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Baby Boom!
Having showed no hint of a baby bump, TV and radio personality DINEO RANAKA surprised fans when she announced the arrival of her third child with a postnatal pregnancy shoot. “And unto me, a child was born. Welcome to the family little one,” she capt
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I Never Imagined Life Without Her
IT’S a day he’ll never forget. Ten years ago Tyler James returned to the house he shared with Amy Winehouse, his best friend and housemate of nearly a decade, to find an ambulance parked outside. Upstairs, she was dead in her bedroom. Two days earli
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Online Fun For Puzzle Fans!
WE LOVE a good puzzle here at YOU – and we know the many people who devour our weekly puzzles and special puzzle magazines do too. Which is why we’re thrilled to be expanding our puzzle portfolio online for the first time with world-class puzzle pla
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Distant Worlds
IF YOU thought there are only eight planets, think again. So far, scientists know of more than 4 700 exoplanets – planets outside of our solar system. These vary in size from equal to our own Mars, to several times the size of Jupiter. Some might eve
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Still Going Strong
IN A town where romances last for about as long as an Instagram story, their enduring love is practically a miracle. And by the looks of it actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are having as much fun as ever after nearly four decades together. The cou
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Reading Corner
“I’m more of an audiobook person so I’m currently listening to David Goggins’ Can’t Hurt Me. He’s got the most astonishing life story! Just listening to Goggins makes you want to run up a mountain, conquer your fears, follow your dreams, and transfor
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Hot Hook-ups
AH LOVE, what a wonderful thing you are. Our planet may be going to hell in a miserable handbasket but that thing that truly makes the world go round refuses to shrivel up and die. Over in Tinseltown flames have been fizzing with enough sizzle to lig
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App Yourself Beautiful!
WHAT THE APP DOES This app allows you to log your morning and evening skincare routine, your meals, water intake, hours of sleep, makeup, supplements and stress levels to track and determine skin triggers. The home page is a feed of skin, hair and ma
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Take Cover!
STOCKISTS @HOME 0860-834-834, BARRYDALE HAND WEAVERS 028-572-1488, DESIGN STORE 071-670-2575, GAME 0861-4263-2273, HERTEX HAUS 021-948-4764, KNUS KNUS.CO , MR PRICE HOME 0800-212-535, MUNGO 044-533-1395, SHEET STREET SHEETSTREET.COM, THE BEDROOM SHOP
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Crime comedy. His name is Handsome, Detective Gene Handsome (Jeff Garlin), and he knows the streets of Los Angeles like the back of a pulp-fiction crime novel. His neighbour’s babysitter (Hailee Lautenbach) is murdered and he’s on the killer’s trail.
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Get The Gilet
DON’T banish a gilet or bodywarmer from your winter outerwear list just because it’s sleeveless. It’s an extra layer of insulation and a great piece to wear over hoodies, polo necks and tailored jackets. It also gives your outfit a lift and becomes t
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5 Things To Know About Tate McRae
■ The 18-year-old is Canada’s answer to America’s Olivia Rodrigo. She burst onto the music scene last year with her hauntingly beautiful track You Broke Me First. At 38 weeks, the song was the longest-charting track by a female artist on the Billboar
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29 July 1836 – Arc De Triomphe Inaugurated
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris commemorates the victories of France during the time Napoleon was emperor of the country. Napoleon ordered the building of the monument in 1806 to honour the Grande Armée, the French army at the time that conquered most o
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HUMANITY’S exploration of space became possible when Nazi Germany designed and built ballistic missiles during World War 2. After the war, both the United States and the Soviet Union started missile programmes and it soon turned into a space race bet
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Ask Dr Louise
Q I have been wondering about my life and how I got into my present mess. I was 20 when I married my first husband. He was a good guy but very boring and after five years I couldn’t take it anymore and started having an affair. This led to our divor
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Amazon Prime Video
Action thriller. A shootout with Russian mercenaries in Syria goes badly for John Kelly’s team of Navy Seals, and things just get worse when they return to the US only to be bumped off one by one. Kelly (Michael B Jordan) narrowly escapes being kille
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Five Quick Questions
1 In which Italian city would you find the Trevi Fountain? 2 What traditional Korean side dish is made of fermented and salted napa cabbage and radish? 3 Which continent is the hottest? 4 Which fruit features on top of the men’s Wimbledon tennis
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Leo And Family
■ They’re proud of their offspring and like to boast about them. ■ They want the most luxurious home for their family. ■ As a parent, they’re positive, loyal and lead by example. ■ As child, they’re a prince or a princess. ■ As an in-law, they’re the
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What A Knockout!
THE other fighter looks tense and grumpy as he climbs into the ring, but the guy from Pretoria enters the ring with his arms raised and smiling broadly. He waves to the audience and hops up and down on his toes. More than 17 000 spectators in the T-M
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Tips For Parents
■ Firstly, don’t let worry get the better of you. “I know this isn’t what a parent wants to hear, but try to stay calm. I wish someone had told me that,” says Catherine McCormack, mom of juvenile arthritis sufferer Ella. “If it’s going to get worse,
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A teacher asks learners to name an animal that begins with an “E”. One boy says, “Elephant.” Then the teacher asks for an animal that begins with a “T”. The same boy says, “Two elephants.” The teacher gets annoyed and sends the boy out of the class.
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5 Things You Need To Know About Liesl And Musa
Since announcing their engagement last month, former Miss SA LIESL LAURIE and her fiancé DR MUSA MTHOMBENI have become SA’s new favourite couple. Though they managed to keep their romance under wraps for a year, they’re now shouting their love from t
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How I Changed My Ways
The fiction story about a male stalker (YOU, 8 July) was an eye-opener and reminder for me. You see, I was exactly like the man in that story right up into my late 20s. I was always hounding girls for dates, struggling with loneliness, feelings of de
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In The Mind Of A Looter
IT WAS like something from a horror movie – crowds of people storming shopping centres around KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, helping themselves to everything and anything they could get their hands on. Trucks were torched, buildings stoned, roads barric
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Vindicated At Last
GLACIAL would be an apt description of the pace of his long and painful journey fighting for justice after suffering a crippling attack. It’s been 15 years since the assault that’s left him paralysed and Andrew Merryweather finally has something to c
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In Brief
What was unique about the recent unrest was that many residents came out to surround and protect properties. Many others are banding together to clean up. This does not appear to happen when there is rioting in other countries. MARTIN ZAGNOEV, EMAIL
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Dad Would Be Proud
IN JUST one year he’s produced a debut album, done live performances and been identified as one to watch on the South African music scene. His father would no doubt have been proud of him if he was still around. For Sithenkosi Mbuli, the achievements
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The Vegetable Seller
Nomcebo Manqele from Pinetown near Durban sells fruit and vegetables outside a Pep store in her neighbourhood. “I was attending to my table when the looters came,” she tells us. “They started by burning Pep and my stall caught fire. I couldn’t save a
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HarperCollins Atlanta lawyer Leigh is summoned by her firm to represent a high-profile client who says he knows her. She doesn’t recognise the name but when she realises who it is and why he wants her to represent him in his rape case, her world impl
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Can You Believe It?
A professor at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea has designed an eco-friendly toilet that converts human waste into energy. The toilet uses a special process to remove methane gas from the waste and the gas can then be
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