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Did You Hear About..?
One of the strongest arguments in support of game shooting is the amount of money it generates for businesses in rural communities during the winter months, a time of year when visitor numbers to those areas are much lower than others. Recent figures
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John Tallis’s London Street Views
One of the challenges in writing about 19th-century gunmakers is that in pre-photography days it is very difficult to find illustrations of gunmakers shops in this era. However, an excellent source of illustrations for London gunmakers is an illustra
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From The Editor
Given everything that has happened over the past nine months, it feels strange to be talking about the end of the year. I was mindful of the communal spirit of Christmas as we were planning the December issue way back in late spring. It was at this t
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My Dream Team
IT IS a reassuringly crisp, mid-November morning. Navigating lowland Perthshire’s avenues of mighty oaks and beeches, anticipation builds as the rolling peaks of the Sidlaws beyond dare to defy the early mist. The familiar silhouette of a house and i
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Shotgun, Rifle And Bayonet
One of the excitements in the gun world is that occasionally you come across an absolute gem of a gun by a lesser known maker that can often be far more interesting than one from the bigger names. I recently examined a very fine percussion stalking r
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British Game Alliance Kitemark Flies Into Sainsbury’s Stores
The British Game Alliance (BGA) kitemark will now be featured on all game meat products sold by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s. Products bearing the kitemark come from estates that are independently verified to have high welfare and environmental stan
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Under The Coverts With… Alex Hogg
First, many congratulations on your MBE. How does it feel to have those three letters after your name? I feel very proud to have been given the MBE but, at the same time, very humbled. This has been a huge team effort from all the families and suppor
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Henry With A Bayonet
I have only ever encountered one other sporting rifle with a bayonet attached and this was an Alexander Henry of Edinburgh percussion rifle dating from 1860. Alexander Henry was the pre-eminent rifle maker in the second half of the 19th century and w
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Do You Know A Lady Who′s A Star Of Shooting?
Nominations for the BASC Ladies’ Star of Shooting Awards 2020 are now open. The awards, now in their fourth year, have become increasingly popular. There are three categories: Game and Gamekeeping Star; Field to Fork Star; and Target Shooting Star. K
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Southern England has more than its fair share of historic highways. The Roman road from Winchester to Old Sarum, locally identified as the Monarch’s Way or Clarendon Way, cuts across the Buckholt ground, which originally encompassed all the land lyin
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Dickson With Shot and Rifle Barrels
Due to the proximity to the Highlands, it was relatively common for the Scottish makers to supply extra rifle barrels to create a versatile gun for use in the coverts and also on the hill. In the percussion period, John Dickson & Son of Edinburgh sup
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Organic Farmers Win 2020 Cotswold Grey Partridge Trophy
Oxleaze Farm in Lechlade has won the 2020 Cotswold Grey Partridge Trophy. The award, run by the GWCT and supported and sponsored by Mark and Jane Tufnell of the Calmsden Estate, recognises the efforts of those seeking to reverse the decline in grey p
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Facts And Fury
Wild controversy sprung up around the subject of mountain hares in 2020. Amid accusations that gamekeepers were driving hares to extinction through culls, campaigners fought to have these animals protected in Scotland. Lurid headlines and some ugly v
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Breda Zenith L 12-bore
When you test guns each month and are teaching clients to shoot every week, you get used to the measurements and the handling characteristics of a wide range of guns. You would think that there is little left that would surprise you, yet the Breda Ze
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New Beretta Premium Dealer Announced
Rob Hall Shooting Supplies, trading as The Gun Room at Holme-on-Spalding-Moor in Yorkshire, has been named as the UK's 12th Beretta Premium Dealer. GMK said this was due to: “the excellent facilities they now have available… The location and friendly
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Dear Father Christmas…
I suppose it could be Dear Santa, Dear Saint Nicholas or, shudder, Dear St Nick. But I’ll stick with Dear Father Christmas if you don’t mind; that’s what I’m happiest with and the one that seems most respectful. I haven’t written you a letter for a l
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Engineering: 10/10 This gun has been well thought through and is built to last. The engineering of the loadbearing surfaces in a way they can be replaced has been well designed and completed. Looks and finish: 9/10 If you’re looking for a gun with bl
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Auction Ideal For Gift Ideas
Holts’ Auction of Fine Modern & Antique Guns will take place behind closed doors on 7 and 8 December. There will also be a sealed bid auction on 8 January 2021. For details, go to: ■
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Keep Keen Concentration
The Back Gun’s family, on the male side at least, have all suffered from the triple afflictions of selective deafness, traumatic amnesia and intemperate explosive disorder. Early-season outings have demonstrated that they are not alone. Selective dea
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Expert Instruction
Q Can you recommend a way to reload a shotgun quickly that does not compromise safety? I’m all thumbs when the weather gets colder and was wondering if a stuffer or a reloading aid would be a good idea? A This is a question I am asked time and time a
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New Artists To Exhibit At Gwct Gallery
Wildlife artists Owen Williams and Alistair Makinson have added pieces of their work to an online art gallery run by the GWCT. The gallery, which has original artwork to suit budgets from £50 to £11,000, sees 25% of the value of all sales going to su
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The Joy Of Boxing Day
The handset slid almost silently into place, the phone fell quiet. I raised my eyebrows and looked at my friend. At last I heard those three magical words: “Bring your gun.” It was a convincing point to make and I offered no protest. It was 26 Decemb
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Mercedes-Benz GLS
The Mercedes-Benz GLS is one of those cars that has sold fairly well globally but is virtually unknown in the UK. With the exception of a few black-with-black-glass-and-black-wheels AMG jobs that you occasionally see round the back of Harrods, I’m no
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Readers’ Letters
SHARE YOUR VIEWS Email: I was pretty disappointed to read Chris Warren’s Judge Height Lest Ye Be Judged article [October issue]. Once again, the ugly subject of ‘extreme’ high-bird shooting was discussed rather flippantl
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There’s More Than One Day In DECEMBER
The Auldallan syndicate held its last Christmas shoot on 28 December. The Auldallan Estate, situated near the hamlet of Balintore in the Angus Glens, some eight miles north of Aylyth, comprises around 1,700 acres and includes a small grouse moor. The
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Gundog Q&A
Q My labrador is 14 months old and to date has been very good in training and progressing well. Just recently he has gone very flat and has started to ignore dummies after finding them and responding less often to commands. It’s very unusual for him
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Shooting Gallery
For your chance to win a bottle of Taittinger Champagne for Picture of the Month, send us a team photograph or a picture of something unusual from your shoot. Send high-resolution images or prints with captions to Shooting Gazette Gallery, Future plc
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The Keeper’s View
I managed an early rut visit to Ireland and was reacquainted with what must surely be the best rifle I will ever own. Some 36 years ago I was taken to the Parker Hale factory in Birmingham and allowed to pick any of its rifles in return for using it
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Hill Strikes The Right Chord With New Book
If Laura Hill has missed anything out of this impressive new book, we’d love to know what it is. At almost 160 pages, this book is bursting with training advice that will help everyone, from the handler seeking help to those with ambitions of competi
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