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In less than a decade, Origin Effects has established itself as that most comforting of things: a great British luxury brand built on old-school engineering quality and heft. It’s surely no accident that its logo looks like something you’d see on the
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Epiphone Inspired By Gibson Es-335 Figured
The addition of semi-solid and acoustic models to Epiphone’s Inspired By Gibson series is both inevitable and welcome. It’s all about giving players much more of the Gibson look and feel at an affordable price so, in common with the Inspired By solid
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When George Benson breezed into London in 2019, there was no social distancing, no two-metre rule and no face-mask mandates. Instead, an expectant audience of 250 were ushered into the illustrious Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club to witness the Grammy-winnin
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New Music
The southern Strokes return with the first single from their forthcoming eighth LP. It opens with an off-kilter riff but soon moves into the stadium-sized melodic territory that has long been a cornerstone of the band. Reminiscent of a forgotten 1970
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Dirty Little Secret
Where would we be today without distortion? Much cleaner? For sure. Much less rock ’n’ roll? Maybe. But how did the sound of dirty guitars first invade the grooves of early pop records? A small troop of guitarists led the field, discovering the attra
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Join the conversation Email us at Hi. I just read the article on the history of the Gibson Flying V [issue 389] in which it was claimed that it was Seth Lover who designed the Flying V. But was it not Ted McCarthy that came up with
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Namm 2021 Highlights
Fender never fails to bring a boatload to NAMM, with 2021 yielding a new 75th Anniversary range and signature models for Jason Isbell, Chrissie Hynde and more. But it was the Noventa range that really caught our eye, bringing P-90-style pickups to a
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Ba Ferguson Guitars
How did you get into guitar? “In the early to mid-1990s, I got into Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Guns N’ Roses. I was hooked on all the guitar stuff I heard, especially when it came to the noisy nature of Kurt Cobain’s guitar work. Naturally, I bugged my m
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Foo Fighters
When Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear first heard drummer Dave Grohl listening to the music that would become the Foo Fighters’ debut record in his car, he was impressed and intrigued. Soon he was asking to get involved and, after those demos had
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For this issue, writer and photographer Mark interviewed one of his guitar heroes, George Benson – but it didn’t come easily. “It took ages to arrange,” he says. “When it eventually happened, the connection wasn’t great, with a huge delay and feedbac
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Boss Pocket Gt
It’s part of the Boss GT range and it fits in your pocket, so it didn’t take a visionary genius to come up with the idea of calling it the Boss Pocket GT. Nevertheless, this titchy guitar gadget is smarter than its dimensions suggest. Bluetooth conne
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Technicolor Dream
The American motor vehicle’s impact on popular music and guitar culture simply cannot be overstated. From Robert Johnson’s Terraplane Blues to Ike Turner’s Rocket 88, Delta blues and R&B trailblazers named their songs after the futuristic metal machi
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Cornerstone Gladio Double Preamp
Established in 2014, Cornerstone Music Gear is a family-owned firm for which Italian husband-and-wife team Emilio and Linda Massari design, test and produce each of their pedals by hand to exacting standards. The Gladio, which draws its name from the
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Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard
Les Paul enthusiasts are all about the details. Perhaps more than any electric guitar subculture, its members will debate metal alloys, plastic formulations, neck joints and pickup specifications ad infinitum. It’s nerdy, for sure, and the average gu
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Almost a century on from its inception, there’s still something about the infectious rhythms and swooping solos of gypsy jazz that captures the imagination. This is due in no small part to Belgium’s dapper guitar legend Django Reinhardt, whose fretbo
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Chubby And The Gang
What first inspired you to pick up a guitar? Razor: “I got an electric guitar for Christmas when I was about seven, a junior Strat copy thing. I think it was a Cort. I used to pick it up and tinker around on it but couldn’t get the co-ordination down
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Build Your Own Fuzz Pedal
There are plenty of ready-to-go pedal kits out there but something as simple as a vintage-style fuzzbox can be built from scratch. Doing so will help you learn more about the circuitry, as well as make modifications to optimise its tone and versatili
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Cort Core-oc Mahogany
While there are myriad convincing arguments for the exploration of various soundboard woods, many players (this reviewer included) have fallen for the dark, woody charms of an all-mahogany instrument. It’s at guitarists like us that Cort’s new Core-O
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Maximo Park Nature Always Wins
Maximo Park planned to record their seventh long-player under the tutelage of Grammy-winning Ben Allen at Maze Studios in Atlanta. But the British rockers’ aims were curtailed by the ongoing pandemic and the band ended up bouncing ideas off each othe
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Come Together
Interacting with other musicians in person may be extremely challenging at the moment but the spirit of collaboration has never been so abundant in the guitar industry. The design process behind this month’s cover star saw Epiphone and Gibson Custom
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Molly Miller
“I started playing guitar when I was seven years old. My parents decided that my four siblings and I would be a band. From that moment on, it was just what I did – it became a big part of my identity. I’ve had a few of those ‘Aha!’ moments, like when
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Chris Kroenlein K-line Guitars
It’s perpetually fascinating how many guitar, amp and pedal makers have become successful with no formal training in their craft. Sure, a proper education in any pursuit usually pays off but it’s also worth noting that passion, curiosity and an appar
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Amplifier Faq
Have a burning question about your amp or, worse still, a burning amp? Email us at Irecently took my Marshall JCM800 to my local amplifier tech because it was making an awful hum. He said that it needs a cap job. What does this mea
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Tash Sultana
“It’s this tinny little fuckin’ banged-up screechy motherfucker!” Tash Sultana is talking about the first distortion pedal they ever owned and, you have to admit, it sounds pretty rad. “When I was a kid, I heard these grungy, distorted guitar tones,
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All born in the 1940s, The Beatles grew up listening to the popular music of the day: jazz. That counted double for Paul McCartney because his father Jim was the leader of a jazz band. It’s no surprise, then, that jazz-associated sounds formed a rath
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Standard Bearers
What inspired Epiphone’s tie-up with the Gibson Custom Shop? Richard: “We’d been talking about having an upscale Les Paul with our head of product development Mat Koehler, who is from the Custom Shop. He suggested we should collaborate to do it right
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1967 Marshall Super Bass
The Fender Bassman provided the early inspiration for Marshall amplifier designs. But, both sonically and in terms of their circuit architecture, they soon evolved into something entirely their own. Marshall’s bass amps were arguably more popular wit
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Play Blues Like Buddy Guy
Bona fide blues legend Buddy Guy is still going strong at the age of 84, showing everyone else how it’s done, often with his polka-dot Stratocaster (and matching outfit) in hand. Born to Louisiana sharecroppers in 1936, young George Guy’s childhood p
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