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Wild Hart
TAKING up the tools more than 50 years ago, Dave Hart has pretty much done it all when it comes to customising cars. Mechanic, painter, ’beater and graphic artist, he has designed, built, beaten and painted countless cars, vans and bikes, and he’s st
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Kylie Langley
KYLIE Langley and I first met at the Drag Racing Tri-Series competition around 10 years ago, where she was piloting hubby Paul’s tough HX sedan. It was clear that Kylie had petrol running through her veins, though her calm demeanour and friendly smil
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New Heights
TAKING an iconic Aussie classic car and enhancing it while simultaneously retaining the essence of its style is a Herculean task. It requires a balanced eye, plenty of grey matter, huge amounts of talent and drive, and a big pair of stones. Melbourne
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Street Smart
WHEN it comes to real street cars, there are not many that can hold a candle to the screaming small block-powered Capri of Nathan Ghosn. With more than 50,000km under its belt in the past few years, including every Drag Challenge event except for thi
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Driving Ambition
FORD’S Mark 1 Escort is a legend of motorsport across rallying, touring cars and even drag racing, thanks to its tiny size, generous engine bay and rear-drive layout. As a fan of four-banger Fords from a tender age, John Dennis knew this all too well
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Dirty Stuff
I NEEDED an engine. One of Henry Ford’s cast-iron wonders: the sidevalve V8. Built in their millions in the US and Canada, mine was destined to drop into a 1949 front-engined race car, the remains bought in pieces and rebuilt to race again in Histori
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Tropic Thunder
THE picturesque drive to Springmount Raceway from the coastal city of Cairns features beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests and winding mountain roads. Yet on Saturday 21 November, it was the journey’s end that provided the best scenery: a mammoth
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In Gear
EVEN the most powerful donks are all but useless without a reliable supply of dinosaur juice. To help with that, Valvoline has developed an additive designed to cleanse your injectors of nasty contaminant build-up, ensuring you get the best flow poss
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The Pump Up Volume
FOR over half a century, the Holden Torana has captivated the hearts and minds of Aussie revheads like almost nothing else. And like many of his generation, Adam Nagy’s love affair with Holden’s gutsy little giant-killer can be traced back decades. “
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Readers’ Rockets
“MY VK pretty much started my interest in cars. My old man bought me this when I was 14 for $200. It was a bog-stock Executive SL with a 202 and Trimatic, completely original and clean. Over a few years, before I had my licence, I taught myself how t
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TERRY Pyle reckons everyone paints their hot rods either red, black or purple, so he was just trying to be different by building a white one. He admits it took some convincing to bring the painter around to his way of thinking, but he got there in th
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A LITTLE old lady was walking down the street dragging two large plastic rubbish bags behind her. One of the bags was ripped, and every once in a while a $20 note fell out onto the footpath. Noticing this, a policeman stopped her and said: “Excuse me
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HOWARD Astill is, without question, one of the all-time greats of Aussie street machining. Howard has spent decades on the tools building countless top-shelf show cars, both for himself and for customers. He has won just about everything there is to
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347ci Small-block Ford
MATT Hourigan wanted a stout smallblock Ford for his ’71 Mercury Comet street car, and the 347ci Windsor he’s ended up with shouldn’t disappoint. The ProCharged little-block was built by Tim Gruber of Queanbeyan Engine Service and finished off at Phi
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WASN’T 2020 one for the books? Bastard COVID-19 aside, we jumped on the story of Victorian bloke Peter Hansen’s battle with VicRoads over his WEPN custom number plates, and it’s been quite a saga. First, VicRoads contacted Peter, insisting that the W
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Hot Pursuit
AT EIGHTEEN years old, Huss Ayache cut his teeth on this VL Commodore BT1 turbo – and with a want for big power came a steep learning curve on how to get it. Now, another 18 years later, he has developed the know-how and gathered the right people aro
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Street Machine
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SELLING a 10-second XY Falcon is never an easy thing to do. “You’ll regret it. You’ll regret it. You’ll regret it,” Steve Roussis’s wife Ourania told him. She was right. “I sold it to a local guy, and within months I was saying: ‘Shit, I shouldn’t ha
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A Lot On His Plate
ALMOST as soon as the news arrived that Victorian street machiner Peter Hansen was enjoying a hard-fought win over VicRoads with the return of his WEPN number plates (see Broadcast, p. 5), it was the turn of NSW Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) to bat
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Deep Blue C
ROB Veitch built this belly-scraping, LS-powered 1959 Chev Apache pick-up as a spectacular tribute to his late father, Barry. Yet its creation generated so much more, with quality people banding together to craft a superior ride and fostering friends
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Hot Gossip
AFTER COVID put the kibosh on the 2020 event, Meguiar’s MotorEx is back at Melbourne Showgrounds, 6-7 February. All of the usual goodness will be in full effect, including some killer unveils, the Superstars showdown, drift rides, Performance Garage
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Weekend Warriors
WHILE 2020 has wiped out plenty of sporting events, nothing could keep the hardcore Street Machine Drag Challenge fans down, with 129 entrants turning up to try their hand at Drag Challenge Weekend 2020 in Queensland. Despite border restriction shena
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Drift Off?
LOCATED on Brisbane’s south side next to Archerfield Airport, Archerfield Drift Park has been a treasured location for fans of the sidewinding sport for 15 years. Run by former Aussie Drift Champion Luke Fink, the Park sits on a parcel of land adjace
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Auto Erotica
SUMMERNATS 16 in 2003 was a massive one, with legendary names like Hadfield, Fitzpatrick, Ostric, Course, Lawry and Grima dominating that year’s Elite awards. However, Benny Gatt’s incredible custom Lincoln Zephyr beat them all out for the coveted Pe
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Terry Blanchard
TERRY Blanchard has been competing in Far North Queensland burnout comps in JOYRIDE, his LS1-powered ’77 Corolla, for three years now. We caught up with him at the recent Tropical Meltdown (see full report, p. 46) at Springmount Raceway to see what s
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ONE of Australia’s quickest street cars, Daniel Szabolics’s HQ Monaro, is about to get a new heart as Dan and his accomplice, Frank Marchese of Dandy Engines, chase mid-sixes with the 4016lb, 275 radial-shod brute. Propelled by a walloping 632ci big-
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Dead End Drive-in 1986
EVER wondered what would happen if you filled the Mad Max universe with horny teenagers? Dead End Drive-In offers all the answers. Australian exploitation legend Brian Trenchard-Smith (the brains behind BMX Bandits, Turkey Shoot and The Man From Hong
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Summernats Slam Survival Guide
WHILE Australia is slowly but surely climbing out of the coronavirus pandemic, things haven’t quite returned to normal. Sadly, uncertainty around travel restrictions and crowd limits has led to the postponement of Street Machine Summernats 34. But fe
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Your Stuff
I HAVE just read about the plight of Peter Hansen with VicRoads refusing his WEPN number plates and his fight to overturn the decision. Personally I think the world has gone stupid with all this political correctness – all the violence, blood and gut
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In The Build
“THIS is our HJ Statesman De Ville in Tuxedo Black. I bought it over a year ago as a regoed roller; it had previously been used as a burnout event car. It’s currently running a GM 572ci crate motor with a recently overhauled top end and a fresh coat
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