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Getting Hooked
What’s the easiest way to learn how to ice fish? Before blowing potentially thousands of dollars on gear you may never use again, find out if you like the activity during a guided expedition. Ice Fish Winter Park takes people on four-hour trips to Wi
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What To Expect When You’re Expecting The Worst
AWFUL GREAT Robots of the immediate future will be more WALL-E than The Matrix, according to Kerstin Haring, director of the Humane Robotics Technology Laboratory at the University of Denver. In other words, instead of turning humans into AAA batteri
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Movable Feast
Colorado mountain towns have become Denverites’ premier vacation destinations for winter 2021. But what to eat in your condo/cabin/hut away from home? Leave that to Whistling Boar, whose Weekender Box feeds two (at least); it will feel as if chef-own
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Grocery Games
Blessed are the food makers and food sellers in these coronavirus-afflicted times. The shutdowns and restaurant closings of 2020 had me cooking at home every night some weeks, which prompted masked shopping excursions beyond the realms of Costco, Kin
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Making Weed Less White
Like many women in male-dominated industries, Wanda James is a serial overachiever. She purged the word “can’t” from her vocabulary during military service as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. Subsequent stints in the corporate world, the rest
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The Expert: Jesse Heilmann, owner and manager of Death & Glory Skate Shop, the only retailer in Denver that focuses on quad and in-line skates The COVID-19 Effect: TikTok videos of roller skaters dancing during quarantine drove some of the 389 percen
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101 Things Todoin Colorado This Year!
Courtesy of Meek; Morgan Chapman Media; Courtesy of Cedar Ridge Ranch; Ariel Skelley/Getty Images; Courtesy of Angel Rowell; Courtesy of Andrew Kelly; Courtesy of Matthew Kienbaum; Jack Lafleur/Courtesy of Elevation Cycles; Annabel Reader/Courtesy of
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Hot To Cold Sleep: Red Mountain RV Park Play: What ski area Bluebird Backcountry lacks in chairlifts, it makes up for in 1,200 acres of avalanche-evaluated powder. Relax: Marinate in natural-hot-springs-fed pools and baths at Hot Sulphur Springs Reso
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Classic Pursuits
Teach Junior that skiing isn’t the only way to get a winter adrenaline fix at Ruby Hill Park’s epic sledding slope. Visit North Pole, a kitschy amusement park at the foot of Pikes Peak that’s been celebrating Santa year-round since 1956. Let your lit
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Go Mobile
This company with offices in Lakewood and Las Vegas boasts a fleet of vintage VW vans tricked out with beds and stainless-steel sinks. From $150 per night, rockymountaincampervans.com With stripped-down yet comfy interiors (a bed, cushy bench seats,
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Rising Fortunes
Book one of two units for a weekend at the Chalet, a private lodge that opened in 2019 just 15 minutes from Crested Butte’s charming downtown. You and your quaranteam can explore the 50-acre property’s private mountain biking and hiking trails before
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Continuing Education
Once a month, the Bug Theatre in LoHi hosts (virtually, for now) Nerd Nite, a more casual take on the TED Talk. Here, intellectuals of all kinds give 20-minute crash courses on Star Wars audio production, sharks, working in haunted houses, and even m
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Urgent Care
If long hours at work have left you feeling unfocused, irritable, or depressed, you’re familiar with burnout. For health care workers, that exhaustion takes a brutal form: compassion fatigue, wherein providers become so drained they struggle to empat
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Denver’s Top Lawyers 2021
IT’S SIMPLY A FACT OF LIFE that even the least litigious among us will be in need of a lawyer at some point. When you find yourself in that position, though, navigating the complicated legal world can be overwhelming, especially when you consider tha
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Growth Potential
In 2019, Longmont felt like a modern-day boomtown. Main Street brimmed with hip boutiques and eateries. J.M. Smucker Co., the jam company, opened a factory in July, bringing 200-plus well-paying jobs to the town, with an estimated 270 more anticipate
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Which attorneys did you survey? All licensed attorneys in the seven-county metro area were welcome to participate in our survey, which went live on 5280.com in May. We reached out to more than 17,700 licensed attorneys actively registered with the Co
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In The Land Of Women
La Veta isn’t really on the way to anywhere. Tucked against the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, it has just one main road that serves a population of less than 900. At first glance, it seems like any small town—except it’s not. Of the 29 businesses in La
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Digging Out
The avalanche that killed my friend, Hans Berg, on Jones Pass on the afternoon of March 7, 2019, was about 2,000 feet wide and ran from its start, beneath a cornice that collapsed, approximately 1,000 feet to its stopping point, across a snowcat road
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Pictures Perfect
Choose a wall in a room visitors might actually wander into—you want people to compliment your handiwork, right? In this Broomfield client’s guest bedroom, Vanek filled the space above the headboard, so it’s the first thing overnighters see when they
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Dining Guide
PRICE KEY (Average Entrée) $ UNDER $10 • $$ $11 TO $15 • $$$ $16 TO $25 • $$$$ $26 AND HIGHER. Want More Dining Options? Visit our online listings at 5280.com/restaurants. Indicates a restaurant featured in 5280 for the first time (though not necessa
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Natural Beauty
1. Despite her current surroundings, Guralnick, 67, launched her career in a more metropolitan locale. After attending art school in Boston, she studied painting in London: “I was 19. All I wanted to do was go to Europe and smoke cigarettes and wear
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Hip To Be Larimer Square
Like so many of history’s brilliant thinkers, Josh Sampson has a difficult time explaining the genesis of his genius. “I just wake up with these things,” says the owner of Good Baby Management, a Denver real estate and brand development company that
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Ask an Adventurer
Q I’m all for preventing COVID-19 outbreaks, but resorts’ temporary reservation systems are messing with my powder days. I think taking my snowboard into the backcountry is the answer, but can I avoid lugging it up a mountain? A For years, snowboarde
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Pretty Lights
This dazzling array, which features 10,000-plus lights meticulously outlining nearly every edge of Walter Hazard’s home, is beloved by those near (neighborhood kids were the ones who named it “The Gingerbread House”) and far (German magazine Der Spie
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A New Tune
When chef Justin Brunson closed seven-year-old Old Major in June, he left the Tejon Street restaurant space in talented hands—those of Amos Watts, who has led the kitchens at Acorn, Old Major (from 2015 to 2017), and, most recently, Corrida in Boulde
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All In The Family
About 10 years ago, with December baking duties looming, my mother, Kay, who was then in her mid-80s, told us that she wasn’t going to cook anymore. The Queen Mum of holiday treats had announced her abdication. No more impeccable shortbread, lightly
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A Delicate Balance
Wade Shelton is driving along a gravel road that’s so bumpy his voice shakes as he talks, though the turbulence doesn’t slow his words. He’s besotted with this land in southern Colorado: 19,200 acres of old-growth oak forest, volcanic cliffs, and gra
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Best Of The Mountain West
Although it’s a bit of a cliché, the phrase “unbridled optimism” is an apt descriptor for how we felt when we began concepting this inaugural edition of “Best Of The Mountain West,” a story spanning eight states that we’d hoped would become a reader
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