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Ice Breaker
On an evening of gray skies, gray sleet and horrendous gray chop, I stand abreast the shoreline, my hood cinched, shivering. Lake Champlain conjures in many hearts a sweet, gentle environment, all neon swim trunks and cocktails sipped at sunset, but
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For more than three decades, starting in 1977, Breck and Julie Turner were the proprietors of With Pipe & Book on Lake Placid’s Main Street. Their emporium sold tobacco, vintage maps, prints, postcards and used books and magazines. When the Turners w
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Adirondack Life
CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Lisa Lincoln CONTROLLER Joni Manning EDITOR-AT-LARGE Elizabeth Folwell EDITOR Annie Stoltie SENIOR EDITORS Lisa Bramen, Niki Kourofsky DESIGNER Mark Mahorsky CONTRIBUTORS Nancie Battaglia, Mark Bowie, Carrie Marie Burr, Joe Conne
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Box 410
Niki Kourofsky’s piece on her warm childhood memories of visiting the “scarred landscape” of Lyon Mountain (“To the Mountain,” December 2020) brought back memories. Over the years I have treated my family and friends to a trip to see the big iron ore
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The Wave Goodbye
Coming to Adirondack Life in 1989 was inevitable: my previous jobs had been at the Adirondack Museum and Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts (ALCA), both in Blue Mountain Lake. At an ALCA career day focusing on employment in the arts, I met photogra
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Northern Lights
The Showtime series The Good Lord Bird, starring Ethan Hawke as John Brown, has brought renewed interest in the story of the fiery abolitionist who lived for a time, and is buried, in North Elba. Hawke’s wild-eyed portrayal of Brown—best known for hi
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First Tracks
THAIRE’S SKI ROOM BEGAN OPERATING OUT OF LAKE PLACID HARDWARE CIRCA 1925, making it perhaps the first ski shop in the United States. For the next five decades—except for the three years he served in World War II—Thaire Bryant sold, rented and repaire
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The Long View
Saranac Lake, with a population of just over 5,000 people, is the largest village in the Adirondack Park. This still surprises me even though I’ve known it for at least half my life. The park, a mix of public and private land, is big, famously so. It
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Living in Jane Austen’s World
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single bird in possession of a good territory, must be in want of a mate. With a bit of tweaking, Jane Austen’s opening sentence in Pride and Prejudice describes many birds, but her depiction of English
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Fur-ever Wild
YOU SEE ADIRONDACKERS’ FOUR-LEGGED FRIENDS just about everywhere around here, hiking, swimming, napping in the sun, lounging by a campfire. So, we figured, why not spotlight these park pups in an Adirondack Life dog photo contest? Three hundred–plus
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Polar Opposites
IT’S THE BEST KIND OF COUNTDOWN, heading southwest on Route 28: Eighth Lake … Seventh Lake … Sixth Lake … Fifth Lake, then BAM! Inlet’s tiny downtown explodes in a funfetti of color and movement. Families line up for Northern Lights’ gelato or panini
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Adirondack Blackface
CAUTION: This article quotes historical sources that used offensive language. MAYBE YOU RECAL L THE NEWS ABOUT A racist blackface cartoon on the cover of a SUNY–Plattsburgh student newspaper in 2015. Or the SUNY–Potsdam students who filmed themselves
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Cool Family Fun
My dad’s been the captain of every ice-fishing outing I’ve ever been on. And there have been plenty. Most people envision ice fishing as a quiet, solitary activity—sitting alone on a bucket, bobbing a line up and down until there’s a hit. That’s not
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Camera Shy
Ninety minutes after sunrise on a spring morning, I arrived at a High Peaks lodge with hopes of photographing one of the Adirondacks’ most delightful denizens. On the ground lay a light cover of snow over hard-pack, and red squirrels chattered in the
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Fine Dining & Lodging
The Waldheim. Seventeen cottages with fireplaces overlooking scenic Big Moose Lake. Established in 1904, The Waldheim has changed little since. Rates include three delicious meals served daily in a central dining room. Unstructured opportunities allo
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For many years, cross-country skiing has been one of my favorite winter activities. When snow’s not abundant where I live in Peru, on the northeastern edge of the Adirondack Park, I ski Avalanche Lake or the frozen ponds in the St. Regis Canoe Area.
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Looking Up
It’s Erik Danielson’s 30th birthday. He strides purposefully, pack on his back, along a shoulder of Route 3 near Ampersand Mountain. He’s doing one of the things that makes him happiest. Six other people trail behind him as cars and trucks blow past.
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Higher Education
Sweat soaked into my shirt as I pulled myself up over the twisted channel of rock. It was my third season working as a Summit Steward in the High Peaks, and each step felt familiar. I paused at a large open rock and pulled out my radio to sign into s
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Wilderness for Sale
At $180,000,000, Camp Deerlands, near Long Lake, has the highest asking price in the Adirondack Park. Of course, aside from the 17-bedroom Great Camp, the listing comes with 36,000 acres of prime Adirondack real estate, including part of the canoe ro
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Rare and lucky is the person who catches more than a fleeting glimpse of this gorgeous cat. A lifetime’s thrill can be more easily found, though, by humbly backtracking a bobcat on a frozen swamp, reading the hunter’s story in prints, how she investi
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Season’s Feedings
Bring the holiday decor outdoors and attract some feathered friends with these homemade birdseed ornaments: Mix 3½ cups wild birdseed, 1 cup quick oats and ½ cup cornmeal in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, melt together 1½ cups shortening (palm-oil
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Wild, Wild Weather
September 20, 1845 A cyclone cleared a mile-wide path from Newton Falls to Tupper Lake. July 12, 1947 Three people drowned and homes and crops were destroyed. November 25, 1950 About 420,000 acres of forest was decimated; it took five years for some
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Animal Instinct
This August, St. Michael’s College cross-country athlete Rachel Smith was running a favorite trail near her hometown of Old Forge, when she accidentally came between a mama bear and her cubs. Smith shifted into survival mode, running for miles throug
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Rachel Finn
When Rachel Finn talks, you can’t help but listen. Partly because of the surroundings. She’s a fly-fishing guide at Wilmington’s Hungry Trout Fly Shop, which means her stage is often the middle of a quietly babbling brook, her auditorium a cathedral
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Windows 2020
The recesses of my brain store a jumble of blurred images, indistinct scenes viewed through train and bus windows half a lifetime ago: Turreted castles on the high banks of the Rhine. Crumbling remnants of long-fallen empires. Epithets spray-painted
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Moving In
Christine McBride spent her first summer at Schroon Lake 49 years ago. Back then, there were plenty of chipmunks around her family’s home, but nothing like this summer’s population. “I remember as a little girl my grandfather feeding the chipmunks. T
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Wild Neighbors
WHEN PEOPLE THINK OF wild untamed creatures of the Adirondacks, they often think of free-roaming eagles, bears and loons, but there is much more to Adirondack wildlife than those large and charismatic animals. Thousands more species of beautiful, fie
Adirondack Life2 min lettiEarth Sciences
Wild Education
AT SHINGLE SHANTY PRESERVE, 15,000 privately owned acres in the central Adirondacks, I’m often the only person in a remote landscape of boreal wetlands, numerous lakes and ponds, and northern hardwood forests. There is no cell-phone service. I have t
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Into The Wild
NEARLY 20 PERCENT of the 1,161,257public acres within the Adirondack Park are classified as wilderness, which the Adirondack Park Agency defines: “A wilderness area, in contrast with those areas where man and his own works dominate the landscape, is
Adirondack Life2 min lettiNature
Wild Lives
AS A KID I WAS FASCINATED WITH FOXES: Kit foxes, swift foxes and tiny fennecs, all desert dwellers with giant ears to amplify the sound of scurrying mice and disperse body heat; arctic foxes, no bigger than house cats, with nubbin-short ears and fluf
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