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Muscle Up
Want to keep your muscles healthy and injury free? Get moving! New research shows that physical activity triggers a ‘clean-up’ of your muscles, removing ‘worn-out’ proteins that can cause muscle degradation. In the study, Danish and Australian scient
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Be A Cycle Commuter
After-work drinks, water-cooler chat, the office summer party… there are plenty of aspects of working life we’ve come to miss during lockdown. Crowded buses, sweaty tube trains, traffic jams? Not so much. Ask your friends if they’re missing the daily
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Home Comforts
Ask people what they’ve missed during lockdown and most will mention the joy of sharing food with loved ones. So, as social-distancing rules begin to relax and we look forward to those longed-for summer gatherings, what’s needed is some simple, tasty
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Fitness Notes
Coated in an anti-microbial technology proven to destroy COVID-19, this mask has been designed for athletes with airpockets for optimal breathability. It reduces spread of respiratory droplets by the wearer. Designed by 1Rebel boutique gym this soft,
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Tips For Success
Try these three tips on getting started from Wiggle’s cycling experts: • Start with a comfortable bike: aggressive racing and mountain bikes can take some getting used to. • Get the right kit: a quality helmet, short, and gloves can hugely improve yo
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Megan Davies’ Eco Tips
1 When you’ve squeezed citrus halves for juice, don’t throw them away! There’s still lots of flavour in the fruit. Cut it into slices or wedges and add to a jug of water with fresh herbs. Or chop into chunks and freeze for adding to glasses, re-usabl
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Love Your Legs
Given we’ve been stuck at home, it’s no surprise if your limbs are feeling lacklustre. ‘As you transition back into regular life, it’s important to be kind to your body,’ says Jordan Ashley, founder of Souljourn Yoga (souljournyoga.com). 1 Mobility
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Love Your Summer Runs
Whether you’re a dedicated runner or a fair-weather jogger, there’s nothing like the joy of running in the summer months. Long, light days and warmer weather make outdoor training a pleasure rather than a chore. Not only will you see your fitness lev
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Taco Treat
Whether it’s movie night or family supper fun, there’s always a good time for tacos. But this finger-licking Mexican snack can be heavy on the fat and salt, as well as flavour. So BOSH! boys Henry Firth and Ian Theasby got to work creating their own
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Luxe Looks
Been living in yoga pants for the past few months? Ease the transition with some cool pieces from the new Hush activewear collection. Available in stunning leopard and camo prints, the range of sports leggings, fitness bras plus hoodies will have you
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Sun-proof Your Running
• Stay hydrated Summer weather increases sweating, putting you at higher risk of dehydration. Make sure you’re well hydrated before you run and carry water with you, either in a pack or with a hands-free belt. • Slap on sunscreen Look for a sweat-res
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Winning Streak
Alysia Montaño is an Olympic running champion, activist and mother of three. A seven-time USA champion and two-time world-champion distance runner, this amazing athlete knows all the secrets for fitting effective training around a busy life. Now, she
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Air Fresheners
As part of its Buy One Get One Tree initiative, Tribe Sport will plant a tree for every order they receive. In partnership with King’s College London, this tracker syncs with Strava to show the live air quality score of your route. City-bound exerc
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The Great Escape
Been dreaming of outdoor yoga and wild swimming? The Zest Life Retreat long weekends combine both in dreamy countryside on the Isle of Anglesey. The retreat is set in a secluded country house nestled in 21 acres of parkland with magical waterfalls, m
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Be A Lean Machine
Squeeze your bottom at the top of the move. Keep your arms and hands relaxed as you swing the weight up to shoulder height. As you swing the kettlebell in front of you, forcefully explode your hips forward and feel the stretch in your hip flexors. Li
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Take A Breath
If there’s one thing that we all likely smiled about recently it’s that the smog cleared and air pollution levels dropped during lockdown, but experts warn it won’t last. Already, China and Spain have reported a rise in levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO
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With her straight-talking, no-nonsense beauty blog and 19.5 million YouTube following, Caroline Hirons, aka ‘The Skincare Queen’, is arguably the most powerful woman in the beauty industry. Such is her incredible influence, when Caroline recommends a
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Injury-proof Your Body
Running is without a doubt one of the best ways to boost your body and mind. It keeps your heart healthy, tones you up and improves your mood. However, like all high-impact activities, running comes with a risk. It’s hard on your muscles and joints
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I don’t know about you, but after three months of lockdown, we can’t wait to break free this summer! So, in this month’s feature, ‘The Great Escape’ (page 46), we’ve tracked down the best back-to-nature breaks and fresh-air spas to head for, once gui
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No Space? Just Jump
Time: 40 seconds Works: Glutes, thighs, hamstrings, calves • Stand with your feet wide and toes turned out. Keeping your chest high and hands in fists at your heart, bend your legs and lower into a plié squat so your thighs are parallel to the floor
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Why should we avoid make-up during exercise? ‘Because it’s important to be able to sweat properly. Otherwise, you’ve got more of a threat of getting breakouts.’ Exercise – good for your skin or not? ‘It doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, you have t
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Buying Tips
1 Keep in mind the activities you plan to do in your bikini. A gentle swim needs less support than running or cliff jumping. 2 Swimsuit materials degrade when repeatedly exposed to chlorine and suncream, so look for resistant fabrics such as Lycra’s
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About You
Twice a year my friends and I meet at a spa retreat. I’m in need of a little self-care right now what with lockdown worries and days cooped up with the children. But when I read your article ‘Create your own Retreat’ (Issue 7), I thought to myself ‘t
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How To Feed Your Focus
Finding it hard to concentrate? Try ditching the junk food. New research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests just one meal high in saturated fat can play havoc with your focus. In a study at Ohio State University, scienti
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Your Body-type Workout
Got a few pounds to lose? Or maybe you’re simply feeling out of shape? Before you hit the heavy weights and HIIT workouts, turning your attention to your postural body type could be key to getting the results you need and staying injury free. No matt
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Sporty Bikinis
£51; speedo.com ‘Merging style with substance, this powerhouse of a bikini works as hard as you do in the water. It looks great, thanks to the trendy cut and mesh panelling, but if I’m being honest with you, it feels even better. There’s lots of sup
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We Asked...
‘A 5K run! I’d been planning to do my first one this Spring so hopefully I’ll be even fitter now!’ Jenny Taylor, Watford ‘I can’t wait to get back to doing triathlons, they’re usually the highlight of my summer.’ Susie Caroll, Sussex ‘I’m itching
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Nutrition Notes
Find plant-based food a faff to make? From curries and fajitas to bakes and stir fries, all you need is a pot or tray to whip up these delicious-looking dishes from So Vegan. Keep the family healthy with these child-friendly vegan recipes from plant
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Meet Your Trainer
Nolan Sunnassee is an internationally educated personal trainer, professional strength coach and creator of unique fitness and wellbeing system, ‘The FiTPLAN’, which can be found at onlinepersonaltraining.tv. He is also a fitness writer for a number
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