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On Steam and GOG, minus the soundtrack. A guide on Steam can help you restore Reznor’s tunes. A modern Quakeengine that hews closely to the original, but adds hi-res and hi-refresh support. An engine rewrite with HD textures and real-time lighting,
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Cursed Halo
Booting up Cursed Halo feels, for a few moments, like any other Halo playthrough. The introductory cutscene rolls, Cortana makes some cheeky comments, the whole thing feels tense and grand. You’ve seen this before. Then the cutscene jumps to the prep
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Found In Space
I’ll never forget my first real fight against another player in EVE Online– it had taken me, a fresh-faced noobie at the time, almost a month to scrounge up the ISK to buy a beloved Catalyst destroyer, and now I was about to lose it fighting a player
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Worst Fire
Giant magazine. Might/might not explode. Look, everyone’s been there. There’s no shame in it… Like a Plasma Rifle, but more pixelated. Actually super useful. Fires NES cartridges. Admittedly not very effective. In the name of the moon, I’ll punis
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Pixel Pushers Past
It’s easy to forget about where we came from in PC gaming, especially when we’re arguing over gigabytes of memory and teraflops of performance. But there’s actually a lot that we can glean from the annals of GPU history – the colossal leaps in power
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Highs & Lows
In December Steam registered its highest-ever number of concurrent players: 24,776,635 PC gamers. WoWplayer DoubleAgent reached the new level cap of 60 purely by picking millions of flowers. Bethesda tweeted an image of a map along with the date, 4E
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Leading A Peasant Revolt In Battle Brothers Part II
The locals in Waidtal call the monstrous spiders that live in their woods ‘webknechts’. The things are horrors the size of a large dog. After a day spent wandering the woods we find a boy hiding beneath a handcart surrounded by the strewn remains of
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Dimensions Of The Past
Back in 2016, for Quake’s 20th birthday, modern Wolfenstein developer MachineGames released a new Quake episode called Dimension of the Past (or DOPA, which is much funnier). The episode includes nine levels, revisiting Quake’s hodgepodge aesthetics
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Conquests Of The Longbow
A year after Camelot, Christy Marx wrote and directed a follow-up adventure about Robin Hood and his merry men. Longbow was widely praised as an even better game. It smoothed over some of Camelot’s flaws, like its action scenes, trading them for less
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Dressed To Kill
All the bar staff at the rave in Berlin wear this fetching combo of a pink balaclava and an oversized tie-dye t-shirt. A South American cowboy. They guard the winery in the Mendoza level, and sport snazzy neckerchiefs. If you want to take over the
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The Greatest Influencer
I have no idea where we’d be without Sid Meier’s Civilization. Its influence has been an overwhelming constant for decades, defining generations of strategy games and developers. If Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley hadn’t decided to let Napoleon, Montezum
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Farewell, Cs:go Bots
Valve has removed CS:GO’s bots from competitive and wingman matches. So, when a teammate disconnects, or is vote-kicked, you really are down a player – no second chances! While the community isn’t on board with the specifics of the new change, this f
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“I Only Knew It By Its Dreadful Reputation”
I thought I was done with Star Wars. I think the last time I really cared about the franchise was when I was still young enough to find Jar Jar Binks funny. But the unbelievably slick The Mandalorian TV show has hooked me back in, and now I’m so far
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Travelling Fogglight
Sometimes a game will reveal the most unexpected facets of a player’s character. Two of these become apparent to me playing 80 Days. Firstly: being forced to prepare for a long trip in no time at all is like ‘Anxiety Dream: The Game’. Secondly: I’d b
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Mech My Day
Pretend you’re a housewife from a 1950s sitcom with this! Very slow, but very bashy. Just mind your thumbs when you bring it down, Range is frustrating/ brilliant depending on who’s holding it. Stab for long range, or charge for very, very long ra
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First Contact
A spoof Star Wars board game that not only offered planetary missions with individual characters, but zoomed all the way out to management of an empire. Gollop grew up loving sci-fi over fantasy, and so D&D gave way to this interstellar tabletop RPG
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Ship Of Dreams
Time travel, international espionage, explosions – not exactly what you expect from a game about the sinking of the Titanic. But Titanic: Adventure Out of Time, a ’90s FMV adventure made by a little studio in Knoxville, Tennessee, isn’t your typical
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White Wilderness
Dig a path using the exploding lemmings but don’t kill more than 90%, and make sure you blow up any blockers that you’ve left behind. You don’t have any blockers, so you’ll need to trap your lemmings in a pit while creating the route. And do it all
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Big City
Freeman arrives in City 17 by train, meeting oppressed citizens and enslaved Vortigaunts, all watched over by the ever-present digitised mug of Wallace Breen, the human face of the Combine invasion force. Emerging from the train station, Freeman get
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Traditional wisdom dictates that if you want the best gaming performance there is really only one option: Intel. That thinking is now outdated. With the release of AMD’s Zen 3 architecture and it’s Ryzen 5000 family of chips, there is now nothing bet
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Tainted Grail: Conquest
Horror reimaginings of Arthurian legend seem to be surprisingly popular at the moment. Between this Early Access roguelike and last issue’s cover star King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you might start to think that something about recent events has gotten
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Half-life 2
Plenty of games can claim greatness – whether acclaimed hits, or cult classics. Only a handful can claim to have changed the industry, and players, forever. Over the following pages are eight that hold that honour. Not only have they helped define PC
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Need To Know
A stealth game set in the Wild West £18 Honig Studios THQ Nordic Windows 10, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU @ 3.00GHz 16.0 GB RAM No elhijogame.com ■
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Magic Moments
This bizarre adventure game plays out like a half-remembered episode of He-Man, if it had been recreated by the folks behind Rick and Morty. You’re the heroic Prince Xandar – a gullible beefcake – but also his crotchety wizard pal Maldrek, on whom he
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Life In Space
+ An exciting life of crime + Fly fast, extremely powerful ships in small gangs + Can get rich if you rob a wealthy player - Being a criminal makes you a big target - Can go long stretches without a good ambush - Good ships are expensive + Get to f
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Need To Know
A crushing reminder I was born to serve, not lead £10.30 Inkle Ltd In-house Intel Core i7-7700 CUP @ 3.60GHz, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, Windows 10 No bit.ly/38cYCEM ■
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And so, here we are, we’ve finally come to the end of IO Interactive’s so-called World of Assassination trilogy, which began with the Danish developer’s first Hitman reboot back in 2016. These are some of the best systems-driven stealth games on PC,
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You’d hardly know that Loco Motive was created in just a fortnight for the AdventureX game jam, as it tells a measured, comedic murder mystery, brought to life with colourful characters, witty dialogue and puzzles that hit the sweet spot when it come
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Ration Pack
After a few years spent gardening, Jon Chey grew tired of retirement and led development on this top-tier tactics game, which mimics the earnest aesthetic of early D&D. A roguelike immersive sim that goes big on the systemic elements that Bioshock I
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Buyer’s Guide
PC gaming is for everyone. Pick the parts you want to build a new, well-rounded PC for a good price. You want to run every new game at 1080p 60fps. This recommended build will see you through. You’re looking for the best PC on the market and superi
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