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What To Buy And How Much To Pay
Pretty much like anything else in our world the cheap ones have all gone! Pries have been edging up for a while now. Even USA-sourced barn finds are being touted at £3000-3500 but for that money it really ought to be all there, if not a runner. The
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Q:I have a 1995 Suzuki DR350ER which I have owned and enjoyed for many years. In fact, on one particular occasion when I was enjoying it rather more than someone of my advancing years really should have been, it rather ungratefully nipped-up as they
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Another Fine Mesh!
Having got the carbs mounted in the right place, back in part five meant that I could think about air-filters. No problem, just another job! I started by looking everywhere for an aftermarket solution, cars and bikes, nothing suitable. Running withou
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WTF Does That Mean?
Yamaha Power Valve System The original variable port timing mechanism that revolutionised two-stroke performance. First used on Yamaha’s motocross and GP bikes back in the 1970s, then debuted for the road on the 1983 RD350LCII (31K). YPVS alters the
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And Some Others…
Cagiva Torque System The Italian firm’s 2T powervalve system, as developed on the Freccia and Mito models, amongst others. Automatic Power Tuning System You’d never know from the name, but it’s Gilera’s version of the powervalve, put to use on the wa
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Thank you, Fausto!
Double world champion and team owner Fausto Gresini passed away in February aged 60. As a rider, the diminutive Italian was well suited to the smaller classes. He began his race career in 1978 in the 50cc class aboard a Minarelli, but soon made it t
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RETRO SPECTIVE Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa
Wow… £16,499 should secure you a 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa: we don’t knock new bikes here, but do you know that you could find a great original for as little as £2500? Yes, you could. First, a little history… Following Kawasaki’s mighty ZZ-R1100 of 1990 (
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The Gearbox Story!
If the Titan/Cobra/T500/GT500 had one major issue this has to be its gearbox. Prior to 1973 all the motors ran a standard 1200mls of oil and a fair proportion found its way into a blind casting in the rear right of the lower crankcase. With a signifi
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Once you comprehend that old bikes hate us, everything about them and their reactions to us (their owners) all begins to make sense. Many of the CMM classics are from the 1960s to the 1980s so they are several decades old now and have spent much of
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Classic Motorcycle Machanics
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Bright Spark!
First up is me, Scoop with some spiel. I warn you now that what follows is well above my pay grade but I am learning… honestly! When Ferret was working on the Apache my bike’s rotor broke his rotor puller so it never came off in the rewiring process
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A Bit Of Heavy Lifting And Sparks!
The lockdown was causing me a bit of a headache regarding fitting the Super Six engine into the frame. I was hoping to take advantage of the upcoming easing of lockdown rules on Christmas Day to fit the engine with help from my boys Sam or Stephen, w
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The Latest Riding Kit, Top Tools, Tyres, Retro Clothing And More!
The new carbon-fibre F70 has a unique design including an aggressive looking breath guard and maximised ventilation from two top vents and five rear exhaust vents. You’ve also got an internal, anti-fog coated drop-down sun shield, and is also Bluetoo
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Raffle Reminder!
There is still time to buy tickets for a chance to win a brand new/old stock Triumph Bonneville T140D Special 750cc motorcycle in The National Motorcycle Museum’s winter raffle draw. Museum Director James Hewing states: “Here we have another ‘money c
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Air Power!
I wanted a saw to cut away some factory bracing on my custom Z900A4 project frame around the head stock so that I could replace it with superior tubular bracing to stiffen the frame up. I grabbed all the cutting tools I could find, but none would get
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Ferry Good!
It was time in the build of my lockdown specia, for the headlight to be fitted, and I knew I had the complete unit I had taken off my Kawasaki Z900 way back in 1981 when we started racing the bike. Ah the memories! It had been carefully wrapped and p
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Top Tip!
Dead simple this one, but… After a good night’s curry or Chinese, don’t EVER throw away the plastic boxes as they are great for keeping parts in. Oh, and here’s another idea, keep all those plastic soup storage containers too! Sadly, I’ve been on sou
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Lovely Bike Art!
We rather love these prints – and they’re not too expensive either. They are the work of Philippe Roy. Philippe was an industrial designer working in mechanical engineering for years, before ending his ‘normal’ work career in logistics. With time on
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Show us Yours
Hello! Jim Wood here from Sittingbourne in Kent. Here is my Yamaha DT175MX. The powder coating was done by Shearspeed Custom Paintwork of Queenborough, Kent. I bought the bike off of eBay around two years ago and it was a full nut and bolt rebuild. I
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Two-stroke air-cooled, piston-ported twin 492cc 70.0 x 64.0mm 6.6:1 44bhp @ 7000rpm 37.5ft-lb @ 6000rpm 2 x Mikuni VM32SC 1455mm/57.3 inches 186kg /410lb 2195mm /86.4 inches 880mm /34.7 inches 1105mm/43.5 inches 3.25-19 (F), 4.00-18 (R) Drum (F&R) (D
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Pre-order – If You Like What You See!
I hate banging on about how you can guarantee your monthly slice of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, but I’m duty-bound, I’m afraid! Thing is, as I’ve said before, in these trying times we need you to support us – and we need to support you. Subscriptio
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The Lowdown On PEI And CDI Systems
Right then, how does a PEI system work? PEI, slightly unfortunately, stands for Pointless Electronic Ignition. Manufactured by Kokusan Denki, it is, in fact, a CDI system and I believe first appeared on the Suzuki moto-cross and larger trail bikes
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Motorcycle Live Is Go!
The UK’s biggest motorcycle show, Motorcycle Live, plans to be back better than ever in 2021, with dates now confirmed as December 4th-12th at the NEC, Birmingham. The halls of the NEC will be brimming with entertainment, interaction, manufacturers,
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On the Good Old Days feature, my mind was instantly taken back to my last ride on my KTM 990 Adventure before finally deciding to stop riding. I can tell you it was a very difficult decision to make, but all the enjoyment had been suffocated from my
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748cc air-cooled, four-stroke, V-twin SOHC 2-valves per-cylinder, bevel drive 80.0 x 74.4mm 57bhp @ 7700rpm n/a 5 speed 8.5:1 2 x 36mm DellO’rto PHF32A(D) 3.25 x 19 (F) 3.50 x 18 (R) 3.75 gallons (17 litres) 2 x 280mm disc (F), SLS drum (R) 185kg (2
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Suzuki T500/GT500
If, in your mind’s eye, two-stroke twins are all about powerbands, coming ‘on-pipe’, riding to the red-line and then hooking up another gear, perhaps these next few pegs aren’t really for you. Why: because Suzuki’s big-bore stroker twins dance to an
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Origin Of The Species
Every Ducati V-twin can trace its lineage back to a prototype L-twin that first turned a wheel in 1970: prior to that the firm’s products had been strictly singles other than a foray into the gargantuan 1256cc V4 Apollo. The bike failed to garner the
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Win Bridgestone Kit
Every month, we’re giving away a Bridgestone Oxford Products Oximiser 3X and a handy Bridgestone roll bag to the winner of our Star Letter! No cash alternatives, before you ask! Simply get in touch by sending emails to: o
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Sealey’s Spring 2021 Promotion
With over 690 offers inside, more than 118 new products and eight pages of clearance deals, Sealey’s Spring Promotion has discounts up to 85% off list price! It is valid to May 31, 2021, and contains sections on hand tools, lighting and power, storag
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Rubber Loving!
At the risk of tweaking the collective noses of ‘The Gods of Restoration’, the Yamaha CS3C is coming along rather well. Most the issues encountered right now are as much foibles of Yamaha’s Design Engineering and Prototyping Teams as they are the bik
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