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‘My Zest FOR LIFE !’
Breakfast telly without Lorraine Kelly is hard to imagine and, especially over the past 18 months, many viewers have found her show to be just the tonic we need. ‘I’ve been doing this for so long people feel like they know me,’ Lorraine, 61, tells u
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What Ingredients Should We Be Looking Out For?
Keep an eye out for these key ingredients and nutrients in hair loss vitamins for women: ✢ Vitamins A, C, D and E ✢ Vitamin B12 ✢ Zinc ✢ Iron ✢ Iodine ✢ Biotin ✢ Ferritin ✢ Collagen ✢ Folic acid ✢ Omega 3, 6 & 9 (these help aid absorption) Also lo
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Staff emails: firstname.surname@futurenet.com Editor Miranda McMinn Group creative director Phil Attaway Group chief sub editor Emma Badger Lifestyle director Jayne Marsden Group fashion director Paula Moore Fashion editor Hannah Hughes Deputy fash
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Drink Before You’re Thirsty
We all know that foggy feeling when we haven’t drunk enough water, leading to headaches, lack of concentration and dizziness. ‘The brain is exceptionally sensitive to water losses,’ says Goodwin. ‘It’s about 80% water, whereas other tissues in the bo
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Blasts From The Past
✢ Upstairs, Downstairs (1971 and 2010) The ups, downs, ins and outs of the Bellamy family and staff. ✢ The Barchester Chronicles (1982) An epic power struggle in a small English town. ✢ Jane Eyre (1983) Before he was James Bond, Timothy Dalton donned
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Grow Your Own Strawberries
Whatever the size of your outdoor space, make use of a sunny spot and have a go at growing your own. ✢ Strawberries do well in containers – in a tub, stacking planters or hanging baskets – ripening fruit won’t fall on the ground, so is less likely to
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Ask a keen gardener to name their favourite green-fingered gurus, and Sarah Raven will be on their list. For more than 20 years, she has been teaching, writing and inspiring us from her garden at Perch Hill in East Sussex, where she runs a cookery an
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SMART With Money
Problem gambling in women has risen more than twice the rate of men over the past five years, according to charity GamCare. And the pandemic has made matters worse. GamCare’s Catherine Sweet says, ‘Isolation, boredom and financial distress are all
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I first experienced bladder weakness around 12 years ago. I think it was due to a combination of reasons – I’d had my son via caesarean section five years earlier, put on weight, suffered from stress, and getting older played its part too. I put up w
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Get The Look
An exotic-looking perennial with large green and white spathes. Popular in flower arrangements, this lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Goddess’) looks perfect in the shallows of a small pond. Happy in sun or partial shade, it’s frost-hardy, though
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Fact Or Fiction?
Pre-Covid, it was common to see people carrying a bottle of water, and I often read about athletes who swear by drinking vast quantities of water during the day. But how much do you need? The reality is, you need to drink enough fluid to ensure that
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The Ideal Set-up
Locate your kitchen reasonably close to the house, to avoid lots of carrying back and forth, but far enough away so cooking smells aren’t a problem. Pick a semi-sheltered spot to give protection from the elements, clear of overhanging greenery and aw
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Following the success of Daisy Jones & the Six, which transported us back to the 70s, we now find ourselves in 1980s California with the Rivas, a family of sibling surfers. In the run-up to the ‘party of the year’ hosted by the Rivas, their secrets b
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It’s easy to see how an attractive suitor could so easily turn a head. If you’re newly single and facing your middle years, who wouldn’t love a fairy-tale ending? But a growing number of criminals are taking advantage of this. New figures show there
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THE Style AISLE in
It was sometime back in January that I had my first ‘moment’ while rushing frantically along the aisle in my local Tesco, hunting down nail varnish remover. Something unexpected caught my eye. It was, and remains, the super-soft and sumptuous sweatsh
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Many of us resign ourselves to the idea that as we get older, our brains slow down. But a wealth of new research shows it’s never too late to improve the health of our grey matter. Amazingly, a study in 2019 found that the adult human brain was able
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‘Leaving London Was My Best-ever Decision’
You’ve interviewed some huge movie names for your Soundtracking podcast [talking about music in film]. Who did you particularly fall in love with? I was genuinely in awe of Thelma Schoonmaker, Martin Scorsese’s editor. She’s in her 80s and is an exa
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The Living Is EASY
Don’t overcrowd a small patio with excess furniture or bulky sofas. Lightweight modular pieces are easy to move and seating can be arranged (and rearranged) to suit the space. This sectional set (right) includes a sofa and two side tables that double
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RELAX Let’s all …
What a brilliant time of year! Buttercups, picnics and gloriously long evenings, hopefully sipping something nice without a care in the world. After all, we deserve a bit of fun and, at long last, maybe, we might be able to have some. Hurray! How abo
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+ Doctor’s Orders
Arthritis is a term used to describe swelling, stiffness and pain in the joints. But it isn’t a single condition, and there are several different types. Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type and starts with roughing of the cartilage that cushio
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Star Sign Of The Month
It’s not a month for things going to plan before the 23rd. Your new moon on the 10th is the time to plot how you’d like life to go next.  Opportunities this month concerning your job could take a while to come to fruition. Be open-minded to unexpect
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What I’m Reading
I loved THE HOUSE BENEATH THE CLIFFS by Sharon Gosling. I became entranced with the array of characters and beautiful surroundings. Melissa Broadbent, York I’m reading THE DUKE & I by Julia Quinn. As much as I loved Bridgerton, I loved the book m
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Romantic Venus in Cancer between the 3rd and 26th brings potential for love and fun. Just watch out for a wobbly moment for partnerships mid-month. Call 0905 789 4153* and choose weekly, monthly and yearly updates Communication hassles are possible
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Food Labels DECODED
Food labels show us the nutrients in products and help us to decipher ingredients in packaged foods so it’s easier to make better choices. But how much of this information do you understand? We asked a dietitian to decode the labels you might see whe
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Book Of The Month
There’s nothing like being transported to a different place and wholeheartedly believing you are there – here we are on the dusty, noisy streets of Pompeii. Amara was once a beloved daughter of a doctor, now she is a slave in Pompeii’s most famous br
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Irish-born Lucinda Riley is the bestselling author of many successful stand-alone novels, but it is the Seven Sisters series that became her magnum opus. Based on the legends surrounding the Seven Sisters star cluster, we follow the journey of each a
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Listen Up
This chatty podcast covers topics that midlife women will really relate to. Hosted by former editors Trish Halpin and Lorraine Candy, guests like Philippa Perry and Amanda Prowse share insights on health, beauty, careers and relationships. For a lig
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Hair HEROES loss
Worried there seems to be more hair in your brush than on your head? Taking hair loss vitamins for women could help. If you’ve tried shampoos and conditioners promising thicker, healthier locks, but your hair still feels thin and fragile, here’s a ro
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With COVID-19 dominating all things health, essential routines, such as checking your moles, can easily slip down the priority list. But with the summer months approaching, it’s never been more important to know how to inspect moles at home for signs
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A Embrace Pretty Pink Cheek
The transformative power of blusher is not to be underestimated. The perfect puff of pink will distract from tired eyes, inject a healthy glow into lifeless skin, and even vanquish the telltale signs of a hangover. Start with a swirl on the apples of
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