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World On Wheels
MOST READERS OF this magazine, and a few others launched and edited by The Bear over the past quarter of a century, would know of the motorcycle tour company World On Wheels. Indeed, many Australian riders regard the founder, Mike Ferris, as a godfat
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Long Termers
YOU COULD SAY the Vespa brand is the King of the scooter scene, but you might be very surprised to find the Peugeot range is on a par (in my eyes). I spent some time racing around on our Django 150 and these are my initial thoughts… The engine allows
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Booked Again
I’ve written about motorcycle books at various times in the past, but I’ve never tried to be quite as comprehensive as this. These are the motorcycle travel and – dare I write it – motorcycle ‘lifestyle’ books currently on my shelves, plus the guideb
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GOOD Company
HAVE YOU EVER thought about buying a motorcycle in the US? It might be because you can get the most remarkable bargains (as I did) or because you want something to ride while you’re over there for an extended period and renting just gets too expensiv
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Editor Speaks
IS THERE A motorcycle you’ve regretted getting rid of? You know, that one special bike that pulls at your heart strings when you see or hear one nowadays? I think the one that really burns for me is when I sold my 1984 Suzuki Katana 1100. I’d lusted
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MANY APPAREL manufacturers have woken up over the last few years to the increasing number of women riding motorcycles, and the need for more tasteful gear not designed for just males. HJC has aimed its range-topping RPHA-11 helmet at this market, off
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After a 55-years-long partnership with NF Importers, Ducati is now ready to take the next step in the markets in Australia and New Zealand by opening a fully owned subsidiary which will become effective starting from 1 April 2020. Previously managed
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1976 Kawasaki Z900 A4
FROM THE PREVIOUS issue I made time to head to D Moto Motorcycle Engineering and fit up the replacement third gear I received from a friend in the Netherlands. The gearbox now spins perfectly and it was time to put the engine all together. This took
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SOMETIMES YOU ARE riding along, and you just aren’t there. Not the ‘there’ in the domestic sense. You find yourself in another place, another country, another time. I do that a lot on boring freeway rides, getting away from the world I live in. Motor
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What Say You
WE LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, the letters are among the most keenly read parts of the magazine. Please try and keep letters down to no more than 300 words.Then you can read many, not just a couple.We do reserve the right to cut them and, unless you ident
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“I JUST WANT TO take a look,” I said to the obligatory blonde who was redirecting traffic away from Lake Louise. Have you ever noticed how often lollipop people are young blondes? Apparently they’re less likely to be abused by drivers. Makes sense, I
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Lawful But Awful
SOME THINGS JUST don’t make sense. To me, anyway. Every time I turn the radio on (I’ve given up watching TV) there’s another shooting in the US. You’d think there would be some kind of foreboding hanging over the place, awareness that “it could happe
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I Would Like To Especially Recommend:
MOTOQUEST, as always. If you’re interested in a tour or a rental bike on the West Coast, take advantage of their offices in Anchorage, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Just look them up at or ring 907-272-2777 and tell them
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Observations From Above
I HAD QUITE A giggle at the recent press launch of the Harley-Davidson Lowrider S. And no, it wasn’t about the bike, which I thought was quite a hoot despite, or perhaps in spite of, its foot-pegs being in the wrong place for my supermodel legs. My g
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Echuca Vic
HAPPY AS LARRY! That pretty much sums it up when you lob at a pub, get a welcome from the staff and a nod from the locals. Oh, and if the place hasn’t been totally taken over by race screens, odds boards and pokie machines. A place where you can rela
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Woof, Woof!
Hidden in a valley of rugged hills and rainforest, Zeehan was established in the late 1800s after tin, silver and lead discoveries sparked the largest mining boom in the west of the island. Nicknamed ‘Silver City’, it quickly grew into Tasmania’s thi
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THE 2020 FXLRS brings together four things that deserve each other – the 114 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight engine and the latest Softail frame, along with upgraded suspension and clear, clean styling. The flexible Milwaukee-Eight 114 (1868cc) is also th
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BE THE ONE Hot to trot
SUMMER AND THOSE long hot summer days are fast approaching. It’s now that you should be thinking about what riding gear you have, or don’t have, or need to replace/update. As we normally do we put the call out to the various distributors to show you
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BMW R 1250 RT
YOU KNOW WHAT happens when you let some mad scientists loose in BMW’s Cloverleaf Building in Munich? You get the BMW Motorrad R 1250 with ShiftCam in its touring RT guise. There is more technology thrown into what is essentially a very simple design
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3 wheels TO THE SKY
THIS JUNE SAW fifteen teams from twelve different countries take on the challenge of the Rickshaw Run Himalaya, a thrilling week-long adventure through the Indian Himalayas. Following a route which included the ‘highest motorable road’ in the world,
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PESARO, WHERE Benelli has its home, is an hour down the autostrada from Bologna where another motorcycle manufacturer lives, but you’d think it was closer when you look at the 502c. The bike looks like a Ducati Diavel that’s been washed on the hot cy
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SUZUKI GSX1000S Katana
THINK BACK TO the eighties when the German-designed Suzuki 1100 Katana was King. Only the coolest of the cool rode a Katana and the cult following of the name ‘Katana’ is as strong today as it was back then. I should know; I restored an ‘84 1100 Kata
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Letter Of The Month
Paul has carefully thought out his top ten bikes and for this gets the prize. Send me your postal address and T-shirt size, mate. SW Stuart, you are generous giving us ten choices. Here are mine… DUCATI 1992 888 SP4 (White frame) One of the most beau
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The Old Mates Act Of 2019
MOST OF THE important things I know about publishing, I learned from ex-Kiwi and bon vivant Mac Douglas. That includes four-hour lunches being a good idea, and letting nothing get in the way of having a hilariously good time. Mac once tore a motorcyc
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Dressing Off The Beaten Track or your local dealer Created in collaboration with Arai, this is perfect for enduro and off-road use. The light, resistant ScLc fibre shell is equipped with an air vent on the chin and an efficient venting system with air vents whic
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Together In Electric Dreams?
LET ME MAKE my understanding plain. I understand electric motorcycles are coming. Some are already here. Some are even being raced. I understand that as far as the environment is concerned, electric motorcycles, and indeed electric vehicles, are the
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DUCATI Multistrada 1260 ENDURO
THE LATEST Multistrada Enduro has just hit the market and despite what I thought in the beginning – that it was just fitted with the larger 1260 engine and a new dash - there’s so much more to this new Enduro version. I headed out in the pouring rain
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Get Dirty In Victoria
Fuel – Heyfield, Jamieson, Woods Point, Warburton Distance – 304km Head north out of Heyfield on Licola Road where the bitumen soon turns to dirt. Once you’ve passed through Licola the same road is named Jamieson-Licola Road which you need to follo
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Benelli TnT 135
THE CRAZE OF mini/pocket style bikes is going bananas around the world and to claim a good place, Benelli has just introduced the TnT version of its bike with a larger 135cc engine (up from 125). A small increase on paper but how does this relate to
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