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The Ultimate Cover?
On December 2, 2012 when Led Zeppelin received the Kennedy Center Honors from President Barack Obama, the special gala concert included an emotional performance of Stairway To Heaven by Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson with Jason Bonham on drums, which h
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Emphasis on the songs illuminates the band in a different light. “Time to rock some bot,” says a subdued Rivers Cuomo, who has clearly embraced ‘lockdown hair’, leading Weezer on to the stage for a full run through their orchestral pandemic album OK
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June 19, 1947 – April 29, 2021 Rob Halford and KK Downing have paid tribute to John Hinch, who has died at the age of 73. The drummer played on Judas Priest’s debut album Rocka Rolla. Halford praised the technique of Hinch as “strong, direct and uniq
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Rusty Young
NORMAN RUSSELL YOUNG, better known as Rusty, was the pedal steel guitarist, keyboard player and also a vocalist and songwriter for the influential American country rock band Poco. The songs Rose Of Cimarron and Crazy Love, both written by Young, were
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Misty Mountain Hop
Written by: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones Run time: 4 minutes 39 seconds Recorded at: Headley Grange, Hampshire, 1971 In a nutshell: The tasty, hooky opener of side two, inspired by the ‘Legalise Pot’ rally in Hyde Park in 1968, at whi
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Heavy Fire
Most grunge-era bands have been credited with a role in the demise of hair metal. But few played their part with such panache, razor-sharp humour, wild hedonism and headline-grabbing performances as L7. And they did it all by infiltrating the very he
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Les McKeown
ALONG WITH HIS fellow members of the Bay City Rollers, Les McKeown was among the most popular figures in the music of the 1970s. And yet when called upon to replace founding lead singer Gordon ‘Nobby’ Clark in 1973, McKeown later admitted that the Ro
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The Battle Of Evermore
Written by: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Run time: 5 minutes 51 seconds Recorded at: Headley Grange, Hampshire, 1971 In a nutshell: A big folk-fest liberally dusted with Lord Of The Rings references. Mandolin lines and acoustic guitars sit alongside l
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Best Of The Rest
The late Suicide frontman’s second posthumous set is no mere cutting-room-floor sweep, but a hitherto unreleased album from the ever-edgy electro pioneer’s prolific nineties peak. Dark, bleak, challenging, unique. 7/10 The third EP from the preposter
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The members of this New York power trio are more famous for their post-Dust activities. Drummer Marc Bell went on to play in Richard Hell And The Voidoids, before hitting the world stage as Marky Ramone in 1978; vocalist/guitarist Richie Wise went on
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Billy F Gibbons
Some time back in the early 70s, when ZZ Top were just starting out, Billy Gibbons met blues great BB King. Gibbons was a 20-something guitar hotshot from Texas who’d got a papal blessing from Jimi Hendrix himself a few years earlier. He had every ri
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Mammoth WVH
Mammoth WVH EX1 RECORDS Van Halen The Younger strides out as a one-man band on his first album. The son of Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang began his apprenticeship in the family firm early, tinkering around on uncle Alex’s drum kit during soundchecks when
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Tame Impala
Kevin Parker and co. present a new view of their debut album. As home-working environments go, an anniversary live performance of Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker in full, at the residential coastal studio where it was recorded (now owned by mainman Kevin
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This Month’s Contributors
Just after the release of Led Zep IV (about which he writes this issue), Dave was lucky enough to be in attendance at Zep’s Empire Pool Wembley show – the first of 15 occasions he saw them play live. The effect has been a lasting one. Evenings With L
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Round-up: Melodic Rock
What do you get when a member apiece from H.e.a.t, Europe, Art Nation and The Poodles is thrown into a musical blender, along with a dash of seasoning provided by Dynazty? The answer is a Scandinavian melodic rock supergroup of almost unparalleled cl
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Round-up: Blues
Mississippi-born Afton Wolfe has laid his hat from New Orleans to Nashville since the late 90s, becoming a local hero wherever he’s alighted. Now, the Southerner’s belated solo career announces a talent that his bands have never quite bottled. While
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The Who
The Who Sell Out UMC/POLYDOR Five-CD Super Deluxe edition of ’67 album, plus unreleased tracks, demos and other goodies. The Pop Art structure of The Who Sell Out was born out of necessity. Pete Townshend didn’t think he had enough songs for a full a
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Going To California
Written by: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Run time: 3 minutes 32 seconds Recorded at: Headley Grange, Hampshire, 1971 In a nutshell: The ballad of Led Zep IV, Going To California strikes a stirring, pastoral penultimate note before the big finale. Some
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Dropkick Murphys I’m Shipping Up To Boston
It was 2004, and, for perhaps the first time in his life, Ken Casey of Dropkick Murphys was at a loss for words. As far back as anyone in Boston could remember, the band’s co-founder, co-frontman, bassist and de facto leader had been the city’s best-
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April 17, 1930 – April 26, 2021 New Yorker Al Schmitt’s production credits read like a Who’s Who of rock, including Elvis Presley, Jefferson Airplane, Neil Young, Spirit, Steely Dan, Toto and Madonna. The multiple Grammy winner recorded and mixed mor
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Big Thief
Brooklyn grunge-folk quartet revisit their pre-pandemic peak. “I feel like we’re in a barn,” grinning Big Thief singer Adrienne Lenker says in this enjoyably raw livestream show, “but a barn on another planet.” Little did they know back in November 2
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Mike Mitchell
THE GUITARIST WITH The Kingsmen, the garage rockers from Portland who souped up Richard Berry’s ballad Louie Louie, transforming it into a global smash, passed away on his 77th birthday. No cause of death was disclosed. The Kingsmen recorded Louie Lo
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The Basics
Written by: John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant Run time: 4 minutes 55 seconds Recorded at: Headley Grange, Hampshire, 1971 In a nutshell: Led Zep IV’s colossal, deceptively offbeat opening salvo, with one of Jimmy Page’s most widely celebrated
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Best Of The Rest
First in a series of hit-free snapshots capturing the ever-influential German improvisers in full flow. Each of its five segments finds nascent chaos metamorphosing into funk-fuelled crescendo as if by inspired osmosis. 7/10 The most striking conclus
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Classic Rock
Siân Llewellyn Now playing: Nancy Wilson, You And Me Darrell Mayhew Monster Magnet, A Better Dystopia Polly Glass Blackberry Smoke, You Hear Georgia Paul Henderson Cream, The Goodbye Tour - Live At The Forum 196 Ian Fortnam Heartbreakers, LAMF: The F
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Stairway To Heaven
Written by: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Run time: 7 minutes 58 seconds Recorded at: Headley Grange, Hampshire; Sunset Sound, LA; Island, London In a nutshell: The big one. The one even non-fans of Zeppelin know, in name if nothing else. An emotional
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Book Bonanza!
THE COMING MONTHS will see the publication of a wide selection of rockrelated books, and also, inspired by the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, The Dirt and Elton John’s Rocketman, a couple of potentially fascinating biopics. Rufus Publications, who spe
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Four Sticks
Written by: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Run time: 4 minutes 42 seconds Recorded at: Island Studios, London, 1971 In a nutshell: Chances are if there’s a track you forget about on Led Zep IV it’s Four Sticks, but that’s no poor reflection on it’s head
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When The Levee Breaks
Written by: Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Memphis Minnie. Run time: 7 minutes 8 seconds Recorded at: Headley Grange, Hampshire, 1971 In a nutshell: The enormous closing statement, and an incendiary reinterpretation from a ba
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Jim Steinman
November 1, 1947 – April 19, 2021 Following the death of Jim Steinman, at the age of 73, having succumbed to kidney failure at a hospital in Connecticut, Meat Loaf has led the many tributes to the Grammywinning songwriter and eccentric genius behind
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