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Image Club
There’s certainly no messing around with this Bataleur Eagle in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, that’s for sure. Come to think of it, is it indeed a Bataleur Eagle and not a judge at the limit of his patience? Can’t you just hear him, all togged ou
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Easy Up Easy Down
If you are like me and tend to jump from one DIY project to another without finishing anything in one go, having an additional work station to use from time to time is handy. Or if you have limited space in a workshop or garage, a workbench that can
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OUT & ABOUT in Muizenberg
Head for Bluepriest gallery and clothing store in Palmer Road, in the old village of Muizenberg for the funkiest clothes. One-time portrait painter Cyan Khoury changed course thanks to some beautiful fabric from Ghana, and now designs and sells a hip
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Business consultant Douglas Kruger’s credibility rating is high. He’s won awards as a speaker, presents locally and internationally, and is the author of six business books. His latest comes just in time for small businesses that are about to quite l
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Aloha Algoa
Thwack! Thwack! We’re inundated by a huge school of dolphins feeding in the waters around St Croix Island. Their soft whistles and grunts of satisfaction fill the air, but every now and then one will thump the water with its tail. Thwack!’ “We don't
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We are giving away a selection of books reviewed on this page. SMS the code JUNBOOKS, your name, telephone number, email and delivery address to 48402 before 30 June 2020. SMSes charged at R1.50 and free SMSes to do not apply. Ts and Cs on page 7. ■
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Algoa Bay Hope Spot
• A proclaimed Marine Biodiversity Hotspot, its six islands host half of the global population of African Penguins, 70 per cent of Cape Gannets, various species of whales, four species of dolphin, the list goes on. • The Alexandria Coastal Dunefield
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Author Interview
“They were both smokers, Adcock and Heine [Neil Adcock and Peter Heine, South Africa’s fast-bowling partnership in the 50s]. I remember them playing for Transvaal, stubbing out their fags on the rope before going in to bowl. I don’t know how they did
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Cowboys Never Cry
He rides effortlessly through flat, red, open grassland towards the white sandstone bluffs of the Great Escarpment, a skilled horseman, rancher, adventurer and true-to-life African cowboy who sits a horse like he was born there. This observation is n
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GIVEAWAYS We are giving away two copies of South Africa’s Greatest Bowlers – Past and Present . SMS the giveaway code BACHER, your name, contact number, email and delivery address to 48402 before 30 June 2020. SMSes do not apply. Ts and Cs on page 7.
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Editor’s Note
There’s been a Covid-19 information overload on our phones and computers, relating to everything under the sun about the virus ff non-stop news updates peppered with wonderful photographs, humour, poetry, and plenty of pretty frightening stuff in bet
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1. As the birds fly over the battlefields, it is easy to dismiss them as ‘just another swallow’ or House Martin. But the Banded Martin (Gebande Oewerswael) is a special bird, with his white breast and big brown band. Tick him flying fast and low over
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The Little Car that Could
When I first met my curly-haired wife, Emily, she was living in Joburg, as was I, and she would regularly drive home to her parents’ farm in Winterton in the KwaZulu-Natal Drakensberg for weekends. She did this 800-kilometre round trip in a silver Hy
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Amateur birder Peter Sullivan was chairman of BirdLife South Africa for four years, and says of his stint, “Hopefully it was because I was a good chairman, certainly not because I am an expert birdwatcher.” Well into the Covid-19 vulnerable age group
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Going for Galpin
“It’s an insignificant stroll of one and a half hours to the hut. We won’t even break sweat,” snorts Richmond MacIntyre dismissively over the third bottle of wine, as we debate the following day’s outing. “Better start early and have a proper, full d
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A tyre blowout is something that many drivers may experience on the roads at some point. The most common reasons for blowouts are hitting potholes, underinflated or worn tyres, and second-hand tyres that do not meet certain standards. If you do have
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Head to our website where you’ll find loads of stories, podcasts, videos and news on your favourite topics. Our online exclusives include: • Watch what happens when a lion tries to get into a restaurant at Pilanesberg National Park
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In a Nutshell
Up to it? The 60-kilometre network of marked trails in Fernkloof Nature Reserve, which includes the 12-kilometre Cliff Path and a dog-friendly trail on the mountain, is for walkers of all ages and fitness. The hike up to Galpin Hut from the visitor’s
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Living Through A Pandemic
All the warnings were there, but we were still surprised when it actually hit. Despite the claims (typically by political leaders) that no one could have predicted or prepared for the potential impact of a global pandemic, there is one man who unders
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Competition Terms And Conditions
1. SMS errors will be billed. 2. Participation is open to anyone other than employees of Caxton Publishers, their promotional partners and printers, their advertising and promotional agencies and their immediate families. 3.The judges’ decision is fi
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Of Battlefields and Birding
There are a lot of battlefields in the Magaliesberg. “Oh yes,” says Rob Milne, the ranking expert. “There are 67 battlefield and skirmish sites of interest.” But there are more birds. “Look,” says Shaun McGillewie, birder of note. “There’s a Red-wing
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Friends of my aunt Beryl, who live semi-permanently in the quaint West Coast town of Darling, recommended we pay a visit to The Old Forge on a recent weekend trip. Owned by English couple Derek and Nina Poole, the bar and restaurant building has been
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Your Letters
In reference to Obie Oberholzer’s feature Peace Comes with a Smile (December 2019) and Pat Hart’s letter ‘Kindness in Philippolis’ (February 2020), my own great-great-great-grandfather was a missionary based in Philippolis from 1842 to 1856. He was E
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Flowers To Spot In Fernkloof Nature Reserve
1. Aspalathus excelsa has sweetly scented flowers. A short-lived shrub of the Fabaceae family, it thrives in the first decade after fire, when it flowers en masse, but leaves behind abundant seed for the next generation. A total of 119 species of Fab
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Fine Wine
There’s something special about Franschhoek, something that inspires superlatives, and nurtures talent. Grande Provence Wine Estate has established itself as a must-go destination in the valley, with great wines, fascinating art on display, a stylish
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Winning Letter
Unity in a Time of Crisis The article Love In a Time of Drought by Julienne duToit and Chris Marais, (February 2020) once again drove home the point of just how dire the water crisis is in the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape regions. A follow-up story
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A Head for Steam
Imagine a dystopian future in the Time of Hands, when you are measured by your abilities to walk up to a garbage dump or a scrapyard, select various objects and re-purpose them into, say, a serviceable coffee grinder. Or a radio. Or any useful gizmo
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Cellar Talk
Long-standing force behind the famous Graham Beck bubblies, cellar master Pieter Ferreira, affectionately known as ‘Mr Bubbles’, is making limited quantities of two Méthode Cap Classique sparkling wines under his own name. The Pieter Ferreira MCC win
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Kingsley Khobotlo your letter has won you a case of Grande Provence Sauvignon Blanc wine, valued at R1 020. Grande Provence’sThys Smit is our winemaker this month. Meet him on page 93 and find out more about this winery and its excellent wines. For m
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