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Don’t Give Antis Ammo — Follow COVID Precautions
Shooting organisations have reiterated the importance of following coronavirus precautions after anti-shooting campaigners used photographs allegedly showing wildfowlers not observing social distancing. A photograph of a group of wildfowlers apparent
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Country Diary
We suffered a major wildfire in the spring. Nobody knows how it started, but I was the first on the scene. I called the fire brigade, but despite the best efforts of more than 10 fire engines and three helicopters, six square miles of moorland and fo
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The Experts
THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING QUIZ TEAM BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns Airgunner and journalist from the West Country Vintage gun expert, firearms dealer, author and journalist Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker Highly regar
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Common pheasants ‘hybrids’
The gamebird known as the common pheasant is actually three different species of bird, according to the latest science. In recent times the bird has been considered to be a single species, Phasianius colchicus, with varying numbers of subspecies and
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Come One, Come All
Across the country, on gun buses and at game fairs, I often meet people who have something very special in common: they all shot their first bird at Highfield. I am one of those people. Many moons ago, I joined Highfield’s team on one of their “walk
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Missing With Elevated Shots
Q I have been missing seemingly straightforward shots at high targets with my air rifle. A friend has told me this is because the point of impact can change as the angle of the shot shifts. Is this true, and what is the best way to practise shots at
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No Evidence For Adder Claim
A claim in the Guardian that pheasants are driving adders to extinction has been debunked by experts who pointed out that there was no evidence for the idea. Nigel Hand, a trustee of Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK, wrote: “The adder is on the
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Where The Land Screams ‘Snipe’
I have a first edition of a book called Red Letter Days. It was written in 1933 by M J Farrell, the pen name for the notable poet and author Molly Keane. The book is an homage to the Ireland Keane was a part of — a place of impoverished Anglo-Irish s
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Native Britain
Latin name: Phragmites australis Common name: Reed Other names: Norfolk reed, bennels, carrizo, Danube grass, spires How to spot it and where to find it: Swathes of swaying reeds are a familiar sight across our wetlands in the autumn. Common reed
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Weekend Twitter poll
If you could only go shooting one last time, what would you rather it was? 27% A day of walked-up grouse 19% A morning on the foreshore 45% Driven pheasants 9% Woodcock over pointers follow us @shootingtimes Respondents: 438 ■
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Food For Thought On Shooting Day Feasts
Before sitting down to write a discourse on the subject of feeding Guns, it feels only fair to say my opinions may not match those of other shoot cooks and their guests. No two shoots are identical, but I may be more persuasive if I explain the root
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To Catch A Fish
Dragonflies, as we know, are a large part of the trout’s diet. The nymphs are often around in large numbers and can be found in the mud or gravel bottoms. There are various patterns around for the nymph stage of the dragonfly but, for me, this patter
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To Do This Week
Re-equip your beaters and help the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust (GWT). From 1 October to 20 December, leading net-maker Collins Nets is donating 50p for each of its beaters’ flags sold to the GWT, a charity that offers support to gamekeepers who are ex
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ABC Of Ferreting
When I bred from my lurcher Tawny, I kept two bitches for myself: Budget and Dotty. I am often asked through my social media channels about how I start my puppies off ferreting, so here is a brief synopsis. The first and most important thing to note
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We are planning on shooting our flightpond this coming weekend. I have been feeding it weekly with wheat since the end of July. Barley is the preferred food choice, but unfortunately we only grow organic barley here and it is too expensive to feed to
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Rape Decline May Not Affect Pigeon
The acreage of oilseed rape grown in the UK looks set to shrink still further, with implications for pigeon shooters across the country. Since the early 1980s, oilseed rape has been crucial to boosting the number of pigeon which survive the hungry ga
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The Dale Of Plenty
When I arrived in Teesdale many moons ago, one of the things that struck me was the number of plants I had never seen before. What I now know as the Teesdale Assemblage is a unique mix of plant species in what is also a unique environment. Our intere
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Game Beyond Our Shores
The shrill whistle of an alarmed marmot (Marmota marmota) will be familiar to anyone who has hiked in the high meadows of the Alps and the Pyrenees. Populations of alpine marmots — a European endemic — can also be found in the Massif Central, the Vos
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Events Diary
Lady’s Wood, Chipping Sodbury, Gloucester 01454 294546 or email FIREARMS AWARENESS TRAINING (RIFLE) Rifleman Firearms, Hambridge, Somerset Baronscourt estate, Newtownstewart, Northern Ireland
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Giving The Very High Birds Your Best Shot
High bird shooting is a specialist subject. Some devote themselves to nothing else, but is there an optimum barrel length for it? It might surprise you to learn that the fashion for long barrels is nothing new. Take a look at any of the fowling 4- an
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From The Gun Shop
RRP: £45 Swazi’s warmest trousers, Huttie pants are manufactured with cosy microfleece. With two zipped and secure pockets, they are ideal for any outdoor activity as they are both practical and comfortable. RRP: £495 F
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A Fight In Fowling’s Heartland
Wildfowling clubs on the Humber are joining forces to try to restart shooting on the estuary. Wildfowling was suspended after Natural England withdrew the permit schemes the clubs have operated under since the 1950s (News, 1 July). Hull and East Ridi
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Joining The Dots And Planning A Budget
For the first time this autumn I could see my breath as I boxed up my fidgety ferrets for the day ahead. The rising sun crept through the ageing stable, highlighting both Dotty and Budget as they jumped up against their kennel door. Whipping their t
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What do you do with your empties? Plastic wads are already verboten on many game shoots. But plastic cartridge cases are another matter. They are still very much the rule rather than the exception. Unlike wads, which are blasted to God only knows whe
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Is The RSPB To Change Its Stance On Game Shooting?
A strongly critical report on game shooting is expected to be presented to the annual general meeting of the RSPB, according to Shooting Times sources. The charity has been considering its position on shooting and releasing gamebirds and earlier this
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Forget Rats And Eels, This Is The Creel Thing
During the course of the summer, I’ve written at length about the various traps and cages I made to while away the lengthy lockdown (Trappings of success in rat-catching quest, 24 June, and Use a sheep to snare an eel, 22 July). Some of these traps m
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GWCT Club To Fill The COVID-19 Gap
The GWCT is halfway to filling all the places in its 500 Club. The club was established to help meet the gap created by the cancellation of the GWCT’s fundraising events and paid work due to COVID-19. The Trust is estimated to have lost £1.4million i
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The First Word In Field To Fork
“Fair-faced the Bluette in perfection is.” Not Jedi Master Yoda speaking, but the spirited mycologist Mrs Thomas Hussey, writing in her 1847 Illustrations of British Mycology. Many years ago I spent a couple of days in the mycology library at Kew Gar
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Second Wave Of National Campaign
BASC has launched a new wave of publicity for shooting in newspapers across the country to mark the start of the pheasant season. It follows a similar campaign at the start of grouse shooting (News, 19 August). The association took out full-page adve
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Taste Of Fowling Fit For A King
RICHARD NEGUS IS A PROFESSIONAL HEDGE LAYER AND WRITER. HE IS A KEEN WILDFOWLER AND HAS A PASSION FOR GREY PARTRIDGES I have a memory from my years spent in Leicestershire. It is an image that has helped me as a father, determined to educate my son
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