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Little Luxuries
by Eastlake $32.99 each (3.5") houseofantiquehardware.com by Globe Electric Company 40 watt in warm white $13.99 each wayfair.com by Hubbardton Forge $4,299.99 wayfair.com 3-3/4 in. drawer pulls by GlideRite Hardware $46 for 10-pack wayfair.com Now,
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Rook Out
Wood and stone. They’re as natural a pairing in the world of log and timber home design as they are in the wild. From a majestic, stone-sided timber frame set atop a hill to a cozy log cabin skirted with rock and nestled into the woods, stone fits a
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Space-saving Solutions
Downsizing your square footage doesn’t have to put the squeeze on your comfort. Use these simple-but-effective ideas for a small-scale log or timber home that feels open and spacious. Go for taller windows and doors. Not only will it afford more natu
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Q: I am building a little log cabin in a wooded area that gets a fair amount of snow. I love the look that a metal roof gives a cabin, but I’m not really crazy about the bright colors that they seem to come in. Is it possible to get a more natural lo
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Christmas All Year ’Round
As a commercial pilot, Bill Blackford spent his career hopping from one metropolitan area to another. But the bright lights of a big city are not what calls to him. Raised in a small Illinois town, he always knew he wanted to return to that lifestyle
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Does Log Size Affect House Size?
Recently, a reader and log homeowner shared an experience with us: She explained that her 1,800-square-foot cabin is constructed with larger-diameter, round-on-round logs (with minimal drywall), and though the exposed wood is gorgeous, she feels the
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Timber Terms Demystified
In the world of timber home construction, there are plenty of new terms to learn: spline, purlin, chamfer — the list goes on. But there are two phrases you’ll want to be clear on before continuing your timber home building journey: “post and beam” an
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Life’s Little Lessons
Small houses are a tricky business. When space and budget are not a factor, it’s easy to include every conceivable bell and whistle into a home’s design. But to make a small-scale floor plan feel every bit as comfortable and satisfying as its upsized
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Besting the Budget
when working on something creative, like designing your dream home, constraints may seem like the last thing you want. However, constraints and creativity often go hand in hand. In the case of this fully custom Dayton, Oregon, home, the constraint wa
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Log & Timber Home Living
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So Long sunshine state
It’s no secret that Florida is a magnet for retirees and snowbirds — folks who migrate to warmer climates during the winter months. But not everyone dreams of living out their years in a balmy beachside locale, and long-time Florida residents Sandy a
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For more design ideas, log on to loghome.com and timberhomeliving.com ■
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Finding The Sweet Spot
hidden in plain sight toward the back end of a bucolic, 11-acre parcel sits a timber frame home with enduring style and inner strength. The owner, Larry, is a beekeeper with an annual honey harvest around 200 pounds. His bees enjoy an idyllic life. T
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Built-in Savings
As a builder, I’m not just a guy that assembles houses; I’m also an advisor. The first thing I make sure my clients understand is that a full-scale, custom log or timber home will cost more than a conventional stick-framed house. It’s simply the real
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The Little Cabin that Could
The current trend in today’s log and timber homes seems to revolve around two key components: downsizing and retirement. The origins of this home are no different. When the owners turned to Honest Abe Log Homes, they said they wanted a smaller, acces
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Winter’s Splendor
Winter is a time of necessary dormancy, when plants and trees concentrate on nourishing their roots and getting cozy for the winter (a seasonal routine for people, too). But that doesn’t mean your landscape has to look bleak until spring. Whether you
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Small Home Big Opportunity
Extending Dining Table available in two sizes and finishes, starting at $799. (potterybarn.com) Living small doesn’t have to mean sacrifice, especially with a log or timber home. In fact, people who live in smaller homes say they thrive on going comp
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Designing For A Narrow Lot
Buildable land is at a premium. As costs increase in desirable locations, such as golf resorts, lakes and mountain towns, single-family home density increases, causing lot widths to decrease. Even rural areas can be prone to thinner, tapered lots due
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Parting Words
Heidi Long photo/Jarvis Group Architects/North Fork Builders ■
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Elements That Have a Major Impact on Costs
Don Downs, southeast regional project manager at Woodhouse: The Timber Frame Company in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, and a classically trained handcrafter with 30 years of construction experience, says that at home shows, their booth displays large photo
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Talking Title Insurance
Title insurance is a standard component of the closing package with just about any real estate purchase or refinance, and when bank financing is involved, there are typically two policies issued: an owner’s policy and a lender’s policy. The basic pre
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Screened-in Serenity
from rustic materials to unfussy furnishings, this nostalgic cabin porch boasts all the ingredients for a serene spot to kick back and relax. Details like a big pile of pillows, accent lighting that’s just right and a classic color scheme come togeth
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Floor Plan Magic
Dorothy said it best: “There’s no place like home.” Now, more than ever, people realize the importance and impact our homes have on our physical and emotional well being. But the perfect home isn’t going to fall from the sky, and, often, it’s not fou
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Let’s Get Cozy
We all strive for it — that perfect blend of coziness and elbow room. So what does the “cozy” concept mean to you? Is it a steaming mug of coffee savored from a tiny porch on a brisk morning? Is it enjoying a good book in front of a crackling fire in
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FLOOR PLANS Under 2k Sq Ft
MODEL NAME Square Footage: 1,085 Bedrooms: 1 Baths: 1 full Built as a guest house for family and friends, this home was inspired by European cottages the owners saw during the time they were stationed in Germany and Austria. The first floor has open
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Flex Your Floor Plan Muscle
If you plan to own a log or timber home, chances are you also intend for this to be your last house … your “forever” home. This kind of commitment to your abode emphasizes the importance of having an adaptable design — one that will continue to serve
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MODEL NAME Square Footage: 2,025 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 full Wrap-around timbered porch in the front, wrap-around deck in the back, hammer beam entry, all before you enter the front door. Inside, the plan features a formal foyer, first floor master sui
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Floor Plan Finishing Touches
If you’re like most people who want to have a log or timber home of your own, you will dedicate a great deal of thought, time and energy into the way you want your floor plan to flow. You’ve jotted down your “must-haves,” your “nice-to-haves” and per
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MODEL NAME Square Footage: 3,055 Bedrooms: 3 Baths: 2 full, 1 half The Grand Teton resonates the classic craftsman’s architectural style, an attractive characteristic that comes naturally with a log home. With its full-length front porch, massive exp
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Log & Timber Home Living
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