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Invoice Financing On Trend For Managing Cashflow
Invoice financing, or advancing funds against a business’s accounts receivable, has been transformed by technology to become a valuable tool for small business cashflow management. “Traditionally invoice finance has been clunky, a mission to implemen
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Transformative Program For Women In Business
Want to thrive and build your success in 2021? If you are a woman in business there is an exciting new growth program to help you do just that. Leading business growth specialist Fiona Clark has developed an exciting new BreakThrough Women in Busines
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Sales, Marketing, Profit: Plugging The Leaks
Seems a simple question, but if you are in business you likely have some areas that are negatively impacting your profit and you may not know it. We call this “leakage”. They’re those places where money is slipping through the cracks and could do wit
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Making Wiser Decisions During Uncertain Times
The 2020 Gartner CIO Agenda started with this statement: “The goal of all organisations should be to lean into uncertainty and come out stronger and more successful on the other side. Only 25 percent of organisations have successfully navigated these
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Pamu Doubles Down On Niche
State-owned Pamu has a product development work stream underway which will open a new category and market in 2021. The roll-out proves New Zealand’s agricultural industry continues to evolve in response to consumer demand. Spring Sheep, Pāmu’s 50 per
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Is There Still Room At The Top?
Adam Edwards, the regional director in New Zealand of recruitment company Hays, told Management magazine in mid-December that the company is seeing elevated levels of repatriation in the general workforce, noting they have seen an increase in the she
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The New Trusts Act Explained
In my experience, 75 percent of family trusts in New Zealand are so badly arranged or managed that they could easily be attacked and overturned in court,” writes Martin Hawes in his newly updated book Family Trusts. “Managing a trust badly is like in
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Revolutionise The Way You Sell And Influence People
Jim Huse has a background in sales, psychology and business improvement and his popular 2010 book Revolutionise the way you work now has a companion title: Revolutionise the way you sell and influence people. “Selling and influencing is part of our e
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Why Stimulating Small Business Lending Benefits Our Economy
As nations across the globe see Covid-19 cases continue to rise, New Zealand’s strict and decisive lockdowns have positioned its pandemic response as world-leading. However, the social and economic blackouts have not been without sacrifice. Small an
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Outlook For 2021? Positive!
While we’re all thrilled to put 2020 behind us and move on, it’s important to remember the many silver linings that came out of Covid-19’s business disruption. Across the country business owners used the lockdown pressure to refocus and refine their
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Fiji S Perfect Storm For Investors
There’s every reason for Fiji to be encouraging offshore investment into its renewable energy industry. The majority of Fiji’s renewable energy is generated using hydropower; climate change has forced a number of villages to relocate; electricity dem
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Leading By Design
If you ever need convincing of the diversity of Publica’s creative abilities, just listen to Mark Spurgeon and Michelle Shirtcliffe reel off some of their team’s achievements. The list includes software, apps and platforms to manage everything from r
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How Strategic Pay Can Assist
We work closely with organisations to ensure their linkages between remuneration and performance management are working and creating the desired return on investment. We can help you gain an understanding of the different approaches to the annual sal
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2021 Global Technology, Media And Telecommunications Predictions
In 2021 there will be more than 400 million video visits to doctors worldwide; global cloud spending will grow seven times faster than overall IT spend; and the global market for intelligent edge computing will expand to US$12 billion. That’s accordi
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Total Recall
I’ve been wondering how well we will all remember 2020 in five or 10 years time. Will it seem as momentous as it has been, or will something else have come along to rock our world and cause immense pain and suffering to people across the globe? I hop
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Hamilton CBD Celebrates Awards Down By The River
It was a spectacular evening, and setting, down by the Waikato riverside. Around 250 people gathered under a transparent marquee on November 18th to celebrate Hamilton’s annual CBD Celebration Awards, and it was indeed a night to remember. Hosted by
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What Should Businesses Be Doing To Prepare For Privacy Breaches?
Ideally, privacy breaches would not occur and no notifications would need to be made. However, breaches are increasingly becoming a reality for New Zealand businesses. With that in mind, to ensure that privacy breach notifications can be managed in a
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How Do You Ensure Your Paye Is Paid On Time
It has always been important for businesses to manage their incoming and outgoing payments on time. The task of regularly checking bank statements can be tedious, but for some businesses is a necessary task to ensure sufficient funds are available to
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Claiming Your 4 Superpowers
For hundreds of years the Swiss were renowned for their watches. Until 1970, and then it all changed. That is when Japanese watchmakers changed the game. Up until the 1970s the Swiss watch industry was responsible for 50 percent of the world’s watch
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Optimising Your Home Network
Ultrafast broadband proved its worth in 2020. As the nation went into various levels of lockdown our broadband network kept us all working. Video calling meant we stayed in touch at a time when physical meetings weren’t possible. Reliable broadband m
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The Rise And Rise Of Facial Recognition Technology
Facial recognition technology usage in New Zealand is increasing across both the public and private sectors including by government departments, policing, banking, travel, security and customer tracking. And research released at the end of 2020 has f
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Repeat Customers: Your Financial Foundation
2020 could become known as the year that revived retention as a core focus for businesses. With everything so uncertain, many businesses are putting a renewed focus on looking after the customers they already have. Those businesses realise that repea
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Survival Tactics: The Covid War Diaries
When New Zealand’s nationwide lockdown kicked in on March 25th, 2020, there was an air of ‘pinch ourselves’ disbelief among the nation’s business owners. How did we end up here? What does the future look like now? Angst and uncertainty was almost pal
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The Myth of the Fair CPI Increase
Let’s forget for a moment the fact that CPI doesn’t always move positively and consistently upwards – over the last 5 years it’s ranged between 0.5% and 2.5%, while the remuneration market movement has remained at a reasonably steady 2 – 3%. Remunera
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Reasons Why Cryptocurrency Makes Business Sense
Bitcoin was the world’s first widely adopted cryptocurrency, designed to allow people to directly send money to anyone, anywhere. This type of transaction is known as “peer-to-peer”. In other words, Bitcoin allows you to pay Alice or Bob directly, n
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Your Ticket To Working Capital
Waiting 30, 60, even 90 days for invoices to be paid can be incredibly painful for small and medium size businesses. But now there is Apricity Finance invoice finance – a facility that frees up working capital and gives businesses access to their own
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Four Key Themes For The New Fiscal Year
DWAYNE ALEXANDER is the global practice leader at Alexander PR If you have already forgotten your New Year’s resolutions, many of us have another opportunity coming up with the new fiscal year on April 1. We learnt a lot throughout last fiscal, whet
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Lessons Born From Adversity
It's good to see the back of 2020, and what a year it was. How quickly our world changed. Covid-19 impacted every single one of us, and our businesses. The fallout has meant different things for various companies. Some have had to close their doors
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Applying The 70:20:10 Rule
One of the major issues with modern business is the continual change and innovation in the digital media sphere. We’ve been in this business now for 22 years and when we started none of the current social media giants were even in existence. The olde
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