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Discuss Fitness
Need a circuit refresh? Train from the top down. It’s called vertical loading: you start with upper-body exercises (arms, chest) and end with your legs, moving from one muscle group to the next without rest. Why? You get more done in less time (since
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The Seven Types of Rest
Fact: sometimes you wake up after eight hours of shut-eye and still feel exhausted or anxious. What a nightmare (pun intended). Sure, a good sleep can restore us in some way. But to be on full-power mode, it turns out you need six other types of rest
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Live How to to ... 120
An apricot-tinged sky merges into turquoise waters crashing against the craggy coastline and the breeze carries an aromatic cocktail of wood smoke, peonies and cypress trees. The soundscape could be from a soothe-yourself-to-sleep Spotify playlist, i
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Discuss Health
Sidestep pricey over-the-counter remedies: new evidence has found that high doses of low-cost aspirin could be the secret to managing your migraines. A study published in The American Journal of Medicine found that between 900mg and 1300mg of the bar
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Clean Up Your Digital Act
As I write this, the COVID-19 pandemic is unfolding, and if I wasn’t already attached to my phone, I am now. Everything feels uncertain, but one thing is clear: broadband and mobile networks are facing an unprecedented demand as we gobble up the news
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Welcome To The Land Of Oat Milk Manuka & Honey
“Kind of creepy here, don’t you think?” These are the first words I hear over my granola and almond milk as I eavesdrop on a nearby group of bankers – bad suits, slicked hair – here for a business conference. “I feel like I’m on The Truman Show,” say
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Discuss Beauty
So, you’re all over your AHAs and BHAs, but what about PHAs? Short for polyhydroxy acids, PHAs “act very similarly to AHAs in that they are chemical exfoliants, [which work on] the outer layers of the skin and [encourage] new skin cell production,” s
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Your Skin... but Better
Some days you want all-out coverage that a Kardashian-Jenner would be proud of. On others, you’re all about paring it back, letting your skin breathe and not having to worry about what your product is up to as the clock strikes 3pm (flaking? Slipping
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Do The Shoes I Wear Matter?
The experts agree: good shoes are an essential part of a runner’s toolkit. If you’re chasing gains, O’Donnell suggests matching your sneaks to your session, looking for more cushioning underfoot for long runs and a lighter shoe for speed work: “Somet
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Discuss Nutrition
Who’d have thought any element of that hens’ weekend would be worth incorporating into your healthy day-to-day? Let alone the poolside piña coladas. Well, despite pineapple’s high natural sugar content, its rich vitamin and mineral profile and impres
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Colour Play
OK, so you’ve gone and treated yourself to a fancy new hair colour (we love it BTW, suits you). Your next goal: upkeep. A dye job isn’t cheap, so you want it to last, right? “You’ll tend to see and feel when your coloured strands are crying out for p
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Round-the-clock Wellness, Serenbe Style
6AM: Take a stroll through the forest to the Mado neighbourhood for a dip in the pool. VERDICT: Japanese studies confirm that spending time among the trees benefits your entire immune system. 8:30AM: Enjoy a nourishing breakfast of locally sourced
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Get Fired Up
Real talk. The only warm-up mistake you can make is not doing one. (Guilty. Sometimes.) But if you’re looking to build muscle, boost your range of motion, and start your workouts on the right foot, crank out a dynamic warm-up first. This type of pre-
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Home Colour Hacks
Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color, $72 Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-Shampoo Mineral Remover, $49 Hair Rituel by Sisley Protective Hair Fluid, $120 IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Brunette Toning Drops, $44 Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment
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Keen to embrace the low-carb life, but not ready to sacrifice your morning avo toast? We hear you! Turns out, going low-carb doesn’t have to mean ditching entire food groups and missing out on the things you love, according to nutritional therapist (
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The Science of Your Sports Bra
If you’re still using a sports bra you bought years ago, now’s the time to invest in new ones. Why? Well, UK research shows that breasts can actually move up to 21cm (the height of a wine glass!) when we exercise. That’s a lot of movement ... and a l
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3 Things To Do...
That don’t involve your phone, while waiting for your coffee order; thanks to Jackie Hallan, acting head of service delivery at reachout.com.au Make a mental note of three things you’re grateful for today – gratitude is great for your wellbeing. Fo
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Smart Snacks
MAKES 24 (2–3 PER SNACK) PREP TIME 15 MINS COOK TIME 15 MINS 20g black chia seeds500g minced chicken1 tbs minced ginger½ onion, coarsely grated100g coarsely grated zucchiniSmall handful of coriander, coarsely chopped½ tsp saltPepper, to taste40g ses
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Does it Really Matter What I Eat For Breakfast?
Remember the days when your mum used to get you out of bed bright and early because “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? You know what, she had a point. Eating breakfast has been linked with a lower risk of obesity and heart disease and
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Q & A The Science Of Fat
Is the fat I eat the same stuff as the fat on my body? In a sense, yes. The fats you eat come in the form of triglycerides: three fatty acids bound to a glycerol molecule. Without going too heavy on the biology, your body breaks them down into their
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OUR KINDA GIRL... Elle Ferguson
Take a scroll through Elle Ferguson’s Instagram and you’d be forgiven for thinking the mogul had it easy: an impressive following, a successful tanning product range, and better locks than a haircare commercial. What you won’t find on there are the s
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Reasons To Get Up In The Morning
Scramble three eggs and serve on wholegrain bread with spinach and a drizzle of olive oil. Instant satisfaction. Simmer chunky oat flakes with milk, then top with sliced banana and a decent tablespoon of almond butter. Blend a couple of handful
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Big Fat Truths
And turns out, it’s no less damaging than obesity. But first, a little science lesson. In healthy individuals, body fat provides insulation and a store of energy. A 60kg woman with 25 to 30 per cent fat mass can carry up to 650,000 kilojoules worth o
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9 Biggest Lies in Wellness
The claim: The charcoal in ink-coloured cakes, soft-serve cones and lemonade will remove toxins. The truth: “Activated charcoal is used in emergency rooms for people who have been poisoned, but charcoal smoothies or charcoal whatever isn’t going to
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Kathe The Fighteer
We’re at a restaurant in Brentwood, California (pre-lockdown, of course), and Kate Beckinsale is politely explaining that in her more than 20 years of being famous, she’s found writers often get her wrong. Because of her acting roles (which include t
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Take Your Sustainability Game Next-Level
Straws made of plastic might be as elusive to you as tact is to Donald Trump, but reducing your impact on the planet doesn’t stop there. Almost every tiny decision you make daily can have flow-on effects for the environment. Reusables and recycling a
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If It’s Not A Hell Yeah, It's A No!
It started with a royal interview, of all things. Meghan Markle, holding back tears, quietly telling a reporter that yes, she was surviving the roller-coaster ride of public life but she wasn’t happy. “It’s not enough just to survive something,” she
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Ride Big
The jetski roared into action dragging the first-timer behind it. As Laura Enever tried to calm the wave of nerves on the verge of enveloping her, the actual wave she hoped to ride was readying itself for the challenge. As the ocean dipped and then s
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Nice No
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As this issue goes to print, the entire world (and the Women’s Health team) is getting used to an entirely new normal. With social distancing and working from home now an essential part of our social fabric, we’ve all had to find new ways to navigate
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