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Shopping For Cbd
You’ve been probably been hearing more lately about cannabidiol (CBD) supplements for horses. Here are the basics about this new and growing segment of the equine supplement marketplace: • CBD is extracted from the flowers and buds of cannabis plants
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Make Winter Easier For Your Old Horse
Abrisk nip in the morning air, trees losing the last of their leaves, flocks of noisy geese flying south—these signs of an approaching winter can stir up a range of emotions for those who have a beloved older horse in the barn. The changing of the se
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Progress And Struggle In Senior Horse Care
A study from the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University confirms what many dedicated horse owners have long known: Caring for a geriatric horse with a chronic health condition can be a significant physical and emotional burden. “T
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The Benefit Of Fall Wellness Exams
One of the best ways to identify and mitigate potential health problems in your older horse this winter is with a full physical exam. Many veterinarians offer an autumn exam as part of a comprehensive wellness package, but if yours doesn’t, call and
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Reassuring Findings About Safety Of Ppid Drug
The first case of pergolide overdose in a horse was recently reported in Germany and the findings are reassuring. A report written by the treating veterinarians documents the case of a pony accidentally given 110 times the recommended dose of pergoli
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An American Original
Although the American Standardbred officially became a breed in 1879, when registry requirements were established by the National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders, the processes that coalesced to produce this uniquely American creation were wel
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Sobering Projections: How Climate Change May Affect Deworming
From extreme weather events to increased incidence of certain diseases, climate change poses a number of well-known threats to horse health. Now new research adds another concern to the list: accelerating drug resistance among internal parasites. The
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Lessons with Longears
Dogs and horses may be the typical stars of most animal-assisted therapy programs, but at the Latham Centers residential program for adults with disabilities, it’s donkeys who are changing lives. The Massachusetts-based organization provides care and
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New Option For Combatting Joint Pain Shows Promise
In a small-scale preliminary study, a natural fatty acid compound showed promise for easing pain associated with joint disease in horses. The study, conducted at the University of Messina in Italy, investigated the efficacy of a feed supplement conta
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The Turning Point
After the veterinarian’s truck rumbled down the gravel drive, I stood in the barn’s parking lot, holding the lead rope of my very first horse. Reality did not match my childhood dreams. Sirocco, a 6-year-old Arabian, fleabitten gray with bloodmarks s
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Small Strongyle Resistance To Macrocyclic Lactone Dewormers Reported In Kentucky
The first North American cases of small strongyle resistance to macrocyclic lactones, the chemical class of dewormers most widely used in horses, has been reported by researchers at the University of Kentucky. Parasites are considered resistant when
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Q: I have a friend who lost her older gelding to a strangulated gut. The veterinarian said her horse had developed an internal fatty tumor that wrapped around the horse’s intestines. This came out of the blue: This gelding had been perfectly healthy
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Doing Right By Therapy Horses
By and large, the nation’s therapy horses are in good health, have reasonable workloads and receive high quality care, according to a study conducted at Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky. Murray State researchers sent a 20-question survey t
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This Month’s Experts
Doug Butler, PhD, CJF, FWCF, has a doctorate in veterinary anatomy and equine nutrition and more than 57 years of experience as a practicing farrier. He is a Certified Journeyman Farrier and a Fellow of the Worshipful Company of Farriers. Founder and
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7 Things You May Not Have Known About Tetanus
Tetanus doesn’t grab many headlines these days. In this era of superbugs and COVID-19, a disease that can be prevented by vaccination and sensible wound management might seem almost tame. But tetanus is anything but. Cases may not be as common as the
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Cold Comfort
The Highlander Plus 300G Combo (suggested retail, $174.99) from Shires Equestrian is designed with a ShireTex® 1200 denier ripstop outer that is both waterproof and breathable. In addition, it features an integrated neck blanket, taped seams, deep sh
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Reduce Your Horse’s Risk
• Pick up debris and minimize sharp edges in your horse’s environment. It seems inevitable that if there’s a single nail on the ground, sooner or later it will end up in a horse’s foot. Try to pick up all stray nails and other debris after farrier vi
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anthelmintic—any of various classes of drugs used to destroy internal roundworm parasites. chondroitin sulfate—a sulfated glycosaminoglycan, a large protein molecule that is a constituent of connective tissues and cartilage; a common ingredient in ma
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Protect Yourself, Too
• Consult with your physician about keeping your own vaccinations up to date. Around 30 human cases of tetanus are reported each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—mainly among people who either wer
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Nice Work If You Can Get It
Shortly after graduating from college, I went rogue. Instead of accepting a “normal” job, I turned to the horse business. My parents were not thrilled, but accepted the inevitable. I had grown up in a “non-horsey” family, resolutely collecting horse
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In Focus: Tetanus
Definition: rare but usually fatal disease of horses caused by toxins produced by the Clostridium tetani bacterium. C. tetani spores, found in soil and manure, germinate beneath the skin of a closed wound, releasing neurotoxins that attack the nervou
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In a 2016 installment of the Conformation Insights series (“The Registered Morgan,” EQUUS 471, by Deb Bennett, PhD), inaccurate pedigree information was presented for the horse Statesman’s Eclipse. The caption with his picture should have read: “The
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Immunity After The Fact
If an injury or circumstances put a horse at risk for tetanus and his vaccination status is unknown, his treatment regimen may include tetanus antitoxin. Derived from the blood of horses immunized against tetanus, the antitoxin can halt or slow the p
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After reading your article “Good Behavior” (EQUUS 501), I have to tell you what happened to me. I take lessons on and show in dressage on my coach’s horse, Foxxy. She is your typical crabby mare. Yesterday I worked an extra day at my coach’s boarding
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Put An End To Barn Drama
To people outside the horse world, the idea of handling unpredictable animals that weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds seems nothing short of death-defying. But, for many of us, the challenge of working with horses is not nearly as daunting as contending w
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Become An EQUUS Contributor!
EQUUS welcomes freelance submissions for practically any section of the magazine. We prefer to receive manuscripts via email, sent to EQLetters@aimmedia.com. We will also consider typed hard-copy manuscripts, but please note: If you would like your m
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Case In Point Head Games
Barbara ran a boarding barn serving riders of all disciplines, although most boarders rode an English discipline of some kind. She decided when she opened her barn to establish a rule requiring all riders, no matter the discipline, to wear helmets. T
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A Forever Home
Well, it was bound to happen. After many years of rescuing horses and finding them homes, I’ve finally fallen in love with and adopted one of my own rescues. My name is Teri Allen, founder of Terolyn Horse Rescue in Elizabeth, Colorado. Before starti
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Case In Point A “Wannabe” Trainer
Amanda was a beginning rider who had watched several DVDs featuring one particular trainer and had gone to many of his clinics around the country. She bought a green filly and found a small facility to board her. Unfortunately, Amanda felt that she k
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