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At A Glance
What makes us feel old and how to turn back the years The signs of melanoma and steps to protect yourself Skin-loving innovations in the world of beauty Maybe baby? Fertility in your 20s, 30s and 40s Boost your immune system for the months ah
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FIGHT Fatigue
It is estimated around a third of New Zealanders are fatigued because they don’t get enough sleep. Although it’s natural for our energy levels to fluctuate, if you’re feeling chronically fatigued, there could be a few factors at play. Everyone feels
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At this point in the year, the sense of motivation to exercise that was at an all-time-high a couple of months ago can start to waver. The fancy workout gear that you got for Christmas isn’t so fresh anymore, the novelty of a new routine has worn off
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How To Get Your JOMO Back
» So how do you loosen the grip of FOMO and explore the benefits of JOMO? Say ‘no’ more often. “People struggle to say no but if someone asks me to do something, I’ll describe the situation, express how I feel and offer a solution. So, if I’m too bus
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HAVE Your Say
I picked up a copy of Good Health & Wellbeing recently and it was the first time I’ve read a print magazine in years. It was such a great magazine and I read it from cover to cover. I loved it so much that I actually subscribed for a year, yesterday.
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You’re At Risk If…
» You have a demanding job: Work stress is a common cause of emotional exhaustion. Your risk increases if you don’t like your job » or work long hours. You’re a perfectionist: Many studies have revealed a link between perfectionism and emotional exha
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Crossfit Myths
Michelle Willetts isn’t the CrossFit stereotype you might imagine. She’s an accountant and a petite 53-year-old mum of three grown kids. She does CrossFit in order to be fit, healthy and strong. This year, CrossFit celebrates its 20th birthday. Like
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If you have been considering a rejuvenating health retreat set in stunning surrounds but are wary of international travel at the moment, Maruia River Retreat could be the perfect solution. The retreat is a former fly-fishing lodge located off the bea
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Star Letter
I bought the February 2020 Good Health & Wellbeing magazine to read while relaxing on the beach in Gisborne. What attracted me was Art and Matilda Green on the cover, but as I read the magazine I was inspired and intrigued by many of the articles. Th
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Endometriosis And Fatigue
The symptoms of endometriosis can have a major impact on quality of life, mental health and physical health, but a Swiss study has found that more than half of women with the condition are also twice as likely to experience frequent fatigue compared
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10 Minutes To A Toned New You!
With it being a new decade, you’re probably raring to go with a full-on new fitness routine. And it’s great to start out as you mean to go on, but before you hit the heavy weights, it’s important to understand where your body is at right now, and to
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Proven to reduce wrinkle volume by 4.5 times, Snowberry’s Youth Renewing Serum delivers the eProlex™ triple peptide complex to help boost collagen and elastin production while nourishing and hydrating. It has been specifically designed to re-densify
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In your SIGHTS
It has been drummed into us since we were children to ‘slip, slop and slap’ on sunscreen to protect our largest organ, our skin, from solar UV (ultraviolet) damage and melanoma, but did you know UV rays can also play havoc on our eyes? In New Zealand
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Heart Disease
Do you often feel fatigued by everyday activities such as shopping, cleaning or climbing stairs? When the heart is less able to pump blood to all of the body’s tissues, it conserves resources by diverting blood from the limbs and instead sending it t
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What’s Your Type?
1 Ask someone to take a picture of you, standing upright from sideways on. Take a look at how your posture looks. 2 Compare your posture to the ilustrations shown on this page. Which one most resembles how you stand? Look in particular at the upper
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Go With The FLOW
Yoga nidra is a meditative practice for deep relaxation and healing that dates back to 700 BCE and is the perfect first step if you would like to learn to successfully meditate. Even if your meditation game is on point, yoga nidra is hugely beneficia
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Health Now
For those who are on an oral contraceptive pill but have trouble remembering to take it each day, scientists are currently developing a contraceptive pill that only needs to be taken once a month. The gelatine capsule dissolves in the stomach, releas
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Breathe Away
When you’re stressed and anxious, your breathing may become shallow or you might hold your breath, which means you’re not taking in enough oxygen. This can lead to lower levels of oxygen and higher levels of carbon monoxide in your blood and the resu
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Ask The Expert
When doing a bench press is it best to have feet on the ground or in the air at 90 degrees? A There is no right or wrong, one is simply more advanced (feet in the air) due to having to balance with the back, due to your feet not helping you stabili
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A Guide To Do Yoga Nidra At Home
1 Find a quiet space to practise where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure your phone is on silent. If you live with people, let them know you’re about to practise so you’re not interrupted. 2 Wear comfortable clothing and nothing that restricts your
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Don’t Get Sick This Season. Remember To
Clean: Wash hands, chopping boards, utensils and surfaces before and after preparing raw meat. Cook: Cook meat and poultry thoroughly, until juices run clear. Chill: Cover, store separately and chill in the fridge. If in doubt chuck it out. Fol
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Try This
When you sit, your body assumes you’re in a resting position and slows you down. Many of us sit all day for work, and then again on the trip home, and once we’re at home, we’re usually sitting again. That’s a lot of sitting. Frequent breaks will help
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While conflict is part of human interaction, it’s not necessarily an inevitable outcome when differences and disagreements arise. In our daily life it’s not unusual to look at the same situation as someone else and have a completely different view fr
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Prepare to FLOURISH
Regular movement, nourishment, social connection, restoration and a sense of purpose are all essential pillars for overall health and happiness, yet finding time to squeeze each of them into your busy life can feel like an impossibility. If only ther
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Watching Hayley light up the small screen as a host of The Great Kiwi Bake Off and comedic current affairs show Have You Been Paying Attention?, it’s easy to pick that she was the class clown at school. “I just crave making people laugh,” she beams w
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Natural Therapies
With non-specific symptoms like fatigue, a holistic approach can be effective. An alternative practitioner, such as a naturopath, will look at your health from all angles and may identify a number of factors that are contributing to your symptoms. Th
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PURPOSE And Positivity
Being informed that you have a carcinoid tumour in your stomach on the day you discover you’re pregnant with your first child would be a nightmare for any woman. But for Kara Rickard, host of George FM’s Breakfast, there was never a moment where she
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Green Thumbs
Whether you’re growing salad greens or pruning trees and hedges, gardening can mentally and physically help with... » Symptoms of anxiety » and depression » Heart and bone health Muscle strength, » mobility and fitness » Vitamin D » Nutrition Memory
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Ageing is inevitable – OR IS IT?
Many of us believe that ageing brings a slide into ill health, loss of mobility and mental decline. According to Dr David Sinclair, Harvard researcher and author of Lifespan: Why we age – and why we don’t have to, this view is out-dated. In fact, Dr
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‘I Just Wasn’t My Old Self’
“I was pretty energetic until I hit 40. After that I started to feel tired more often during the day and was less inclined to get out and exercise like I used to. I tried going to bed earlier and although that did help a bit, I just wasn’t my old sel
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