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Laughs Limerick
RULES: Limericks must contain five lines. Enter as many times as you wish. All entries must be submitted by April 25. The March/April Limerick Laughs winner will be announced in the July/August issue. Entries will not be returned. HOW TO SUBMIT: Fill
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America’s Near-death Experience
It’s warming in Indiana, daylight is expanding, and Betty Bartley at The Republican newspaper has prophesied an early spring. We subscribers are privy to the same calendar as Betty, but she has an unerring sense about such matters. We all know some y
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The Ad That Became A Legend
From its earliest days, the Cadillac Automobile Company aimed to distinguish itself for the engineering and luxurious style of its vehicles. It introduced the first self-starting engine, the first fully enclosed body, and, in 1915, the first V-8 in a
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Senior Stoners
There is no denying that over the past 60 years, marijuana has become a major part of the American experience. The drug was a cornerstone of the counterculture of the ’60s and ’70s and has since become synonymous with the rebellious spirit of young A
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5-minute Fitness
“Wall push-ups activate arm and chest muscles to build strength at home. And we can all do it!” says Christa Dellevoti, director of fitness/training and education at 1 Stand with palms on wall at shoulder height and shoulder distance apar
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Can One Pill Do It All?
One sure sign of aging is needing a pill organizer to keep track of your medications — blood pressure pills, cholesterol-reducers, and more. According to an AARP study, the average American 45 or older takes four prescription medications daily. The n
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Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?
We are seeing a surge of claims that blue light filtering (BLF) lenses protect the retina and reduce the likelihood of age-related macular degeneration. They are sometimes called computer glasses since they claim to prevent device-related eye strain
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Mixed Message
Unscramble the following words and then place each letter above its corresponding number below to reveal a quip from Lucille Ball. Answers: 1. snotty; 2. outlaws; 3. yesterday; 4. chiefly; 5. illusion; 6. beverage; 7. hostage; 8. eulogy; 9. notatio
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I Had A Fortress Once In Paradise
When my brother was 5 and I was 7, my parents moved us to Paradise. We’d been living in the Los Angeles section known as Glendale. We lived at 521B Allen Avenue. (You never forget your address when you go off to school for the first time, do you?) It
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Spring Clean Your Diet
Spring is ripe with a variety of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables that boast an impressive nutrient profile — including asparagus, strawberries, broccoli, peas, and early tomatoes. Proof positive: Of 39 eating plans ranked by health experts on eas
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Larry King
Larry King wasn’t ready to leave us, even at 87. But he would have loved the worldwide send-off he got at the end of January. During his decades on the air, he talked to the world’s most famous and powerful figures in more than 30,000 interviews. Fra
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Ask The Manners Guy
Last year, I took my 7-year-old grandson to a basketball game, and the man sitting behind us kept using vulgar words. I asked him to tone down his language, but he shrugged and went on using obscenities. Suggestions? —Annoyed in Arlington Unfortunate
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Hygienic Seat Covers
We’re finally rounding the corner for resuming travel. Still, going forward, many of us will be forever wary about the cleanliness of shared spaces. Enter Seat Sitters, hygienic seat covers that fit over seats of planes, cars, restaurants, theaters,
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“I fight hard not to become tough. On the one hand, I’m good old Goldie, kind of a kewpie doll in a male-run industry. I’m liked and they expect jokes and zaniness. But as a businesswoman, I have to make decisions that some disagree with or object to
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Break the Code
The statement below has been encoded using a simple substitution cipher: Each letter has been replaced with a different one, and the substitutions remain constant throughout. Can you decode it? PVOTA QPT EQKT SMP CTMCOT UZM QPTX’N UJOOJXD NM EQWT VC
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Men Can Be Caregivers, Too
For Tony Tran, the biggest problem was the isolation and cultural pressure to keep it in the family. Barry Applebaum struggled with the stress and trying to remain stoic for his kids. Larry Bocchiere lost a sense of normalcy when he had to retire fro
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Good Carbs, Bad Carbs
Opting for the right kind of carbohydrates can help cut cravings and keep weight loss plans on track. Here’s why: Simple sugars — in table sugar, syrups, cookies, and more — are quickly absorbed by the body and cause fat and weight gain, says nutriti
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Coping As A Couple
Both of my wife Janice’s siblings developed dementia, so we were familiar with her symptoms when they first showed up five years ago. Following is an account of a visit to our cabin in Northwestern Wisconsin — formerly an experience that gave her gre
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15 U.s. Locations To Satisfy Your Wanderlust
Instead of flying to Paris to see the Notre Dame Cathedral, visit St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption ( Begun in 1894, this cathedral in Covington, Kentucky, is a smaller-scale replica of its French predecessor, right do
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Nov/dec Winning Limerick
An intruder had stood on our lawn, But brave Buster attacked him at dawn, Leaving only a trace Of its snow on his face, And the snowman we’d made was now gone. Congratulations to Ken Morgan of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for his winning en
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The Unexpected Vase
Flowers in your hair? How about flowers in your shoes? It’s tulip time, after all, with these perennial showstoppers reaching their peak halfway through April. All you need for this splashy and fun centerpiece is pair of old or new rain boots in your
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How We Got By
Late last year, in an essay about the coronavirus pandemic, National Geographic magazine settled on three words to describe how Americans are feeling: “lonely, hollow, heartbroken.” That seems about right. Naturally, however, some of us are faring be
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For Dignity The Homeless
On a bustling Selfless Saturday in Baltimore, the smell of home-cooked spaghetti and barbecue rises from aluminum bins below an I-95 overpass. Rich Akwo, the monthly event’s founder, mingles with nearly 400 homeless men and women as they receive thei
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Tiny House Resorts
By summertime you and your besties will be itching to escape. But if you still prefer to avoid the mega-resorts with their add-on fees and newly liberated vacation crowds, consider booking a cluster of tiny houses. For about the price of a hotel room
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Did You Find Ben Franklin’s Hidden Key?
Can you find the key in this issue? Submit your answer by April 25 via the form on our website ( key-contest), email (keycontest@, or mail (Ben Franklin’s Key, The Saturday Evening Post, 3520 Guion Roa
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When the Stars Came Out in Daylight
Western movies were huge in 1958. Of the 45 (count them!) Westerns released that year, none was bigger than The Big Country. It was based on Ambush at Blanco Canyon by Donald Hamilton, which, our witness a duel between Gregory Peck as the good guy an
The Saturday Evening Post2 min lettiTelecommunications
Let’s Cut Back On Video Calling
In David Foster Wallace’s notoriously dense novel Infinite Jest, published in 1996, the late author took a sardonic stab at predicting the future of video calling. He described home videophone units complete with hooks for hanging resin masks users w
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The Innovation Secret
Take a look around you right now. At the seat you’re sitting on. The shirt you’re wearing. The light bulbs illuminating the space you’re in. The phone in your pocket. Maybe the earbuds in your ears. If these items have anything in common, it is tha
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Barbershop Quartet
Rockwell knew the appeal of nostalgia, and how Americans loved evocative images from America’s past. So when he painted long-ago scenes for the Post, he’d include historical details that added authenticity to the image. For this 1936 cover, he turned
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