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Stay Strong
‘Being strong means having greater functional strength to move, push, pull, lift and to guard against injury. Start with improving your mobility, stability, flexibility and posture. For a couple of weeks, familiarise›yourself with the range of moveme
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Get Moving!
Q. Tell us about the TRX Let’s Move campaign… A.‘TRX’s campaign represents everything I am about – inclusive fitness. It’s a message that inspires and includes everyone. Fitness means something different to everyone and we all choose to express that
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Meet The Experts
Joey is a four times UK Fitness Champion and PT of 30 years. She’s also an author, dance teacher, former GB adventure racer and flag flyer for the fit 50+. youtube.com/joeybull Kendall Scales is a lead physiotherapist and women’s health lead at Ten
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Bounce Back
Shin splits slowing you down? Or maybe an illusive PB is derailing your long-term training goals? When things don’t go your way, a negative mindset can soon hijack your thoughts and, as a result, your actions. But the good news is research shows regu
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Women's Fitness
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Eat This...
Breakfast: Avocado and grilled salmon on toast. Snack: Mixed berries and yoghurt, water. Lunch: Egg fried rice with turmeric, spinach, garlic and avocado oil. Snack: Handful of almonds. Evening: Chicken and kidney bean fajitas with added turmeric
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Why Try Hockey?
‘Hockey is an incredible team sport, and there’s no better feeling than going into battle with your mates. It also provides a fun way to stay active. Give it a go. What have you got to lose?’ ‘After Rio, we had around 12,000 new people sign up to clu
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Great Gear
‘Bib shorts are kind around the tummy area. Whether you are recovering from a C-section or still a little sore around the stomach, it just feels nice to be tucked in. These felt good on, too, as well as comfy. Their ProComfor women-specific chamois m
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Sam’s Top Training Kit
‘Taking a good-quality collagen supplement has been essential for me as I’ve gotten older, as it’s amazing for tendons and ligaments. I take Momentous Collagen Peptides.’ ($44 for 507g; livemomentous.com) ‘Want to get stronger at home? Invest in a
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‘HOW I BUILD MY BODY’ Maddie Hinch
‘I’ve been training six days a week to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics, doing four hours of intense physical work a day, broken down into a two-hour gym or pitch session in the morning and a two-hour pitch session in the afternoon. I don’t do lots of
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Why do you lift weights? To feel good? To look great? Sculpting muscle is a great motivator to keep you on track with your resistance training, but there’s more to lifting weights than shaping a sleek physique. Indeed, a growing bank of research is s
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It’s All About You
Mainly hard-packed trails? Go for a more flexible, lighter-weight shoe with shorter, more closely spaced lugs (2-4mm). Lots of rocky surfaces? A stiffer outsole with more stability, plus rock plates underfoot, toe guards and rugged uppers are a must
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The Workout
• Inhale and expand your diaphragm. Think about expanding your ribs and rounding your belly. • Upon exhalation, draw your pelvic floor up (front to back and side-to-side) and activate the transverse abdominal muscle (TVA) by picturing bringing the mi
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Got a song stuck on repeat in your head? We all know what it’s like for a catchy track to bury itself in our brain and go around in our mind all day long. But before you press pause on the irritating earworm, take note that it could be boosting your
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Meet The Team
Christine is a performance nutritionist, chef, author and keen runner. She runs online programmes and works with athletes.christinebailey.co.uk Eve is a holistic healer, yoga teacher and author. Her work is grounded in a deep appreciation of inner s
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The Anti Pollution Diet
Every breath of fresh air you take provides a revitalising boost for your brain and body. So, regularly running or walking outdoors should be a prescription for good health. But what if the air you breathe is not so clean? You can’t see air pollutio
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Power Up!
Blue Elvin’s P1-001 Sports Bra, £85, and P1-002 Leggings, £120, both feature integrated impact panels to reduce discomfort, scrapes and bruises during barbell training; blueelvin.com Stay covered but avoid overheating during warm-ups and cooldowns in
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Learn to use a piece of jewellery as an anchor to help you meditate with this updated app. Simply ‘charge’ your anchor with an intention and keep it close to you throughout the day to pause and ground yourself as needed. £7.99 a month; silatha.com ■
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Beauty Bag
(£26.50; madaracosmetics.com) Want to deeply moisturise your skin without having to slather on a heavy cream? This moisturiser will help to repair your skin’s natural moisture barrier, and its light formula makes it perfect for use during the warmer
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Let’s Go Outside!
Everyone knows that resistance training is a crucial component of a rounded fitness plan. It increases metabolic rate, lowers body fat and helps combat age-related muscle loss. But hauling weights around an air-conditioned gym when the sun is shining
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Mum Moves
...speak to a medical specialist such as your GP or midwife before starting an exercise programme. ...listen to your body. If you are strength training, consider de-loading, focusing on core connection in every repetition and slowing down your effort
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Crush Your Cravings
Whether soups, salad dressings or ready meals, added sugar is present in so many everyday products that it can be hard to avoid. With our busy lives, it is all too easy to rely on processed foods for grab-and-go snacks or quick meals after work. The
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Emma’s Top Strength Training Moves
1. ’Deadlifts work practically every area of your body, including your legs, core and bum. The most I’ve lifted is 110kg, but my goal is to lift 120kg – double my bodyweight.’ 2.‘Burpees challenge every muscle while raising your heart rate. My clien
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If you get an injection of movement motivation when you’re meeting a friend for a Spin class, you’re not alone. According to a new study, carried out by Penn State University in the US, fit folk who take part in group exercise experience a greater se
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How Much Heel Drop?
This is the difference in height between the back and front of the shoe and is to do with how your foot strikes the ground. Many regular runners strike the ground with their heel first, so they should have a bigger heel drop (more than 6mm). More exp
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Fuel Up
Kickstart your workout with a shot of spicy ginger. This 500ml bottle contains eight great-tasting shots of 17.2g fresh-pressed ginger, to provide a caffeine-free boost to your performance. Give your body a boost with this fatigue-fighting shot, con
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3 Ways To Build A Stress-busting Workout
‘Take your Fitbit off,’ says Carney. ‘Going for a run or bike ride, with no time or performance pressure, every now and again is really important.’ Get your heart rate up but don’t sweat the details –›just enjoy the feeling of being active. ‘Getting
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Meet Our Olympic Hopefuls!
As if training for one of the most prestigious events in the sporting world wasn’t enough pressure, imagine having it postponed for a year with limited access to training facilities and support staff, not to mention fears over catching Covid. Then ad
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Strong Body, Strong Mind
Lifting weights helps to manage symptoms of anxiety and stress, say scientists from the University of Georgia. Not only does it increase physical and mental strength, but it also promotes the release of the feel-good hormones including dopamine and s
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Fit Buzz
This summer, around one million new female tennis players are expected to step out onto British courts for the first time following the effects of lockdown. If you’re one of them – and you’re searching for something suitably stylish to wear – look no
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