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Shooting Steps
1 Lay out your objects The key is to avoid any regimented lines of props – stagger your items to create layers, both vertically and moving into the scene. This produces a sense of depth to the small-scale scene, and makes the viewer want to explore e
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Become A Local Location Expert
Now that Harry has regularly visited most of the locations in his nearby counties, he doesn’t spend a lot of time photographing them. “As boring as it sounds, I’ll stand somewhere, look, and try find something different for the next book I’m creating
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Selling Photography Artwork Online
Where do you sell your photography artwork online? I sell my work online as prints at Fine Art America ( What are the pros and cons about Fine Art America? The pros are you can set up a free shop with up to 25 images to te
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Mike Mezeul II
Mike is an extreme nature and landscape photographer, workshop leader and speaker currently based in Dallas, Texas. He’s been shooting professionally for over ten years using Nikon kit, and loves to document the world’s weather. Mike has just returne
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Essential Editing Tools
Where the subject only occupies a small area of the frame, the Radial Filter can apply a localised exposure effect. Similarly a realistic focus falloff can be created to control edge distractions. This tool enables excellent local detail enhancement
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The Pro: Rory Lewis
Known for his signature painterly lighting style, Rory Lewis is an internationally recognised portrait photographer. Usually working between London, Amsterdam, New York and Los Angeles, his images feature in the National Portrait Gallery, and he is a
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Accessories Price: £170/$170 New to Lowepro’s Flipside backpacks are the 300 AW III and 400 AW III, featuring upgraded rear access and moulded PVA bumpers on the front. With exterior dimensions of 33x24x48cm, the 400 AW III is the larg
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Fujifilm X-E4
Price: £799/$849 body only The X-E4 is Fujifilm’s most compact interchangeable lens camera with the 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 processing engine. As the latest in the X-E series of mirrorless cameras, it has a rectangular rangefi
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Shoot Blossom Avenues
Blossom emergence is one of the natural events many photographers set their calendar by. The vibrant pinks, purples and delicate whites are a magnet to both landscape and cityscape photographers, while portrait shooters can also make great use of the
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Tech Specs
26.1MP 6,240 x 4,160 pixels APS-C format (23.5 x 15.6mm) X-Trans CMOS 4 Mechanical:15min-1/4,000 sec plus bulb, Electronic: 15min to 1/32,000sec ISO 160-12,800 expandable to ISO 80-51,200 Program,aperturepriority, shutterpriority,manual TTL 256-zone
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All The Gear, Some Idea?
The notion that photography newcomers need to earn expensive camera gear is a load of poppycock. ‘All the gear and no idea’. It’s a phrase that’s brandished about in almost every hobby. But is it really that silly for beginners to invest in the best
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When To Introduce Flash Lighting
Backlighting your subject can leave your subject in a stark silhouette. When you want to see a little more of the subject illuminated, inject light from the front using a flashgun positioned on or off the camera. It’s a good idea to start with the lo
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Our Contributors
As our in-house technique editor, Peter has expert insights for every aspect of the photo industry. On p34, discover his practical guide to artistic macro shots. He also shares techniques for Renaissance still lifes (p50), blossoming scenes (p56), su
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Process Your Shots
Macro retouching is an intriguing opportunity for creating artistic effects. Much as with the actual shooting of macro photography, it can be tempting to be highly conservative with the processing we apply to close-up shots, focusing only on retouchi
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In Other News
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has launched a book of her photography. Hold Stillis published by the National Portrait Gallery, for which the Duchess is Patron, and focuses on the effects of the Covid -19 pandemic on the people living throu
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Shot Of The Month
About the shot: Joshua was drawn to the mix of tones created by the contrasting nature of the Sangre De Cristo Mountain Range against the highest dunes in North Colorado. Every issue we’ll be sharing the best images from our Instagram community. Tag
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Macro Lens Types
Many photographers’ first macro lens is a 50mm or 60mm optic, with a 1:1, life-size magnification. These are easy to use, affordable choices and are perfect for creative flower photography. The short focusing distance is less useful for skittish inse
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HHarry To’s Simple M Reat Steps Fo Hs Dhooting Ama Ic A Look Scene Like This
1 Liget the tripod ce Tommy at the uses right a level “A PIXAPRO o the 55cmoadsuty aredis stashot at maineklevel, ht because He oifsyou uo aoo barhigh or bulbwwit , ou’llCmis O gelout hin theazop andthe experimpumpwiththe thebottomooeac boats.” 22
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The Best Of Spring Colour
For our latest competition in association with Photocrowd, we challenged you to submit your best spring colour shots. After working through all the brilliant entries, the winners have been selected. Both crowd-voted and expert winners will win a lice
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Control Your Lighting
Some aspects of macro photography require quite a bit of adaptation to the usual techniques applied in other genres. Focusing and depth of field is one, but another less thought about aspect to many beginners is lighting. This presents some major cha
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Bokeh Bank
Shoot a range of defocused background files, which can then be brought in to add interest to future images. Much like a landscape photographer might assemble a bank of skies to composite into other images, having a range of bokeh patterns, of varying
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Meet The Editing Pro
Jord Hammond is a travel photographer and storyteller from the UK. His clients include Adobe, Canon, Visit Dubai and Hong Kong Tourism Board. He has nearly 760,000 followers on Instagram and runs regular workshops and online courses. Head to www.jord
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Fujifilm has given the X-E4 the same 26.1MP APS-C format sensor and X Processor 4 as its other recent cameras including the X-T4 and X100V. There are 18 Film Simulation modes available including the new Eterna Bleach Bypass and popular Classic Chrome
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Top Editing Steps
1 Black and White Points Set up the overall contrast of the shot by setting the Black and White Points in Lightroom or camera Raw. Move the sliders until just before clipping occurs. This will ensure you have a good starting point without loss of det
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Multicultural And Multi-faith Wedding Photography
Everyone loves a good wedding. There’s nothing better than witnessing the love and union between two people surrounded by their closest family and friends. As the world comfortably progresses into the 21st century we are seeing more and more people f
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Include People?
I’ve been asked to photograph my local pub and they want interior shots of the restaurant as well as drinks and food. Should I include people in these images? When I asked they said to me whatever looks best… but I’m unsure! Kate Smith In any area o
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Edit The Shot
1 Black and White points Define the overall tonal range by pushing the Whites slider to the right and Blacks to the left, until just before detail begins to be clipped. This will add contrast to the shot and ensure oil-like density. 2 Control shado
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Practical Special Effects
1 Explore objects Look for transparent items made from glass or plastic. The material choice will alter the appearance of the subject when you shoot through it, so try both options. 2 Arrange props For this shot we placed the flower head between tw
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Harry Wheeler-Brand
Landscape pro Harry has been shooting since the age of 13, but his sole focus is now on helping others to improve their photography. With his company Harrybehindthelens, he leads inspirational photography workshops in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Camb
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