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Of Salty Sailors And Flying Boats
I’m a longtime fan of old-time music. I cycle through Appalachian, Irish, Civil War and anything else that tells a story that captures a moment in simpler times. Recently, I recharged my collection of sea chanteys, which generally chronicle the lonel
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Living The Dream
From the first time businessman Arthur M. Blank saw his boat, with its Espen Øino exterior still in pink fairing compound in the outfitting facility at Oceanco, he knew it would be just right for him. “He was drawn to the combination of Espen’s timel
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Arthur M. Blank Is Living The American Dream On His Oceanco, Dreamboat
Arthur M. Blank believes in balancing downtime with his busy work schedule. DreAMBoat allows him to do just that. In many respects, Arthur M. Blank personifies the American dream. He rose up from a modest background in Queens, New York, and co-create
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Splendid Little Sister
Within any range of yachts, there is invariably one model whose size and aesthetics capture the essence of the series better than any other. This impression is likely based on the golden ratio principle, which in yacht design looks for balance and pr
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Beauty Meets Brawn
A dark gray boat with four Seven Marine 627 outboards was backed into a corner slip at a boat show. I stopped, did a double take and crept around the center console, looking for a brand name on the fully enclosed helm. Then, I noticed a number of oth
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A Higher Standard
In terms of influence, superyacht styling has come to have a disproportionate effect on the world of production yachts. We have all seen the new generation of jewel-like runabouts, particularly from European builders. Those boats may be small, but th
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Small Wonders
There’s something about a scale model that brings out the child in grown men, especially men old enough to remember simpler times when every boy went through a model-making phase. As a 9-year-old, my own bedroom was festooned with Airfix models of wa
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Best of Both Worlds
Custom yachts usually begin as the germ of an idea in their owners’ minds, but they can take years to come to fruition. Such was the case with the 101-foot (31-meter) CCN Vanadis. The original concept was floated back in 2005 when a client approached
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Stylish & Sophisticated
The owner of Vanadis may have requested a high-tech propulsion system, but he wanted it wrapped in a classic exterior profile and low-key interior design. Guido de Groot, known for his pure and harmonious style that often has a traditional thread run
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Stream Liners
The past two America’s Cup regattas were sailed in frighteningly fast, wing-sailed foiling catamarans. The 2013 edition in San Francisco saw the dawn and dusk of the AC72, while the 2017 event in Bermuda featured a scaled-down version called the AC50
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Picture Perfect
Amos Nachoum is an internationally acclaimed wildlife and underwater photographer. During his 40-year career, he has explored the outposts of the world and captured award-winning images of leopard seals, killer whales and great white sharks. Nachoum
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In His Genes
Scientists long ago figured out that we carry DNA from both our parents. Frank Laupman, founder and director of Omega Architects in the Netherlands, feels that his success is very much the product of both his mother and his father. “My mother was an
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Steady state
Designers and builders have spent lots of time and resources trying to understand the nuances of discomfort on yachts, both underway and at anchor. They’ve commissioned medical studies, interviewed focus groups and built full-scale mock-ups to rock a
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Makeover Magic
When Sycara IV slid down the ways at Burger Boat Company in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, it might have been during the era before America learned to number its wars, when flappers were doing the Lindy Hop and Charles Lindbergh hadn’t done his hop across the
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Owner Profile
“I have been called a Renaissance man,” Klaus Bytzek says. “It is not something I call myself. Perhaps that is just something people say when someone is involved in a wide variety of things.” Yachting is one of Bytzek’s many interests, along with hav
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Over & Under Oz
A fringing reef surrounds Langford Island, providing yet more incredible snorkeling opportunities, including with turtles that live among the ‘bommies’ (what the locals call clusters of coral). Six of the world’s seven species of sea turtles are foun
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Wheels and Water: Natural Bedfellows
Cars and boats have been joined at the hip since the dawn of the trailer hitch. But in recent years, carmakers—particularly those that build luxury and high performance vehicles—have dabbled in co-branding boats. They hope, I suppose, to capture (and
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A Sum of Parts
The decision whether to build new or buy pre-owned is a tough one, not least because the freedom to customize a superyacht is offset by having to wait the three years or more for the finished product. It was a compromise the owner of the 213-foot (65
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Outside the Lines
Bow on, as she cuts through the water, the 262-foot (79.9-meter) Abeking & Rasmussen Excellence looks like a spaceship. Winch Design gave her a reverse bow, double-height mirrored glass and flying-saucer-shaped pods that are visible fore and aft on e
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Light Fantastic
You can quarry a ton of information from a yacht underway that you can’t at the dock. Such was the case a while back on a lunch cruise down the Riviera from Monaco to Cannes on Volpini 2, the Amels 188 from the Dutch builder’s Limited Editions range.
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Audace—Italian for audacious—is not what most would call a pretty boat. With five decks including a tank deck, she sits high in the water for a 140-footer (42.8-meter), and her chunky profile appears to be a touch top-heavy. But aesthetics were never
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Roadmap to the Sea
When Marquis Yachts CEO Rob Parmentier talks about the Lexus LY 650, he looks like a father whose son just caught the game-winning touchdown. Car companies trying to break into the yacht market is not a new phenomenon, and not always a successful one
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Men Of Mettle
Welders are the unsung heroes of yacht building. Clad in protective helmets, leather gauntlets and heavy suede smocks with sleeves pitted and scarred from white-hot sparks, they look like battle-hardened warriors as they wield welding guns to fuse fl
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Divine Palates
Thirty-three-year-old Micail Swindells, head chef aboard the 253-foot (77-meter) Turquoise Go, is quick to attribute his award-winning culinary achievements to collaborative cooking with his sous chef and fellow Brit, Dominic Horsey. “I could not do
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Wine Pairings
For the first course, try the 2018 Love by Chateau Léoube in Provence, France. Cabbage can be a tricky dish to pair; this rosé has notes of cranberry and pomegranate on the nose with a hint of mushroom and stone. Its elegant, refreshing finish makes
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A Tale of Two Butterflies
In his book “Isaac’s Storm” about the deadly Galveston hurricane of 1900, Erik Larson quotes the author Ernest Zebrowski, Jr. writing about chaos theory and the butterfly effect in the context of the unpredictability of the development of tropical st
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Grand Dame Of The Côte D’azur
The owner of TIS feels very much at home in world-class hotels such as the Hôtel Hermitage in Monte-Carlo, Le Bristol in Paris and The Connaught in London—so much so that they became the reference point for Winch Design to create the interior of the
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Heart Of Glass
The single most significant influence on the exterior appearance of superyachts in the past decade has been the structural use of glass. Advances in manufacturing technologies mean it is now possible to produce glass that is up to 15 times stronger,
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Hybrid Power
The innovative use of glass is not the only feature that makes Artefact stand out. She is also the first hybrid superyacht to be equipped with ABB’s Onboard DC Grid system that allows the engines to work at variable speeds and run on stored electrica
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