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North West
Aasvoëlbad farm spans 200 hectares on the northern slopes of the Magaliesberg in Bokfontein, Brits. The farm derives its name from the Cape Griffin vultures (Gyps coprotherus) that breed on the southern slope of the mountain. Well-marked and maintain
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Coach Sean Tait asks "How can you determine if what you have been doing has been working for you, if you don’t know how to measure it?" Learn how to do that correctly in the following pages. ■
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What Can You Do?
Stick to parks, open spaces, and your favourite trails as much as possible. Avoid rush hour and plan your route to avoid any areas of traffic congestion where vehicles sit idling. Traffic is lighter and pollution levels are lower early in the morning
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Your Photos
Ian explored passes in the Central Drakensberg with Warren Manson and Roy Arouca on the first weekend of September. They were based at Bannerman Hut. Their adventure started up Bannerman Pass, then headed down Judge Pass, climbed Gypaetus Pass, desce
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Grow your Money Don’t Blow It
South African markets offer a range of investment options, which is great as it gives you choices. But it also means you could invest in funds not ideal for your situation. You need to do your homework. Poorly chosen investments are like missing a tu
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Creative &Resilient
There’s this Gary Larson cartoon. A pride of lion lazes around a zebra kill, with vultures and hyenas all round. A jackal peers out from the bush with a megaphone in his paw: “Yoh, guys?” he calls, “Everyone cool if I mosey on down to the kill?” That
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Let's Go!
Lockdown only reminded us how remarkable the diversity of races we have in South Africa is. These events inspire us and keep us motivated, but who are the dynamic people still making them happen for us, despite the hurdles? In this first instalment,
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Rock Music
PE’s Annalise Scholtz negotiates a section of rock in the Steytlerville district of the Eastern Cape that’s guaranteed to sharpen focus. Trail running often turns into rock hopping and scrambling, and sometimes, friends are the catalyst. “Do you mind
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Trail ZA
cover Bruce Arnett is a 13-time SkyRun winner and one of South Africa’s most experienced mountain runners. photo Zane Schmahl Publisher Deon Braun | Editorial Zane Schmahl (cover), Barend Bezuidenhout, Deo
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BROOKS HI-TEC PUMA SALOMON THE NORTH FACE R2 599 | If you love to go fast and far on the trails, the Catamount is the perfect partner for your feet. Its lightweight, responsive cushioning is made for epic adventure. A raised tre
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It’s Time To Rebalance
The civil unrest peaked as the previous issue went live. Mid-July was a surreal time for South Africans, and especially for those of us living in its epicentre, Durban. Many assumptions about our nation were questioned and tested. I had to abandon my
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Adventures That Rocked Your World
6-9 October 2021 The 13th edition of this iconic coastal run delivered four days of trail stoke shared between the Challenge, with its 11-hour medal cut-off, and the Race, with its nine-hour limit. This 42km test of technical skills and undulating co
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The Air We Breathe
Now that most of us live in or near cities, our weekend escapes are something we look forward to, even crave. We are drawn to the big skies, the dark nights unsullied by light pollution, and what seems to be clean country air. Back in the city, we ea
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Still Flying
Lives George Born Harare, 1971 Profession Real estate / construction Age 50 Height 1.73m Mass 65kg Other sports Mountain biking, snow skiing, paragliding THE TRAIL SCENE WAS PRETTY SMALL WHEN I FIRST GOT INTO IT IN 1998. Race-wise, the Puffer in Cape
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R3 299 | The North Face developed the Race Day Vest to ensure your run is as smooth as possible. It provides storage for the essentials – water, gels, a shell layer, phone and other race-day safety gear – without extra weight. The
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R689 | A versatile essential, perfect for layering. With streamlined, understated style, this sweat-wicking running tank dries quickly, so tough workouts only leave their mark on your fitness. Its updated design ensures full ran
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Are you Overtraining?
Exercising regularly helps to prevent disease and prolong lives, and exercising intensely can prevent disease and prolong lives even more.1 However, a study from Karolinska Institute suggests that exercising intensely too often can harm your health,
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Training After Covid
By now, most of us have had COVID-19 or know people who have had it. The good news is that runners mostly seem to have less severe effects and also recover faster. Running coach Neville Beeton has seen this firsthand, with 26 of his runners having ha
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The best way to experience Magoebaskloof in all its glory is on the Green Route. This takes you past Cheerio Gardens, climbs 1600m-high Mount Merrick, summits at the Long Tom Memorial (an Anglo-Boer War heritage site), Wegraakbosch Organic Farm, and
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Your Trail Motivation
shafgordon During my run this evening I saw him in the ocean, I saw him in the clouds, and I saw his face in the sunset. It reminded me to be grateful and always express gratitude. 1. Being able to run  2. Good health  3. Having a good boss It's been
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Keep Experimenting
▪ 2 tbsp flaxseed (ground)▪ 6 tbsp water (for flax)▪ 3 large ripe bananas▪ 1 cup filtered water▪ 70ml canola oil #▪ 1 tsp vanilla essence▪ 50g dried fruit / nuts (optional) ▪ 1 cup brown bread flour *▪ ½ cup rye flour *▪ ½ cup sorghum flour *▪ 3 tsp
TRAIL1 min lettiDiet & Nutrition
AFRICAN Banana Bread
This dense, filling banana bread can be a nutritious ally in your training and racing. It's perfect for breakfast, as a midday snack, or as a dessert after any meal. It will lift your energy on the trail when you've run far and long, and help you fin
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Pre-run Checks
We all know someone who tells us they can’t run because of bad knees or back, weak ankles, or another medical reason. If you are new to running and you have heard these comments before, you may be feeling a little anxious about the impact of running
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When Not To Exercise
There are a few situations where exercise is not recommended: ◼ When you have a fever. This will raise your heart rate and reduce your fluid levels. A fever means that your body is battling an infection, and you could weaken your immune system if you
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Run day four of the five-day GCT to climb the spectacular Black Eagle Pass for amazing views of Rhino Peak (3,056m) and surrounding mountains. The trail follows the top of the ridge before dropping to the finish. Bring water, as there’s none on route
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The Test of Time
I think we can safely say that there isn’t a single runner out there who hasn’t been through a period of plateau, or even regression, in their running career. We start out and get better very quickly. Then we expect that exponential improvement to co
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Inspired For Life!
The race was a great success for me, and surprisingly, I even got a 13th place (in the women's race). I'm really so grateful in light of the harsh conditions. It’s even more satisfying knowing that through my sweat, new toilets and an administration
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FLY with THE SAUCONY Peregrine 11
ENTER SauconySA ■
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Eastern Cape
Emerald Vale epitomises the rugged beauty of the Eastern Cape. Enjoy lovely glimpses of the ocean and Cefane estuary – and the unexpected joy of sometimes sharing the trail with a bushbuck, duiker, or warthog. The trails are superbly maintained, vari
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