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Feeding The Wildlife Community
International rugby player Joe Pietersen, his brother Willem, Mziki Conservancy’s Stephen Mulholland and Chris Small, and Project Rhino ambassador and author of Saving the Last Rhinos, Grant Fowlds, received a plea for help from one of the indunas of
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The Hard Way Down
IN doing so, Halse and his Series 1 Land Rover effectively laid the foundation for the iconic status the soon-to-be-launched all-new Defender reincarnates. Born in 1927, Robin Halse spent his early years on his family’s homestead in Carnarvon, near S
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Kalahari Ferrari Tames Dakar Rally
After claiming all the possible titles in motocross and crosscountry, Ross Branch made the leap to Dakar in 2019. He returned this year and again showed great pace, managing to clinch his first stage win. A crash and some mechanical trouble saw him f
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Fighting fire with fire
WE were sitting in our VWS Land Rover, driving down a dark, bumpy jeep track towards our deployment spot. I couldn’t see the fire but the area was still warm and smouldering and I remember wondering to myself :“Is this where I’m going to die?” I stil
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Ford’s Affordable Automatic Ecosport Lands In Sa
Ford SA has bolstered the EcoSport range with the addition of a six-speed automatic transmission for the most affordable Ambiente petrol derivative which will retail for R297 600. This is complemented by specification upgrades on the Trend and Titani
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Big In All The Right Places
THE Patrol is an icon in the Nissan line-up and in the world of 4×4 SUVs. Since 1951, almost two million of these vehicles have been sold worldwide. They’re known for their durability, premium design, safety, comfort features and unmatched all-terrai
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Rgmotorsport Introduces Stage One Upgrade For Ranger Raptor
RGMotorsport recently introduced a Stage One upgrade for the Ford Ranger Raptor. Peak power measured at the Raptor’s wheels goes from 157kW to 180kW (both at 3 000r/min) but significantly, the modified version exceeds the stock value all the way from
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Less Soul, More Seltos
HISTORICALLY speaking, Kia’s representation in the compact SUV segment has been left wanting. Th e Soul did an admirable job but the boot was on the small side and the asking price was too high. Consumers didn’t seem to mind, however. Back in 2016, w
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BMW Motorrad Introduces R18
BMW Motorrad is entering the cruiser segment in South Africa with the all-new R18. The centrepiece of the new R18 is a newly developed two-cylinder boxer engine: the Big Boxer. Its impressive appearance and technology reflect a continuation of the tr
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More Power, Same Value
OUR first experience with the Mahindra Scorpio dates back to 2016, soon after its local introduction. It wasn’t as part of a launch or a road test though, but rather our annual Leisure Wheels adventure, where we take a number of serious off-roaders a
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Updated VW Tiguan Range To Include R Model
Volkswagen recently released the first image of the upcoming Tiguan facelift. It seems it will be a substantial facelift with a focus on making the Tiguan a more aggressive proposition. Interior-wise, the Tiguan will receive the latest tech, includin
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Getting The Best Bang For Your Buck
SOUTH Africa already had a high unemployment rate, which is only set to climb in the months to come. Th at’s not even counting the number of people who remain employed but had to take some sort of income cut going forward. Times are tough and for pro
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Toyota Unveils All-new Yaris Cross
Toyota finally unveiled its brand-new Yaris Cross, which slots in below the C-HR in the SUV line-up. Its introduction means Toyota now competes in basically every SUV and compact crossover segment. The Yaris Cross benefits from Toyota’s fourth-genera
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What’s Coming Next?
IN recent years, the S-Class has lost some of its ‘latest in-car technology’ magic. Now that so many tech companies are studying the motoring game, all of the nextgeneration in-car technology is showcased at tech expos, like the Consumer Electronics
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Alfa Romeo refreshes The Stelvio
Alfa Romeo recently introduced a refreshed version of the Stelvio. It receives LED tail lamps and glossy black finishes on the badges at the front and rear. The sportiness has been further accentuated with newly developed Mopar accessories such as ca
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Paradise Around The Corner
APPROXIMATELY two hours from Paarl lies the town of Citrusdal, where nature boasts with the sounds of running water and birds chirping in the trees. The Baths offers an amazing camping experience with a tropical feel and is well-known for its natural
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Lego Launches Dom’s Dodge Charger
Muscle car lovers and Fast & Furious fans are in for a treat. The Lego Group has revealed the first set inspired by the high-octane, global blockbuster franchise: the awesome Lego Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger. The 1 077-piece replica of fearless stree
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Sa’s Big Mamma
SITUATED between KZN and Lesotho, Sani Pass was built in 1950 and remains a challenging drive in 4×4 vehicles with all the drama, scenery, bad weather and treacherous conditions expected of a pass with a summit altitude of 2 876m. It starts at its we
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Good Connection
Action Can EC-90 is an all-new 500ml electrical contact cleaner aerosol spray. This fast evaporating electrical cleaner does not leave a residue, requires no rinsing or wiping, and quickly cleans hard-to-reach delicate electronic and electrical compo
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In Search Of The Big One
THE problem with basing overlanding vehicles on conventional bakkies is that once you add a couple of accessories, fill the fuel tank and load up the family, you could find yourself close to the legal weight limits or even exceeding them. There are f
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Goldwagen Joins The Wolf Pack
Wolf Oil Corporation and Goldwagen have announced a partnership which will see Wolf Lubricants being distributed exclusively by Goldwagen’s retail outlets throughout Southern Africa, including South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho and Botswana. W
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The Perfect Post-apocalyptic Partner
THESE last months have been a crazy time with the entire South Africa mandated to stay at home. For the first five weeks, our movements were extremely limited and our long-term Isuzu D-Max got to do only a couple of quick blasts to the shops for the
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Swapping In For Out
THE Covid-19 lockdown period and the way in which society returns to normal is most certainly going to change what citizens and travellers value most. As a whole, the travel and hospitality industry will undoubtedly be the hardest hit as I expect the
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Hit The road
TO put that adventure to the test we pored over maps and came across three letters. V. A. L. VAL? We’d heard rumours about this little town but now had an excuse to check it out. We didn’t have much time to get out and explore behind the wheel of the
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Mishmash Of Motoring And Medical
“Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Plato. “Hmmm,” said his class of philosophy students, not quite sure what he was on about, which, to be fair, is a pretty standard reaction in that particular field of study. But looking back over the 2 35
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I Want To Go, Too
To reach Val from Johannesburg, travel via Vanderbijlpark, R59 Vereeniging, R42 Heidelberg, R23 direction Balfour/Standerton. Stay on the R23 all the way until the R547 Kinross turn-off on your left. You will find the signs for Val Hotel and the tiny
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Buyers Guide
The models, prices and specifications shown in this Buyer’s Guide are the latest available at the time of going to press. Our deadline occurred in late May 2020. If you are interested in a specific vehicle, please check pricing and specification with
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Winning Letter it’s A Sign
WRITE A LETTER and stand a chance to win a Unilite SP-750 Folding Speaker Light. The Unilite Folding Speaker Light is a high-powered 750-lumen white COB LED light that features a high-quality built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker. It features a glow-in
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Roads? Where We’re Going…
WITH nothing even remotely similar attempted before, what the Sherp team did over the six months it took to complete their mission is unimaginably extreme. To start with, the Sherp is quite possibly the world’s ultimate 4×4. That’s a big statement bu
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