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The Place To Be
Melbourne is often touted as one of the coffee capitals of the world, alongside the likes of Seattle, London, and Milan. This is in no small part due to the city’s many specialty roasters emphasising innovation and development, community engagement a
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Café Scene
929 Centre Road, Bentleigh East, Victoria, 3165 Open Monday to Friday 6am to 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 6:30am to 4pm 0466 825 816 There’s always a time and place for good coffee, and that’s what Leor Haimes aimed to provide when he opened his second c
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Heart Of The Land
The morning sunrise casts a pink glow over Simone and Neil Jolliffe’s property in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. It’s a frosty start to the day at 3°C but the 250 Holstein Friesian cows lined up for the morning milking don’t seem to mind. They take th
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Cool Runnings
When people think of the island country of Jamaica, thoughts immediately turn to a love of reggae and the Jamaican bobsled team, made famous in the 1994 movie Cool Runnings about four Jamaican athletes who formed a bobsled dream to fulfill their drea
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A New Direction
Many Australians play with the idea of being their own boss, though few take the plunge and start their own business. For sisters Gail Gipp and Leeanne Thompson, the opportunity presented itself when their local Gloria Jean’s café in Gympie, Queensla
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To DIY Or Not To DIY
With the rise in popularity of commercial and home coffee machines, the team at Service Sphere has seen an immense spike in backyarders attempting repairs and end users having a go themselves. Most people are able to diagnose simple errors or issues
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Straight Up
Once every decade there’s a machine or device that fundamentally reinvents the way we use existing technology: IBM computers, the iPhone, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Tap-and-Go payment. In the espresso machine manufacturing world, the La Marzocco KB90 can now be
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Little Red Riding Hood
The story of Little Red Riding Hood always stuck with me as a child. Most people know the basics: a young girl goes to visit her grandmother, takes a shortcut through the woods, and encounters the Big Bad Wolf. She tells the hungry canine where she’s
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BeanScene Covershoot
The October edition of BeanScene is our biggest for the year – due in part to the size of our Roaster’s Directory that returns for its sixth edition. This reference has become a bible resource for café owners and suppliers. With the stage set for a b
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The Coffee Entrepreneur
The Coffee Entrepreneur is about being a coffee entrepreneur and the dawning awareness of personal spirituality in Australia. I wrote much of this while on a two-month holiday surfing in Indonesia. It was my first sabbatical in almost 24 years. I wa
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Bitter Sweet Symphony
As a barista, one of the most common complaints you get from customers is that their coffee tastes bitter or burnt. As happy as you are to remake the coffee, you need to know what’s causing the problem, otherwise you’ll be serving the same bad-tastin
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Dr Monika Fekete is a chemical scientist with a passion for coffee. She is the Founder of Coffee Science Lab, Australia’s first independent scientific coffee consultancy. She has collaborated with innovative coffee companies, roasters, and competitio
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The New Alternative
To Califia Farms, great coffee and high-quality plant-based milks go hand in hand. The United States-based natural beverage company incorporates coffee into a variety of its products available in Australia. This includes a range of retail ready-to-dr
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Inside A Roast
Watching green beans turn into aromatic roasted coffee is something of a magical experience. Have you ever stood there wishing you could see what’s going on inside those beans as fundamental chemical and physical changes take place? This is the journ
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Our Master Chefs
Some aromas are distinctive. I can smell the buttery crispness of Lune croissants 50 metres away as my feet take me on a direction I hadn’t intended, but now, I feel I must. Freshly cut grass on a sunny day tells me spring has arrived, and hand sanit
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To A High Degree
Rancilio is a company steeped in tradition, but that doesn’t mean the Italian manufacturer isn’t willing to try something new. This mindset was on display when the Rancilio Specialty RS1 espresso machine, designed specifically for the specialty coffe
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Tea Roasters Of Wuyishan
The tea roasters of Wuyi work tirelessly day and night throughout spring. Beads of perspiration and smoky tears pour from their faces as they patiently and skilfully tend to their Yancha oolongs in temperature-controlled roasting rooms that commonly
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Part Of The Theatre
On first glance at Roasting Warehouse Specialty Coffee in the Melbourne suburb of Airport West, the words “large, industrial, and unassuming” come to mind. But as customers quickly learn when they walk through the doors, it’s all an optical illusion,
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Eat Drink Design Awards Announces 2019 Nominees
The 2019 Eat Drink Design Awards shortlist has been announced, revealing some of Australia’s most exceptionally designed cafés. Organisers say this year’s selection includes a diverse array of spatial environments found in unexpected corners of the c
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Sweet Success
Many café owners and baristas will attest that aside from complex coffee orders, stirring sugar into coffee is one of the biggest tasks slowing them down in the morning takeaway rush. Whether it’s frantically ripping open a sugar stick or using an op
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Saying Thanks
Our 2020 Regional Championship season is now well underway, and while I know everyone is focused on the stars of the show – our baristas, one of whom will represent Australia on the world stage in each discipline – I’d like to draw attention to some
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Elida Estate Makes History With Us$1029 Per Pound Price At Best Of Panama Auction
After setting a new record for the highest score in the 2019 Best of Panama (BoP) competition in May, Elida Estate’s natural Geisha has done it again in the BoP auction on 17 July, selling for US$1029 per pound (about $1464). Buyers of the coffee are
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Dairy In Danger
Multiple studies, research organisations, and industry bodies have come to the consensus that by 2050, demand for coffee will double while suitable land for production will fall to half of what it is today. The turning point, however, will come much
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Education Comes First
Becoming a professional barista is often compared to learning how to drive a car or play a musical instrument. Different schools of thought exist around teaching methods, what’s important to know, and which equipment to use. Regardless, the end goal
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Natural Processed Coffees Dominate Cup Of Excellence Mexico And Burundi
Natural processed coffees have won the Mexico and Burundi Cup of Excellence (COE) competitions, marking the first time a natural processed coffee has won in the latter. Finca Santa Cruz from the Chiapas region won the 2019 Mexico COE with a score o
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Recycling In Action
Coffee cups have played a large role in discussions of unnecessary waste heading to landfill. This is largely down to amplified industry awareness around single-use packaging, which in turn has driven consumer consciousness. Tom Lunn, Group General M
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I have come from a family history of Italian food, coffee, and all things bakery. I dreamed of sharing this tradition with other people and at the age of 21, made it a reality. From the heart of Italy to the streets of Elizabeth Bay in Sydney’s easte
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On Scene
For three years, Envirodry has provided eco-friendly towels to a variety of businesses, from salons to hostels. Eco-friendly towels are a great alternative for businesses which have a high volume of laundry and are looking for something with a better
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