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Animal Ma
Scamp loves Christmas, his favourite part is unwrapping presents, but he also likes wearing Santa hats. Emily, West Midlands I just discovered my two gerbils, Owen and Ed are both female. It looks like they might need renaming to Owena and Edna –
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Your Dilemmas
I feel like at Christmas, my kids get far too many presents and my house just gets full of toys. Would it be wrong to tell people they can only give one gift this year, and set a price limit? Helena, Kent  Pick Me Up! reader Alice, from Weymouth,
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Spot The Signs:
Unusual bleeding is in most cases, the first noticeable sign. This can occur after sex, in between your periods and after you’ve been through menopause. Pain and discomfort during intercourse Unpleasant vaginal discharge Pain in lower back or p
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Precious Time
Rubbing my arm, I groaned out in pain. ‘It really hurts,’ I cried to my mum, Vivienne, 37. ‘It’s probably just growing pains,’ she assured me. I was 15 and my right elbow had been giving me some gyp, but I didn’t think it was anything serious. But wh
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Winter has arrived at the wizarding world, with a true festive makeover. Glittering Christmas trees line the Great Hall and a replica festive feast; while the Yule Ball is brought to life with snow, icicles and an orchestra of magical instruments. Ge
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Small Changes
While there's absolutely nothing wrong with overindulging and celebrating with loved ones over some food or alcohol, the issue comes when we start to overindulge too frequently and experience feelings of guilt. This is counterproductive and can lead
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A Message From Shannon's Family
Shannon passed away in Hospice in the Weald on 1 June this year, at 2.10am, aged 22. Her husband, Ashley, was with her until midnight when her mum, Vivienne, took over. She was chatty and laughing the day before. Shannon is greatly missed and will al
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Burgundy is a classic and staple seasonal shade that returns year after year. And this winter is no different. This deep berry hue is winter's most flattering and versatile colour. Just like all-black ensembles, you can pull off an entire burgundy lo
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Look Amazing!
1. Unicorn Cosmetics Glow Ting Highlighters, £11.99, unicorncosmetics.com Available in three shades, this collection covers all of your highlighting needs. With a butter formula that is easy to blend, these highlighters provide a non-glittery finish
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Aim For The Stars
I wasn’t due for another six weeks – but that wasn’t stopping our little girl. ‘I think my waters have broken,’ I cried to my husband Alex, 40, as I woke up in the middle of the night at our home in Leeds. ‘What do you mean?’ he gasped. A painful 60
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Dress For Every Occasion
Award-winning personal stylist Lisa Talbot shares her top tips to help you look and feel gorgeous at all times this December. www.lisatalbot.co.uk The aim is to look stylish whilst feeling comfortable! Invest in a great little dress – whether that
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During Christmas time, it's really important to support small businesses and independent sellers. Buy directly from someone who has put their heart and soul into making you something special! Etsy is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind stocki
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Three pony-loving little girls from Essex are celebrating after a letter they wrote during their school holidays has delivered much more than they expected. Sisters Jessica, eight, and Esme, seven, and their cousin Orla, three, wrote to Pink Lady app
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Leap Of Faith
Keeping my eyes peeled for my cousin, I waved my arms in the air and cheered at the telly when I saw her. It was the April of 2018 and I was watching her run the London Marathon on TV. Despite having completed long-distance races in the past myself,
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Grate Minds
Heading down to my local Hobbycraft, I was on a mission. This Christmas, I refused to have a chocolate advent calendar. I wanted a cheese one and that was what I was going to get. Picking up some yellow card, all that was left was the cheese. I’d alr
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Five-year-old Hero
Looking down into the glistening eyes of my five-year-old daughter, she stands confidently with a beaming smile. ‘Mum, I can do this,’ Sophia-Rose tells me. Sophia-Rose was undergoing an assessment for the potential diagnosis for autism during th
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Choco-less ?
With the holiday season just around the corner, families all over the UK are stocking up on some of the supermarket’s festive favourite treats. But as we scour the shops for the best Christmas bargains, you might have noticed that our best-loved shar
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Christmas Grieve
On Christmas Eve 2012, dedicated police officer Jennifer Sebena was out patrolling the abandoned streets of Wauwatosa, Milwaukee. It was the early hours and most of the city were still asleep. The day ahead promised last minute present shopping, caro
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Christmas Magic
Grabbing my coat to leave the house, I jumped out of my skin as I heard Dad shout my name. As I swung open the door with full force, I saw my Dad, John, 59 chuckling to himself in his chair. I looked at him wide eyed. ‘What is it, Dad?' I said. ‘Qu
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How Do We Avoid Being Tricked By The Supermarkets?
Expert Cathy Crewdson from NetVoucherCodes.co.uk provides five tips on how to be a savvy shopper during the era of shrinkflation. Having a certain amount of money to spend will encourage you to look at the best deals or alternatives and stay clear f
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It doesn't matter where you are - on Christmas Jumper Day all you need to do is get your silliest jumper out and give £2 to Save the Children. Your donation will help kids access food and education, and change their futures. Together we'll make the w
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ONE lucky EGG!
Standing, frozen to the spot in my bathroom, I stared down at the two blue lines, my eyes filled with tears so I could no longer see them. But I knew they were there. ‘We did it!’ my boyfriend Mark, 29, whispered in my ear as he pulled me in for a hu
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Sparkle All The Way
Coming over to England in 2004, I very quickly fell in love with the British culture. Growing up in Latvia, it was all I ever knew. But over here, it was a completely different world. With various cultures, interests and things to see, I soon wanted
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Your Year Ahead
Find out what 2021 has in store for you, with celebrity astrologer, Claire Petulengro. Claire has just launched her own tarot cards, ‘The Claire Petulengro Romany Gypsy Tarot Cards’, created for anyone who can read or would like to learn how to rea
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SHEAR Embarrassment
Swivelling around in my chair to look at my gorgeous five-year-old son, Alfie, I imagined how wonderful he would look in his shepherd costume. I was so proud that he had bagged one of the main parts in the Nativity play at school. ‘Why can’t we just
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Let's Talk Turkey!
Paul Kelly and his family have been rearing flawless turkeys since 1971, producing high quality turkeys for the Christmas season. Now a household name, the KellyBronze brand has become synonymous to British turkey excellence, loved by celebrity chefs
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Flock Together
Her head in her food bowl, I knew there was only one thing that could get my pooch to abandon her breakfast. ‘Shall we visit those naughty chickens?’ I said to my four-legged friend, Ash. The chickens are the only thing she loves more than her grub,
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Wrap some of the pictures you have hanging on the wall to look like packages. Cheap and cute wall decorations! Grace, Cardiff Keep old jam jars, place a tealight inside and wrap with ribbon - it's an easy but beautiful table decoration. Rosie, Yeov
Pick Me Up Special4 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Baileys Recipes
250g unsalted butter200g light brown muscovado sugar50g black treacle100g golden syrup3 eggs100ml milk300g plain flour½ bicarbonate of soda2 tsp baking powder1 tbsp ground ginger1 tsp mixed spice¼ tsp ground cloves 600ml double cream300ml milk2 tsp
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Pick Me Up! QUIZ
1 In the 1991 film Father Christmas, who was the voice of Father Christmas? a Rowan Atkinson b Griff Rhys Jones c Mel Smith 2 Where did the Call the Midwife nuns set up a new clinic in the 2019 Christmas special? a Isla of Man b Outer Heb
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