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Jacqulyn Hamilton
HAMILTON SAYS IN HER ROLE AS wellness coordinator at Chicago Freedom School — a nonprofit that trains and supports youth in community organizing — she helps people “live their politics.” Activists can easily lose themselves as they fight for social j
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Aleta Clark
Aleta Clark’s nickname is Englewood Barbie. “It was a joke at first,” says the longtime South Sider. “People started calling me that because they were like, ‘You’re from Englewood, you’re cute!’ So I just kept it.” Her bio on Instagram, where she goe
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Hospitals on Life Support
ON MARCH 18, THE PHONE CALLS FROM DOCTORS’ OFFICES STARTED: “WE’RE GOING to need to reschedule your appointment.” Governor J.B. Pritzker had issued the mandate: Unless a medical procedure was immediately essential, it wasn’t happening. Hospitals canc
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Aislinn Pulley
On May 30 and the days that followed, Aislinn Pulley was scrambling to keep up with the situation on the ground. The Black Lives Matter Chicago cofounder was among the thousands who took to the streets downtown, marching in traffic in response to the
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That’s the increase in complaints the Chicago Bureau of Rodent Control received between March 15 and October 15 over the same period last year, according to data from the city. Like so much of what has sucked about 2020, blame COVID-19. Where the foo
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Erick Williams
Erick Williams says his work ethic is more that of an ant than a honeybee. Bees are tireless in their commitment to the task at hand but find themselves in decline in this changing, inhospitable world; ants, on the other hand, “do an incredible job a
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ZooLights (at a Safe Distance)
When you hear “ZooLights,” you might visualize Lolla-sized hordes attempting to capture Instagram-worthy Boomerangs of candy cane lights. If that sounds terrifying in COVID times, worry not! ZooLights will operate at maximum 25 percent capacity, per
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How Do You Like Your Coffee?
Miso, rosewater, ancho chile — there seems to be no limit to what baristas are adding to espresso and steamed milk. — Carly Boers at Fairgrounds Cafe This espresso-chocolate combo gets a dose of decadence when Madagascar vanilla, dark chocolate, and
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Gil Melott’s Lamp Fixer
“I’m always in search of the perfect lamp for a client, and I’ll find one out in the wild and wonder whether it’s salvageable. In 2011, a friend asked, ‘Have you checked out Paul Simmon at A Lamp and Fixture Corp.?’ It’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate
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The Art Of International Brews
For Ed Duman of Oromo Cafe, the preparation of Turkish kahve, a thick, rich, unfiltered beverage, is a Zen practice. He starts by adding practically pulverized medium-roast grounds to a cezve (a long-handled copper pot) filled with water. It’s a proc
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Valley Of The Indies
77 S. Lake St., Aurora The goods Leafy temptations, from spiky sansevierias to airy monsteras, that will unearth your inner plant parent. Smudge sticks, healing crystals, and body oils add a witchy wellness touch. The vibe What owner Kori Kasper call
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Clash Of The Cold Brews
Rating The gist Justin Doggett employs the Kyoto-style method to make his cold brew, which entails slowly dripping water over coffee grounds (he uses a blend of Brazilian dark roast and Guatemalan medium roast). The joe Kyoto Black is so smooth, with
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Ask a Budtender
Featuring Datrianna Meeks Q: Is there a device you would recommend for someone who prefers to smoke flower but whose throat gets super irritated by a pipe? A: Dry herb vaporizers that come with temperature controls are a better option for you. With a
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The Eternal Pleasures Of Diner Coffee
Diner coffee’s joy is its consistency. The same every time, it fulfills the minimum requirements expected from every single cup of coffee on earth: It is hot, it is black, and it delivers caffeine. I ask no more of it, and the only decision diner cof
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The People’s Muralist
WHEN CHICAGO COMMISSIONED muralist Sam Kirk to illustrate this month’s cover, depicting some of the city’s most significant moments over the last 50 years, how the time frame dovetailed with her own life wasn’t lost on her: “I’m 38, so not quite but
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Skip the Fruitcake
Former Aviary bartender Charles Joly’s line of craft cocktails got an upgrade this year with this funky take on the old-fashioned: It combines two rums with chocolate bitters. Finish it with a citrus garnish to call to mind those old-school chocolate
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Love Has Not Been Canceled
When City Hall reopened July 6, after a nearly four-month coronavirus hiatus, interest in having weddings there boomed, as couples looked for a viable option. “There was a huge influx — easily 75 phone calls a day,” says marriage court clerk Michele
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Judgment Day
@DragCouncil via Twitter No one at the magazine thought, “Hmm, it’s an article about race and we’re focusing on one of the only white people in the situation. Let’s rethink this.” Come on. Dubyadubya via What is with the world and savi
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Ginger Spice
A YA FUKAI, OWNER OF WEST TOWN’S Aya Pastry, sells a lot of ginger cookies during the holidays, and no wonder: Hers are loaded with warming winter flavors and have just the right amount of chew. The secret is freezing the dough before baking. “It pre
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The Queen of Sherwin Avenue
One of my least favorite pieces of writing advice is “Make the setting into a character.” I admire the vivid rendering of time and place as much as the next bookworm, but the conflation of a story’s location with the people who populate it has always
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Talking Points
1 First Amazon, then a pandemic. Even with a PPP loan, it was too much for City Lit Books. Dec. 1, Logan Square’s beloved independent bookstore closes after eight years. 2 Christkindlmarket, running through Dec. 31, has gone virtual, with the fairy-l
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Lucky Find
OVER THE PAST FEW YEARS, AN INFLUX of Sichuan restaurants has brought the heat (not to mention the numbing peppercorns) to Chicago. We’ve all gotten excited about the dan dan noodles and the hot pots packed with red chiles at places like MCCB in Chin
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Quilting in Kaleidoscope
WHEN BISA BUTLER APPEARS on a video chat from her home studio in West Orange, New Jersey, the screen resembles one of her artworks. She sits in front of bright fabric printed with green leaves and branches on a white backdrop. She wears the kind of v
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A Little History
NEARLY HALF A CENTURY BEFORE I WAS born, my great-grandmother Susanna (pictured), after whom I’m named, died on the Greek island of Kefalonia when my grandmother Eleni was still a child. Family lore has it that typhoid fever took her life. She was in
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The Chile con Queso at Lonesome Rose
Texas is one of my favorite places to eat (the breakfast tacos! the brisket! the kolaches!), so when the pandemic put the kibosh on a planned road trip around the Lone Star State, I mourned briefly and then got Lonesome Rose takeout. The Tex-Mex join
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Richard Babcock
When I was growing up in Woodstock, Illinois, I remember coming into Chicago and going to Wrigley Field. My father grew up on the North Shore and was a huge Cubs fan. In my little 5-year-old eyes, everything was gray and concrete on the outside, but
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Your Best Shots of Historic Buildings
@aizha.t This fall, Aizha Thirus wandered out of NBC Tower, where she manages a coworking space, and noticed the blue sky behind the Wrigley Building. “Everything being closed down gave me a chance to pay attention,” says Thirus. WE ALSO LOVED … Post
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The Hot List
1 EL OSO What Jonathan Zaragoza takes over the kitchen at the Promontory for an indefinite residency with a menu influenced by his Mexican travels. Why You’ve had his goat tacos and birria. Now try a roasted bone-in goat shank with mole negro. Where 
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House in Store
MIKE HAGENSON CALLS HIS Lincoln Park residence his “speakeasy house” because it’s hidden in plain sight. From the sidewalk, 1147 West Webster Avenue seems to be your average two-floor storefront, tucked among a block of businesses across the street f
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