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Understanding The Four Levels Of Professional Livestreaming
I recently wrote a post on HDVideo-Pro’s blog in which I divided livestreaming into four tiers. For me, this exercise is an effective way to examine not only what livestreaming is but also who the clients are for this service and what kind of gear, s
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AUDIO ASSIST—REVIEW: The Best Lavalier Microphones
Choosing the right microphone for any given situation can be a daunting task, especially if you aren’t a professional sound mixer or audio engineer. One of the most practical microphones to consider is the humble lavalier, which is used in so many sc
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We’re very excited about our next issue, Digital Photo Pro’s 2020 Holiday Buyer’s Guide, in which you’ll learn about the essential photography, videography and filmmaking gear introduced this past year, as well as the trends shaping the photography a
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In July, Sony and The Associated Press announced that Sony would be the exclusive provider of imaging products and support for AP news photographers and video journalists for the next two years. It’s the first time AP is equipping both its photojourn
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Editor’s Note
Years ago, when I was learning to play guitar, I’d spend months trying to figure out songs by Yes guitarist Steve Howe, one of progressive rock’s most gifted virtuosos. I’d bother my guitar teacher, who would groan but relent and help me learn one so
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After five years of waiting, Sony finally introduced the new Sony a7S III camera body, a camera that includes impressive features that content creators have been asking Sony about for some time. The type of content creators Sony targets for this came
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The Magic Of The City In Motion
Vincent Laforet first fell in love with shooting aerials as a teenager while flying back and forth from New York City to visit his father who lived in France. During those overnight flights, Laforet would stare out the window, mesmerized by the compl
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Master Of Shadows
Great photography can be magical when the artist creates a sense of wonder through a unique pairing of vision and technique. Harold Ross is just such a photographer. Ross is a light painter. It’s a simple technique that requires no specialized equipm
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No Place Like Home
For the Dutch genre painters who inspire photographer Julie Blackmon, 17th-century domestic life offered a familiar subject that was warm and fuzzy on its varnished surface. Yet, these artists often invested their seemingly mundane interiors with hid
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This year has been a dramatic one for everyone, including those in the camera industry. The coronavirus has affected every aspect of the economy and hit the camera world severely, resulting in one manufacturer, Olympus, stating that it will no longer
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This year, my company’s production work has been significantly slower than it was in 2019, mostly due to COVID-19. However, luckily, I landed a real, crewed, multi-camera production shot on a stage for Focusrite, a UK-based audio company. The directi
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Lara Jade: exploring the Essentials
Fashion and portrait photographer Lara Jade got her start in photography as a young teenager growing up in Staffordshire, England, with interests in self-portraiture and conceptual art. These interests came to life thanks to a confluence of events: h
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Nino Rakichevich’s Quest For Available Light
Growing up in Yugoslavia, Nino Rakichevich dreamed of becoming a fashion photographer. He picked up a camera at an early age and started shooting, winning many awards before immigrating to the U.S. in the late 1980s to study at the world-renowned Bro
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Modern Lighting Solutions
The photography industry has been rapidly transforming in recent years, and the major focus has been on camera systems. Every year, there are eye-catching headlines and groundbreaking technologies. But it isn’t just hype. Autofocus systems, frame rat
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Lighting For Beauty And Fashion Video
Interviews are one of the most common threads that unite video shooters and cinematographers, for all types of projects. That’s because the interview format has a tendency to find its way into almost all forms of production at one time or another. It
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A FIRST LOOK AT New Cameras, Lenses & Accessories
It’s been a challenging year for the camera industry and the photography world, to say the least, particularly as the effects from the coronavirus pandemic continue to be felt in so many parts of the world economy. It’s in part what has led Olympus t
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As many filmmakers and content creators know, sound design is a very significant aspect of how engaging your content is to your audience. But right now, in 2020, the pandemic and its negative effects on the economy have resulted in a big problem for
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Looking Forward The Masters Issue
Our upcoming Masters Issue is always an exciting one to work on, in part because I get to find out how and why master photographers and filmmakers capture their groundbreaking images or films. It’s intriguing to note that one aspect that continually
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In mid-June, Terry Sullivan, editor of Digital Photo Pro, interviewed several photographers, including Steven John Irby (who captured this striking image during the demonstrations in New York City), Tara Pixley and KK Ottesen, on the photojournalists
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Editor’s Note
I’ve always enjoyed studying behind-the-scenes photos, which can be quite enlightening in the world of photography. I particularly like this one, shot by travel and portrait photographer Tom Bol for his story on modern lighting solutions in this, our
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The Face Photo Contest Winners
Laughter Is Good For The Soul By Luke Burke “I captured this image for a personal project for Black History Month. As an African American, I have always been proud of my heritage and am always finding ways to educate myself and others on the history
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NewProducts New Tools Of The Trade
This past spring, Sony and Panasonic each announced a new type of camera targeted at vloggers and video content creators. Sony announced first with the ZV-1, which resembles an RX100 Series advanced point-and-shoot. However, Sony says the ZV-1 is the
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LYDIA PANAS Speaks Her Mind In Portraits
My work is so much about home,” says Lydia Panas, when describing her unique brand of conceptual portraiture. “At some level, it’s about where we come from and how that influences who we become.” Working primarily in the tranquil conditions of her 70
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It’s been a very difficult time for photographers, particularly event and wedding photographers, as nationwide shutdowns continue due to the effects of coronavirus. In early April, William Sawalich put together this helpful guide to financial aid and
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Live From Chicago!
Zoran Orlic’s photography journey began early. When he was just 12 years old, he got a Canon AE-1 film SLR and was instantly hooked; his obsession grew, and he was quickly shooting nonstop. He’s never stopped. Photography became one of the great pass
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Amish On Vacation
There’s a tendency in photojournalism, documentary and even editorial photography to seek out the sensational, particularly to document the strife that’s part of current events and history. However, even in these turbulent times, most people spend th
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Leaning Into Vision
Fresh to the game, photojournalist and documentary photographer Desiree Rios has been out in the field covering news stories for only a couple of years, and she’s already a regular contributor to The New York Times. While she’s still learning the ebb
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Shredding It
Skateboarding was a big part of college life for photographer Kathy Hayes. At first, it served as a mode of transportation through New York City’s concrete jungle and from one to another of her school’s scattered midtown buildings. It then evolved in
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