, DAY 13, on a farm west of Randfontein; boredom was starting to set in. What’s a man to do during this time of Covid-19 in order to stay sane? Boredom turned to shock and anger when I perceived that determined invaders were now posing a thre
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Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56 FFP Scope
THE CRONUS IS Athlon Optics’ leading range of scopes for long-distance sport shooting and tactical work. Magnum’s test model had the Advanced Precision Long Range (APLR) first focal plane IR MRAD reticule. The scope is 365.7mm long without the sunsha
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The Guns of John Marlin
THIS YEAR, THE Marlin Firearms Company, fou d in 1870, celebrates its 150th anniversary. Marlin will mark the event by nufacturing presentation grade commemorative Model 444 and Model 60 22 rifles as well as commemorative am nition. Theirs is a long
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As soon as Covid-19 lockdown regulations allow, we will be able to visit the shooting range. Judging by the precautionary measures that businesses and their customers must adhere to at the time of writing, I expect that places such as shooting ranges
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