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The Devoted Doctor
Doctor Li Wenliang was one of eight Chinese doctors who were reprimanded by government officials for warning people in December about the viruas. He was detained by police after warning people about the new coronavirus on social media. Li’s death bro
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Recognised Tribal Populations
(Percentage of the country's total population) 36% of 29.1 million people 8.6% of 1.3 billion people 7.2% of 69.8 million people 1.8% of 164.7 million people 13.8% of 32.4 million people 8.5% of 1.4 billion people 32% of 54.4 million people 2-3% of
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Prevention And Control
Stay informed about the latest information on the outbreak, available on the WHO website and elsewhere, and take care of your health by doing the following: Wash your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water. Washing your h
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Entering the Yali Tribe
For many years, I had my eyes on a remote part of Indonesia called West Papua where tribes still live today traditionally, isolated from the modern world we know. They inhabit mountains above 1,500 metres, reachable only by chartered plane or after s
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Going Viral: The Unsung Heroes
Amidst the chaos of the coronavirus outbreak in China, photos of medical personnel are circulating on social media, showing doctors and nurses with painful marks left from their protective face masks as they fall asleep on the floors of the hospital
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Asian Tribes
ESTIMATED 370 to 500 million indigenous people living in the world REPRESENTS 5,000 different cultures SPREAD ACROSS 90 countries across all geographic regions Many indigenous languages are under threat – it is estimated that one dies every two
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Masking The Fear
Fluid resistant, protects wearer against large droplets Does not protect against smaller airbone particles Loose fitting – allows leakage around the edges If you are sick, wearing a mask prevents spreading your germs to others. However, if you are w
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Of Eagles and Mountains: The Kazakhs of Mongolia
Down in the deep south of Russia, past Novosibirsk into the valleys of the Altai ranges is the tiny village of Kurai. With only one general store, this village serves the trickle of travellers journeying overland towards the western border of Mongoli
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Protective Equipment
Goggles or face shield to prevent exposure of the eye mucosa to the virus. The goggles must fit the contours of the user’s face and be compatible with the respirator FFP2* or FFP3* If filtering facepiece (FFP) respirators are not available, the use o
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The Mountain People
The Igorots comprise six ethnolinguistic tribes known as the Ibaloy, Kankana-ey, Ifugao, Kalinga, Apayao/Isneg, and the Bontoc. Unlike most of the Philippines, which was colonised by Spain for about four hundred years, the Cordillera region generally
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Don’t Blame the Bat
Since the SARS outbreak 18 years ago, a large number of severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronaviruses (SARSr-CoV) have been discovered in their natural reservoir host: bats. Full-length genome sequences were obtained from five patients at t
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Let Me Dream
Let me dreamdon’t forbid the dreams,they will be a reality tomorrowdon’t pluck out the eyes of the dreams,the sun risen will set. Don’t hack the dreams,the world of aroma will become a stublet the dreams grow,the winds of desire will give shadelet me
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Banking’s Beginnings
With its first appearance as far back as 2000 BC in ancient Mesopotamia, banking has come a long way, becoming one of the most vital aspects of life today. During Assyrian and Babylonian rule some 4,000 years ago, the first signs of banking were obse
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Trailing Alongside the West Asian Tribes
The Bakhtiaris, a nomadic tribe of several families, still roam the mountains of Zagros, Iran, as they migrate twice a year (spring and autumn) with their flocks of goats and sheep. A southwestern Iranian tribe, the Bakhtiaris are a subgroup of the L
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Money Through the Ages
As far back as 3100 BC, we have evidence of a gold/silver value ratio in the code of Menes, the founder of the first Egyptian dynasty. In this code, it is stated, “one part of gold is equal to two and one half parts of silver in value”. This makes it
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Tips For Your West Asian Tribal Adventure:
It can be exciting to meet tribes and bask in the cultures that are new to you. Here are some tips to make your interaction seamless and comfortable. Always ask before taking photographs of people Ask your guide to teach you how to say hello in t
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Asian Geographic
John THET • Shreya ACHARYA • Ian BONGSO-SELDRUP • WONG Shee Leng • Dutch CATALON • Elysee TAN • Desmond HO • Jasmine TE
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Comparision of Major Viruses
125,968* 4,630 China 3–4% 124 Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong (SAR), India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macau, Malaysia, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Pale
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Is Green the New Blue? Rolex’s Perpetual Planet Initiative
For the founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, the world was like a living laboratory. He began to use it as a testing ground for his watches from the 1930s, sending them to the most extreme locations, supporting explorers who ventured into the unknown. In
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Editor’s Note
When I was a child, my grandparents used to tell me tales about tribes that would travel to their village in India, carrying with them their families, livelihoods, and homes, only to move again in a couple of weeks, leaving nothing but footsteps. I w
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Virus Business – The Economic Impact of COVID-19
While much of the world’s attention is rightly focused on the human toll of COVID-19, the economic toll of the outbreak also has potentially disastrous implications. According to the World Economic Forum, the spreading coronavirus is taking a toll on
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Rolex Testimonee Sylvia Earle, Pioneer of Ocean Exploration
Internationally renowned marine biologist and Rolex Testimonee Sylvia Earle has been a pioneer of ocean exploration for more than four decades. Her life’s mission is to explore, study and protect the planet’s oceans. Now, with her initiative, Mission
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What’s Online?
Holi is one of the major festivals of India and is celebrated on different dates every year. This Indian festival follows two legends, and is observed at the end of winter, in the month of March, after the full moon. The ritual starts by lighting up
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Money Face
USD1 = RUR66.42 Nikolay Muravyov-Amursky (5,000 ruble) A Russian statesman and diplomat, he played a major role in the expansion of the Russian Empire into the Amur River basin and to the shores of the Sea of Japan USD1 = KZT376.11 Astana Bay
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Trailing Through the Woods: Stunning San Francisco
Muir Woods is one of the only remaining old-growth redwood forests in the Bay Area. The cool hush of this thousand-year-old forest, with a floor teeming with all manner of fungi, ferns and wood sorrel is guaranteed to take you into another world. The
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TREE OF LIFE: The Wood Element
It is wood. But other than its diverse physical nature, in Chinese philosophy, wood, sometimes translated as “tree”, represents the growth of matter. Wood is the first phase of wu xing, and in Taoism, its attributes are considered to be strength and
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Army of Angels
In Afghanistan, a woman dies every 27 minutes from pregnancy-related complications. At 6.5 percent (6,500 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births), the maternal mortality rate in Badakhshan Province is the highest in the world. Over the course of her
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Rolex Testimonee David Doubilet, Pioneer Underwater Photographer
Pioneering underwater photographer and Rolex Testimonee David Doubilet is a master craftsman who combines technology and art to capture life underwater, bringing images back to the surface for those who might never see those sights with their own eye
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The Making of the Wood Person
When it comes to personality types, the archetypal wood baby is “the pioneer” – a driving force and an independent being. Wood types can be competitive, courageous, active, and ones that always try new things. The wood person is all about benevolence
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Celebrating Asian Women in Literature
The Korean title of this indelible novel, Omma rul put’ak hae, contains a sense of commanding trust that is missing in its English translation: “I entrust Mommy [to you].” That trust is irreparably splintered when Mom disappears after becoming separa
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