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Battle Ready
WHEN GRETA VAN FLEET first exploded onto the scene a few years back, the band was lauded as much for its riff-centric, groove-heavy approach to rock and roll — something of a rarity in this day and age — as it was scrutinized for its stylistic adhere
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GUILD DROPPED BIG news at NAMM’s Believe in Music Week in the form of two baritones: the BT-240E and a fascinating eight-string model, the BT-258 on review here. Built on Guild’s bodacious jumbo body platform, they occupy a sonic range right between
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Tech Education
FOR MORE THAN four decades, Lloyd Baggs and his company, L.R. Baggs, have routinely upped the ante for acoustic-electric tone. Baggs began as a luthier working closely with Ry Cooder. Through a bizarre incident involving a guitar Baggs made for the g
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Royal Intrigue
The phenomenal body of work Prince created during his 57 years on Earth testifies to his genius for songwriting, his sheer musicality and his awesome guitar skills. But Prince was unique in that he processed similarly high-level skills when it came t
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Neural Dsp
HAVING FORGED A stellar reputation in the world of plug-in software, Finnish developer Neural DSP announced its move into amp-modeling hardware more than a year ago, eliciting excitement from a world already enthralled by the works of Fractal, Line 6
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Blues Brother
FOR THE PAST 60-plus years, Steve Cropper has maintained a legendary behind–the–scenes career as a musician, arranger, producer, songwriter and composer for movies and television shows. That said, the average casual music fan might only recognize his
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Let’s Work
ACCLAIMED FREELANCE RECORDING engineer and producer Hans-Martin Buff began his career working as a studio tech at Paisley Park in 1995. He summarily became Prince’s recording engineer and worked on the albums The Gold Experience, Chaos and Disorder,
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Reconstructed Classics
NEW ORLEANS CULTURE is built on real live musicians whooping it up together, so the pandemic shut down has been particularly challenging for cats in the 504 area code. Eric Johanson, known mostly as an electric whiz with a sweet slide game, got his b
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Stageworthy Strategies, Pt. 2
LIVE GIGS ARE suddenly coming back, and lots of players who’ve stripped down their sound during the pandemic are seeking ways to translate it faithfully to the stage. Last month we looked at saddling up an acoustic workhorse. This month, we’ll talk a
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Up Front|opening Notes
Thanks for the gracious nod to Brian May, one of the finest and most gentlemanly guitarists to grace rock and roll for perhaps ever [May 2021]. The interview was entertaining and informative. I had no idea Queen had toured with Mott the Hoople — of a
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Treasure Island
I DISCOVERED THE music of Trio Matamoros at a record store a few doors down from my place in Brooklyn. I walked past the shop many times but resisted going in because the window displayed LPs one could find at any suburban garage sale. The owner, who
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Home Rigs Of The Stars
HIS GENRE-SPANNING career includes thrash-metal titans Testament and the jazz-leaning Alex Skolnick Trio, but he’s also led the acoustic-based Alex Skolnick’s Planetary Coalition of artists from around the world and has his own podcast, Moods & Modes
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Guitar Player
Vol. 55 No. 7 JULY 2021 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Christopher Scapelliti, SENIOR EDITOR Art Thompson, ART EDITOR Rosie Webber
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Strong Stuff
IN ADDITION TO his two-decade run as a member of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Ricky Byrd has played guitar alongside a list of music legends that includes Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Costello, Ringo Starr, Alice Cooper, Ian Hunter, Smokey Robinson and
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Audiophile Axe
FOUNDED IN 1 995 by guitar maker Juha Ruokangas, the Finland-based company that bears his name handcrafts astonishing instruments that are built by a small team of highly skilled people. There are seven basic models in the Ruokangas line, which inclu
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Blue Moods
JULIAN LAGE HAS had a restless six-string spirit for practically his entire life. A guitar prodigy, he became professional at the age of seven and had performed with Carlos Santana, recorded with David Grisman and appeared on the Grammy Awards before
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Love At The Improv
“IMPROVISATION IS THOUGHT of as something you can’t cultivate,” Julian Lage says. “And yet anyone who’s an improviser and thinks of themselves that way understands that improvisation is one of the strictest musical territories.” With that in mind, La
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My Career In Five Songs
WHILE MANY ’ 70s punk bands reveled in looking disturbing and outrageous, the New York sextet Blondie appeared to spring directly from the pages of Vogue. A highly photogenic lot, the male members of the group routinely sported crisp, matching suits
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Open To Options
IT’S SAFE TO say your first moments with a guitar probably involved one or more open strings, courtesy of the handful of 1st-position open chords (a.k.a. cowboy chords) that we all became acquainted with early on. Stalwarts such as open E, C and G sh
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HAVING PUT ITS elaborate headstock on a range of creative solidbody offerings in recent years, as well as a large selection of semi- and fully hollowbody electrics, the revived D’Angelico brand has reimagined a classic from the glory days of its name
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Big Bottom
YOU KNOW A design is special when it attains “classic” status not just in its most iconic iteration but in several revamped versions. Such is the Fender Bassman. First introduced in 1952 as a 1x15 combo, the tweed Bassman hit its stride in the late ’
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How I Wrote… “For the Love of God”
ASK STEVE VAI’S fans to name their favorite of his songs, and most will tell you it’s “For the Love of God,” the hypnotically transplendent seventh track on his 1990 solo album, Passion and Warfare. “It’s an important one, for sure,” Vai agrees. “It
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FOR DECADES, ENGINEERS have used micro-pitch shifting to create detuned delays, chorusing, modulation and stereo widening. The effect began in the mid 1970s as an untended consequence of the then-new Eventide H910 Harmonizer, whose clocking mechanism
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Earthquaker Devices
EARTHQUAKER DEVICES HAS made uncommon reverbs a specialty of its extensive pedal line. Yes, you can opt for an amp-like spring reverb with the company’s Ghost Echo, or hi-fidelity digital delay and reverb with the Dispatch Maker. But I’ve also been d
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Fresh Prince
IT’S NOT UNUSUAL for musicians to keep an element of what they do secret. Some do it to prevent others from learning their processes, defy convention or create an air of mystery. Still others are just irritatingly private and have no interest in shar
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Guided By Voicings
THE GREAT PERSIAN philosopher Rumi once spoke of a metaphorical field beyond notions of right and wrong where the soul would be fulfilled beyond words. If such a place had a soundtrack, it could very well be Anomalia (Cherry Red Records), the imagina
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Beyond Borders
JOE ROBINSON IS a frighteningly fantastic acoustic and electric player who can leave you contemplating one of two things: quit while you’re behind, or join his quest onward toward ultimate guitar expression. Just turning 30, Robinson is already a sea
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A Texas Tornado In Tinseltown
THE TRACK IS called “Take Me Down Easy,” off of Marc Benno and the Nightcrawlers’ 1973 opus, Crawlin’, very possibly the best blues-rock album of the early 1970s you’ve never heard. Like every track on the album, it features heavyweight singer/guitar
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