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Mindfulness Rituals And Celebration
Despite the long, dark nights, cold mornings, wind and rain, winter is often a time that brings us great joy. There are so many events that bring friends and family together, to keep our hearts warm, if not our toes! Whether your winter celebrations
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Junior Editor Bram
CAN YOU TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR LIFE AND INTERESTS? Hi, I’m Bram I was born in Dorset then moved to Spain and then to London, which is where we have lived for the past six and a half years. I like playing my guitar and have a band called Black Rose
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Sugar Overload
Looking at my right shoulder I sent peace and blessings to the invisible angel that keeps a record of all my good actions, and then did the same to the angel on my left that writes down my wrong ones. My eyes flicked up to check if Dad had finished h
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Chris Young works as a children’s specialist for Golden Hare Books, an independent bookshop based in Edinburgh – this involves trying out all sorts of ways to get kids into reading. She also works as a part-time librarian, doing a similar job! She ha
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In Perfect Harmony
It was only six in the morning, and it was the day of Bhai-Dooj. Bhai-Dooj was the festival that marked the love of brothers and sisters on the last day of the Diwali festival. They had been up late, lighting lamps and celebrating the festival the la
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READER Reviews
You might not have read the Rabbit and Bear books before. If you haven’t, you need to know that in the first book Rabbit makes friends with Bear, and in the second book Rabbit is very clever and Bear is not. The third book, A Bite in the Night, which
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Bitter Things
It is as if British people cannot just have uncomplicated fun. At the festive period we gather with our families to share presents. We connect with old friends, we splash out on the best food, we take time to pause our lives to think about what matte
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Unhappy Holidays
Rising from the underworld on 5 December is Krampus, the cloven-hoofed demon spawn of Hel, daughter of Loki. Across Germany and Austria he stalks the streets, whipping bad children with bundles of birch sticks. If you have been particularly naughty,
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Interview with Oliver Jeffers
In your new book The Fate of Fausto we see a man try to own the planet and come to a sad end. It is a very powerful parable. How did the idea come to you? The idea came to me by just considering the relationship we have with our environment. I was w
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Steve McQueen’s Year 3
Steve McQueen was born in London and one of the first schools to get involved was his own primary school in Ealing. He now lives and works in London and Amsterdam. In 1999 he won the Turner Prize – the most famous British prize for a visual artist. H
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Stories In The Stars
Orion appears in the winter sky with his bow, star-studded belt and his two hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor, following behind him. Greek mythology tells us that Orion once boasted that he could rid the Earth of all its wild animals, but whe
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Eoin Colfer
How do you see the twins changing throughout the books? It was funny for Artemis – I really didn’t envision having a series on my hands so it was OK for him to be quite two dimensional, in that he would be the bad guy, and that he would be slightly
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Celebrating New Year in South East Asia
In Laos the Buddhist New Year is celebrated with a three-day long massive water fight. Nobody is safe! Everyone, from children to elderly men, stand armed with water pistols, hoses and buckets of water to give innocent passers-by a soaking. Symbolica
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Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Saidu and I am eleven years old. Where do you live? I live at Tengbeh Town in Freetown, Sierra Leone with my parents and siblings. We live in a rented flat with a single room and parlour and an outside b
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ZANZIBAR Tanzania, Africa
Tell us a little about yourself. My name is Rae and I am eight years old. My favourite colour is yellow and l love horse riding and hanging out with my friends. I also like reading chapter books and writing my diary. Where do you live? I used in l
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Gary Glitch
It stopped storming In the morning So Gary thought He’d take a walk. He put one foot Out in front, but Then felt an itch, So Gary Glitch Twitched, his hand rose, Hitched to his nose There to scratch it. Being distracted Thus from his stroll Took quit
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Guest Editor Celia Rees
What do you love about being an author? That’s a really hard question because writing is just what I do. I can’t imagine life without it, so it’s a bit like asking ‘What do you love about breathing?’ I know it has made my life far richer, not in a m
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Betjeman Poetry Prize
Where do you like to write? Anywhere outdoors. Nature is calming and peaceful so it’s easier to really concentrate, but at the same time it’s inspiring. Last year at the Betjeman Poetry Camp we spent five days living in tents in the grounds of Wadde
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Winter Solstice
The Victorians invented many of our most cherished Christmas traditions, as you’ll find when you read Charles Dickens’ famous novel A Christmas Carol. Because all the elements of Christmas are in there: the feast ... the Yule log ... the singing ...
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The Corridor
The door slides shut and I gaze, eyes wide, At the wire-crossed window, far too high. Stay there, said Granny, this will all be over soon. Hold onto Teddy, you won’t feel alone. So I stand on tip-toes, brave boy, chin up Pulling on Teddy’s ear for lu
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Flying Latkes
My twin sister Rachael definitely wasn’t human. She was a giant onion and potato-filled latke. That’s my favourite food, if you want to know. I could eat latkes morning, day and night. Latkes are one of the very best things about Hanukah. Well, that
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What’s On
It’s Christmas Eve on the farm, and the chickens, pigs and cows are fast asleep. Inside the farmhouse, the fire is roaring and a delicious, steaming pudding is left out on the windowsill … This brand new musical about Charlie and her dad moving to th
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Wonderful World, Beautiful Music
Yellowman isn’t actually called Yellowman – his name is Winston, and he grew up in Jamaica. Yellowman is very important in the world of reggae, he was the first dancehall artist to be signed to a major record label. That was in 1981 and he signed to
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How To Make Music Videos
What did you want to do for a job when you were at school?  I wanted to be a pilot. I loved, and still love, planes.   Have you always liked music and watching music videos?  Yes – I have. I got dragged into the practical side by my cousin who is
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Amazing Africa Seek-and-find
1. THE LOCATION OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST CIVILISATION? Ancient Egypt’s Pharaonic civilisations date back to 3100 BC. 2. THE WORLD’S LONGEST RIVER? The Nile is 4,132 miles long. 3. THE LARGEST WATERFALL? Victoria Falls is one mile wide Zambia is on one s
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Contemporary African Art And Artists
Artists from across the vast continent of Africa – as well as artists of African heritage from every corner of the world – are now making their mark as never before on the contemporary art scene. El Anatsui from Ghana makes huge ‘cloths’ of bottle
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The Hero Librarian Of Timbuktu
How far would you go to protect your most treasured possessions? What would you be willing to risk to save your family’s precious heirlooms? These were the questions facing Abdel Kader Haidara in 2012 when his city of Timbuktu, in the West African c
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· Two players · Twelve counters each – they could be sticks vs stones, black vs white, or any other group you can find as long as each player’s set is easily recognisable. To form three-in-a-row, and remove your opponent’s pieces so they can’t play.
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The Politics Of Afro Hair
On 3 July 2019, the state of California signed the CROWN Act into law. Its purpose? To protect its citizens from discrimination based on their natural hair. This new law prohibits workplaces and schools from enforcing policies against particular hai
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The Mpemba Effect
Even as Erasto Mpemba put up his hand, his schoolmates started jeering. They knew what he was going to ask – it was his obsession – and they did not want to be embarrassed by a classmate demonstrating his ignorance of physics in that way.  Throughout
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