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And What Did Oli Think?
Images of the new Triumph Trident 660 had intrigued me, so I signed up for the test day. I’ve been considering upgrading my little 401 Husqvarna for something a little more capable for longer rides, and the Triumph looked like it might be just the th
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Shed & Buried Is Back For More
LOVE THEM OR hate them, Henry Cole’s TV shows are one of the few occasions you can see classic motorcycles on your screen. Henry and his sidekick Sam Lovegrove are back on television this month, searching for yet more automotive treasure lying dead i
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Also Consider
The GT250 was also a two-stroke twin but lacked the quality of the RD. The early ram-air cooled bikes were clattery and had issues with the finish, while the GT250 A-C models were better built and didn’t have the ram-air set-up. The engine had nicer
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Norton Comes Up Trumps For The Nmm
NATIONAL MOTORCYCLE MUSEUM has launched its summer raffle, and it has been backed by the resurgent Norton company. Museum director James Hewing stated: “Thanks must go to Norton Motorcycles, who have been extremely generous in donating a brand-new No
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The Family Tree
The YAS1 (or AS1 for short) is part of Yamaha’s second generation, twin cylinder, two stroke range. The first generation were the early YD and YDS 250 twins that sprouted from the latter half of the 1950s. Initially based heavily on the German MB200/
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From Our Archive
Doug Hele, seen in a promotional photo for Motor Cycling magazine on his Norton combination. It looks like winter if his attire is anything to go by. From the Featherbed frame and Manx Norton to Triumph’s greatest Grand Prix result and Hopwood’s BSA’
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BSA Super Rocket
IT WAS QUITE A STUNNER, THE BSA SUPER ROCKET glinting in the spring sunshine. Perfectly proportioned, classy as heck, and in astonishing condition for a motorcycle that had been turning its wheels for as long as I’ve been on the planet. I can only dr
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In The Workshop With Cooper-san And His Yamaha AS1
“DO YOU WANT A YAMAHA AS1 for £75?” This was my good friend Phil Denton, of stainless parts fame, on the other end of the phone. “It’s been in a damp coal cellar for at least 30 years and possibly longer, so don’t expect too much from it. Oh, and it
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Advance And Retard
WHILE DEEP IN CONVERSATION ABOUT how to keep this magazine fresh and, more importantly, profitable, Oli said recently, “The reader’s don’t know anything about you.” One either seeks out the limelight or runs from it; Maria and I are the latter, mainl
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Famous Last Words
IT IS SO EASY – TOO EASY – TO TAKE THINGS for granted. And one of the many things I certainly take that way is the ready supply of spares parts for my motley assortment of increasingly elderly British motorcycles. One of the others is ready access to
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Clean Up With Ultrasonics
ULTRASONIC CLEANING IS something talked of in hushed tones, as though it were some kind of alchemy. Once the preserve of specialist restorers, ultrasonic cleaners have been getting cheaper in recent years, but their origins and reliability can be mur
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The Rules Of Classic Motorcycling
Immediately after purchasing a classic motorcycle, you will instantly see what appears to be a better example of the same model being sold for less money, often in an unexpected location. This happened with my newly-acquired AJS. I bought it for what
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Greetings! Ever Fancy A Change?
IS THAT A SIX-VOLT GLIMMER OF LIGHT I SEE at the end of the last year’s dreadful tunnel? Wave your pullovers and petticoats above your head – it may well be! From all here at Classic Bike Guide, we hope you enjoy those first forays out; mind the hedg
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Hesketh Motorcycles
WITH FANFARE AND MUCH publicity, the first Hesketh V1000 was launched to the world’s press in April 1980, with the darling of the press, Mike Hailwood, demonstrating a prototype around the Hesketh family’s Easton Neston estate in Northamptonshire. It
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Morini Project
Classic Bike Guide project, never to be finished? IT WAS AUGUST 1986 AND I WAS ABOUT to embark on a long love affair. Some two years previously, I had awoken to find that my XJ650 Yamaha had been stolen. I put in an insurance claim but didn’t hold o
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1973 Rd250
ENGINE: 247cc air-cooled two-stroke twin, piston/reed ported BORE/STROKE: 54 x 54mm COMPRESSION RATIO: 6.7:1 POWER: 30hp @ 7500rpm WHEELBASE: 1315mm/51.8in WEIGHT (Dry): 161kg/355lb BRAKES: Drum (F&R) TYRES: (F) 3.00 x 18 (R) 3.25 x 18 TOP SPEED: 92m
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Who Do They Think They Are?
Frank Westworth is the editor of RealClassic magazine, the latest in along series of publications that began in 1982 when he was bullied into producing The Jampot, the previously excellent magazine of the AJS &Matchless OC. He was also founding edito
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Yamaha Rd250
YAMAHA’S FIRST FORAY INTO THE WORLD OF two-stroke twins, the YD-1, used a design, erm, ‘borrowed’ shall we say, from the German company Adler and their MB250. That first Yamaha 250 two-stroke twin was launched in 1957, but by then Adler had begun mov
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Hesketh Owners Club
Founded shortly after the closure of the original Daventry factory, the club is very active with a regular magazine (The Sock), and has addressed the problems associated with the marque by sourcing spares and developing a strong relationship with Mic
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Who Do They Think They Are?
Oli Hulme is an ex-motor mechanic (semi-skilled) and postman, and lives in the West Country surrounded by books and decrepit motorcycles. His first bike was a Dutch moped. His skills include putting motorcycles and words together, often in the wrong
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Shininess In Bucks
A BIT LATER than usual, by a year, The Bucks British & Classic MCC present the 2021 Shiny Bike Night in July. There will be lots of prizes for classic bikes in a splendid public house in a lovely country setting, with good food, beer and music. Shiny
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Breakfast And Bikes At Sammy Miller’s
THERE ARE THINGS in life that are better than a ride and a decent breakfast, but only a few. The Sammy Miller Museum Tuesday Breakfast Club is getting great turn-outs of riders, especially when the weather is good and everyone can keep dry and reason
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40 Year SAAB Atical One That Got Away
PICTURE THE SCENE. SUMMER1969. HONKY Tonk Woman belts out the radio, still number one for the umpteenth week. The volume is up high to counteract the sound of yet another British summer downpour. The lad watches, amused as a couple make a dash to the
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How Much?
Early round tank models are the cheapest, with a tired one from £2000 and a good one £4000-plus. Coffin tank models were more popular, and as such have more value today because of the nostalgia factor. A useable late model will cost between £3500-£45
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Star Letter
I thought your recent feature about ethanol in petrol was very informative. I have been using the Esso super unleaded for the past few years and believe this is now the only ethanol-free standard pump fuel available, except in some areas mentioned in
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Doing The Shimmy Again
WHEN I FIRST STARTED PLAYING about with ‘older’ bikes, one of the arguments often given in their favour was that they were easier to work on and maintain. I soon learned this was not always true after my first Commando. The more modern, mostly Jap, b
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It’s All Kicking Off In Kent And Sussex
ELK PROMOTIONS, ORGANISERS of a range of shows and events for the discerning classic motorcyclist, have restarted their events calendar. The popular Romney Marsh ‘jumbles are now in their 30th year, and the Romney Marsh Jumble & Show has been extende
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EGLI ENFIELD 624 CAFÉ RACER From India via Switzerland
ARGUABLY, SWISS PERFORMANCE GURU FRITZ Egli, today 84, invented the V twin Café Racer more than 50 years ago. He ran the gamut of two-wheeled excess, with a series of bikes he and his team constructed to the highest engineering standards in the conve
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Road And Trials Legends Head For Stafford
TWELVE TIMES WORLD trials champion Dougie Lampkin MBE will appear alongside TT legend Phillip McCallen as guest of honour at the upcoming International Classic MotorCycle Show at Stafford County Showground on July 3-4. Fans at the event will hear sto
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Anything To Say?
Good to find that the Tiger 750 is finally getting respect, although I was surprised by Oli’s assertion that it vibrated less than the Bonneville. I have never ridden a Bonneville but if it vibrates more than my Tiger did (the front indicators would
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