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Zuke ’em!
SERVES 3 INGREDIENTS 3 zucchinis1 egg• 340g sausage• 340g shrimp, roughly choppedKosher salt and freshly ground black pepperOlive oil DIRECTIONS 1) Cut the zucchini in half lengthwise, scooping out the seeds to form a boat. Transfer the zucchini boat
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The 7-meal miracle!
Imagine prepping just one healthy, tasty, muscle-building protein like chicken, pork, or beef, then turning that into seven days’ worth of meals that take almost no planning, very few ingredients, and — except for the first day — no more than 15 minu
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Ask The Trainer
What’s the deal with that colourful tape I see runners and CrossFitters wearing on their legs, arms, knees, and elbows? Does it really do something or is it a stupid fad? LEN S. JOHANNESBURG It’s Kinesio tape! And if you’re nursing an injury but cont
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Roast Chicken!
Sunday To have enough chicken for the week, roast two birds at once. Slather both with olive oil and salt/pepper; stuff one with halved lemons and the other with fresh thyme and a head of garlic cut in half. Roast at 190° till the thighs register 75°
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Advisory Board
CJ Murphy, M.F.S. Owner, Total Performance Sports, Everett, MA Jim Smith, C.P.P.S. Owner, Diesel Strength & Conditioning Zach Even-Esh Owner, Underground Strength Gym, Edison, NJ Bob Harper Fitness expert; trainer, NBC’s The Biggest Loser Chris Powel
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Strong Like Bull (rider)
Down a sixer, put on a dusty cowboy hat, and climb onto a pissed-off bucking bull. • You’d be surprised to know how many simple-tons believe that’s all it takes to become a bull rider. • “It’s a misconception that our sport is just a bunch of crazy b
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Herbed Pork!
Sunday Rub the loin with a mix of garlic, rosemary, thyme, and sage or black pepper; set in a potjie with apple and red onion wedges. Roast till internal temp is 65° (about 45 minutes); the centre will be pink, and the pork juicy and flavourful. Serv
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On the fence about joining a gym or going it alone? Sign on the dotted line. In a new study from Iowa State University, USA, 75% of subjects who were gym members met the US guidelines for physical activity (at least 75 minutes of vigorous or 150 minu
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Bull Fit
Whether you’re looking to score big in the PBR or dominate a mechanical bull, training-wise, your best bet is to place more emphasis on exercise variety and volume than hypertrophy-based bodybuilding-style training routines, advises nine-time bull-ri
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Lean Beef
Sunday Season a 2.5-kilogram rump roast with salt/pepper, then sear in a potjie on the coals. Add beef broth and roast at 170° till the internal temp is 70° (about 40 minutes). Simmer the roast juice in a pan with some soy sauce till it thickens. Ser
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Hunger For Life
Can cutting calories really extend your life? Yes, say a bunch of very old, very hangry monkeys. For years, scientists at the American University of Wisconsin-Madison and the National Institute on Aging ran duelling calorie-deprivation tests on prima
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Step Right Up
Your mom’s antiquated spring-loaded home scale isn’t the most accurate or best way to measure progress. If you like the way your body looks, but the scale flashes a higher number than expected, it can seriously mess with your head. That said, mining
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Ask Men’s Fitness
TIM B, CAPE TOWN Send your questions to “Absolutely not! Shrimp is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids”, says Kristy Del Coro, a Senior Culinary Nutritionist for American food watchdog group SPE Certif
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Of Course, If You Don’t Want To Live Longer, Here’s How To Do It
Around 30% of fast-food wrappers, boxes, etc contain potentially cancer-causing fluorinated chemicals that have been shown to migrate into food and then into our bodies. So, basically, they’re just as bad as the junk that comes in them. (Environmenta
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Chew The Caff
Caffeine, the most widely used “drug” in the world, has been shown in study after study to help athletes run faster, lift more, bike harder, and jump higher. But gone are the days of waiting in line for a barista to shout your name for you to retriev
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Shortcut To Strength
Popularised in the 1970s by US weight-lifting coach Carl Miller, clusters — also known as interset rest periods — break sets of strenuous, strength-spiking lifts into shorter, more manageable bouts. For example, instead of doing five sets of five rep
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On The Right Track
Wearables are packed with tons of sensors that can track everything from skin temp and blood oxygen to steps taken and sleep quality. But what if they could actually tell us when we’re getting sick? Well, apparently they can — or, at least, soon will
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Curb Your Enthusiasm
Nice going: You’ve sworn off processed and fast foods and are now a card-carrying member of the superfood fan club, stocking up on enough health-boosting, illness-thwarting edibles to make a nutritionist weep sugar-free tears of joy. But even super h
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Gaugeyour Growth
Hands up if any of the following describes how you feel or look lately: Your energy and vitality have been drooping; you’ve seen an unexplained increase in body fat (“What’s that inner tube doing under my shirt?”); you’ve lost muscle mass and/or stre
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Gym Equipment Is Filthy, Wipe It Down
RESEARCH SHOWS that the levels of bacteria on most gym equipment could put a gas station bathroom to shame. One recent study found treadmills to be 74 times filthier than a water fountain, and free weights 362 times buggier than a toilet seat — and m
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Cheat Sheet
Whether you had a one-night stand, a long-term affair, or an online fling, if you want to rescue your relationship, expect the road to redemption to be the emotional equivalent of Frodo’s trek to Mordor. But you can win back her trust if you have pat
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The Doctor Is In
Jason George is on the treadmill in the fitness room of his LA home, a space with a 79-inch TV, a sofa, and exercise equipment, including an elliptical, the aforementioned treadmill, and a much-used Weider Crossbow. The seven-season Grey’s Anatomy st
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3 Things To Watch This Month
(if you want an early cancer warning): Dramatic hair loss at an early age can be a sign of prostate cancer. A study of more than 400 men found that those who scored high on a “hair-loss scale” were up to four times more likely to have a malignant tum
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The Sex Files
I like having sex with the lights on so I can see her body. She says that’s not romantic. What should I do? JACK N. JOHANNESBURG You like doing it with the lights on because you like to watch; she wants the lights off because she feels insecure and k
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Built To Perform
Acursory glance at the photos of Jay Maryniak, Mike Vazquez, Scott Mathison, and Andy Speer demonstrate something obvious — all four guys possess the self-motivation to train hard and live fit. Yet what the photos don’t tell us is that, beyond outwar
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Sweet Nothings Get You Something
To stay close with your significant other, share upbeat, positive stories or encouragements about the day’s events at bedtime, not carping, criticisms, or complaints. • A study at Oregon’s Gonzaga University, USA, on post-9/11 military couples’ emoti
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This Bud’s For You
Confession: I once used a dating site to find tennis partners. I trolled OkCupid and searched for profiles that included the words tennis or Federer or Djokovic, and then I messaged women to see if they wanted to play. They didn’t. Apparently “Hi, I’
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The 40-20 Challenge
Sure, the hour or so we spend in the gym should be spent concentrating on getting strong. But who doesn’t occasionally waste a few reps — or entire workouts — fretting over a work e-mail that didn’t get sent, a bill that didn’t get paid, a right swip
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Get Better At Everything
Listen to your “gut”: A study on very successful high-risk financial traders found they were so attuned to their bodies, they could guess their own heart rate and pick up anxiety signs, like racing heart and breathlessness, with amazing accuracy. (Un
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