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After generating hype in the industry with dance-pop number Nothing Matters, alt-R&B jam All That and self-love anthem Love Like This, ABISHA finally quenched our thirst for new music earlier this year with the release of her debut EP. Released to ac
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A Note From Us.
It goes without saying that this isn’t the summer issue I thought we’d be putting out this year. When I first started speaking with Anne-Marie at the start of 2020 about shooting her first-ever GAY TIMES Magazine cover, it was initially for a very di
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Franz Sozny.
“Itend to work in isolation quite often with the creation of my art, so I’ve been able to cope with this well,” says Franz Sozny from his place in Los Angeles. During lockdown, the photographer, artist and musician conceptualised, shot and edited thi
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The Love List.
(out 19 June) Are you ready to feel the fantasy? That’s what Jessie Ware promises with her highly anticipated fourth album, What’s Your Pleasure? Through a tracklist of slick grooves, infectious disco riffs, and beats destined to play well into the n
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Why Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro has the MAGIC TOUCH.
It’s been a decade since Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s boundary-pushing new device, simply known as the Apple iPad, to the world in January 2010. Tablet technology was still in its infancy, but the Cupertino company launched a product packed full of po
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At just 21 years old, Los Angeles-based MEZ is quickly becoming one of the coolest DJs on the queer scene. He regularly plays underground parties, bringing his slew of musical influences to the decks, and was recently booked to open for music and fas
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Music is the ultimate form of escapism. Very little else takes you into worlds of your own in the same way. For queer people and the LGBTQ+ community at large, it has offered sanctuary over the decades. Our idols and anthems have created communion am
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How Covid-19 Will Change Our Community Forever.
In March of this year, Matthew Walton, the chair of Pride in Hull, had to make the decision to cancel this year’s event. Like many event organisers, he had been monitoring the increasing threat of COVID-19 and he had hoped that it could be postponed.
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Meet The Queer Songwriters Behind Your Favourite Hits.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - queer people are writing the best pop songs in the game right now. On the surface, it may feel as though the mainstream charts are dominated by straight singers telling straight stories. Aside from a han
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Justin Tranter.
Known for: Lose You To Love Me by (Selena Gomez), Make Me Feel (Janelle Monae), Believer (Imagine Dragons), Sorry (Justin Bieber), Cake By The Ocean (DNCE), Slumber Party (Britney Spears), Make Me Like You (Gwen Stefani), Genetics (Meghan Trainor), H
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Michael Cimino
When crowd-pleasing romcom Love, Simon hit cinema screens at the start of 2018, it was a massive moment not only for the LGBTQ+ community, but the entertainment industry as a whole. It was the first movie from a major Hollywood studio to focus on a g
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This summer, HBO are taking it to the Ballroom with their fierce new reality competition series Legendary, which features eight voguing houses as they compete in a series of “unbelievable” battles and showcase high fashion lewks on the runway in orde
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After being “chewed up and spat out”, almost “choked to death” and robbed of their music (literally) during their two-year stint in Northampton, Happyness made a triumphant return to the industry earlier this year with their third studio album, Float
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How Lockdown Is Having A Disproportionate Impact On LGBTQ+ Youth.
The current global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. No country or community has escaped its impact. The social and economic consequences of this novel coronavirus spreading across the globe will be felt for y
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Josef Salvat.
“It’s important that people continue to put music out. It’s vital actually,” says Josef Salvat. We’re chatting with the Aussie superstar over Zoom (because that’s the new normal now) about his second studio album, Modern Anxiety, his first full-lengt
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It’s early March when Anne-Marie rocks up for her first GAY TIMES Magazine cover shoot, walking through the door of the studio in East London all smiles and looking relaxed in an oversized sweater. The shoot was originally planned for a later date, b
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Inside The Gay Marriage Scam.
When writer, activist and musician, Reeta Loi, signed up to The Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau in early 2019, the journey she was about to embark on was one she’s wasn’t expecting. The Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau is based in India and promised to find
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With the kind of production we’d expect to hear on a Charli XCX mixtape, and collaborations with many artists in that same musical sphere (HANA, LIZ, SOPHIE), SONIKKU is ditching the Sega sound chip and 16-bit house he once heralded and is establishi
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Greyson Chance
“Now looking back, I think I was really blessed that I was dropped when I did because that was right around the time that on a personal level, I was discovering that I was gay,” says Greyson Chance during a sunny morning in Los Angeles. It’s a week a
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Tayla Parx.
You may not have heard of Tayla Parx (yet), but you’ll certainly know her artistry. Over the past seven years, the American singer-songwriter has penned bops for some of the biggest names - and streaming forces - in the music industry: Jennifer Lopez
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Mxmtoon first picked up the violin when she was six years old, and music has been an essential part of her life ever since. When she dropped her tender debut EP Plum Blossom, which was recorded with her trusty ukulele in her parents’ guest bedroom, i
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With dreamy production and ethereal lyrics, Raveena is making music for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to life and love. She’s released two beloved EPs and a full-length album, directs her own music videos and maintains cr
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“As a queer black woman raised from immigrants, my entire existence is political,” says Chika. “For me to have a platform and be like, ‘Oh, I don’t do politics because that makes people uncomfortable’ is tone deaf to people who have to be political.”
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Zebra Katz.
“It’s been a long-time coming, and I’m looking forward to having new music to perform and looking forward to having my voice out there again in a way that I feel really strong about,” says Zebra Katz, the American rapper who recently relocated to Ber
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the big trip. ■
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Miami Nice
As we walk past the girl twerking in a string bikini for her friends at a roadside bar on Ocean Drive, we can’t help but notice she’s showing more than even she probably intended. But that’s South Beach. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Hell, if you have
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Thank You.
First of all, thank you for purchasing Gay Times Magazine. You’ve shown your support of not only queer publishing and media, but the experiences of the wider LGBTQ community. If you’d like to continue reading Gay Times Magazine, the best value can be
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Where to Stay.
There’s a man in the lift with a Gucci cap and so many tattoos, it looks like he’s wearing Paisley pyjamas. That’s part of the group you can expect at this offshoot of the London Metropolitan (the one where the famous Met Bar once was) and the one in
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